A vote for Umno is a vote for Mahathir

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YOURSAY 'So long as PM Najib and Umno remain beholden to Mahathir, there will be no political reform in the ruling party.'

Musa Hitam: A Pakatan gov't will not bankrupt the nation

your say CQ Muar: Musa Hitam, we have known you from the time you were DPM as a righteous man. Maybe your views and stand were unacceptable to the then PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad - both at that time known as the Two Ms (Mahathir/Musa).

The wealth of the nation must never be abused and siphoned off at the rakyat's expense.

The disparity between the haves and have-nots are blatantly obvious, therefore, must be apprehended and eliminated - thus, it's never too late to stop the seeds of evil from spreading even farther.

Towards this end, wisdom must prevail when voters next go the polls. I toast you, Tun Musa.

Datos: "In my opinion, those who use race as (their) political issue during a general election are politicians who are bankrupt."

This simple and clear statement by Musa is the root of all problems in Malaysia. My thanks to former deputy premier.

If BN politicians had understood this, they would not be fighting desperately for their survival, which is now hanging by a very, very thin thread.

Versey: Tun Musa Hitam, you deserve our respect for your truthful comments. It proves time and again that wicked boss tends to be jealous boss.

He could not stand his left-hand man to be more brilliant, talented and capable than him.

Unlike a great man who seeks to cooperate with a brilliant assistant to bring greater success in their work, myopia will find the way to dismiss the brilliant assistant to satisfy his own selfish desire.

Ivote: Dear Musa Hitam, we are glad you spoke up as we know you are a well-respected statesman known in many countries.

You could have been the PM if only at that time when Semangat 46 was contesting against Umno, you stood as the top guy instead of Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as you could have turned the tide.

Krish: Well said, Tun. I think it is necessary for more even minded people like Tun to provide a balanced view of Malaysian politics.

Although I am not a politician, I totally agree with Tun's view that it is not fair to make an assumption that the country will be bankrupted if the opposition wins the 13th general election.

Any responsible party that comes to power will, as a responsible government, strive to bring changes that will benefit the rakyat and as Tun said would do its best to drive the national economy forward.

That will be the only way to maintain its mandate in future elections. May the best party win.

Saddened: A 'man of substance' is the best way to describe Musa Hitam. Most Malaysian leaders lack this quality and utter pure nonsense when they open their gaps. Logical and analytical thinking is not in their grey matter too.

Thirdeye: So long as PM Najib Razak and Umno remain beholden to Mahathir, there will be no political reform in Umno.

Musa has the right principles for a politician, that is why he left Mahathir's government early. I am sure if the late DPM Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman were still alive today, he would fully endorse what Musa has said.

Indeed, a vote for Umno-BN is a vote for Mahathir and his Perkasa.

Ferdtan: Musa is hedging his bets? Just in case Pakatan gets into power? Sorry, I can't help it, the cynical side of me is talking.

At least, Musa Hitam has guts to say that the country will not go bankrupt if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya. We hope more present/past leaders would come out to speak their mind.

Anonymous_4031: Ex-DPM Musa Hitam, has been forthright all his years in the government and then outside. I remember vividly that:

a) PBS was duly registered as a political party after he had intervened and there was complaint that the Registrar of Societies (ROS) was taking its time to register it;

b) He forced Mustapha to hand over the chief minister's post to Pairin Kitingan, after the office was in Usno's hands for a few hours when the governor was forced to swear in the Usno leader.

Musa's acts showed that he is a man of integrity. Remember he resigned as DPM after then PM Mahathir made some unkind remarks?

Remember also that the Razaleigh-Musa could have won the Umno election if not for the 11 illegal Umno divisions which voted in the 1986 party election.

NewMalaysia: I like the last phrase "Musa also urged politicians to engage in debates to prove their capabilities." I take it as a slap on Najib's face.

Malaysia888: The problem with Najib is that he is so scared of Mahathir who clearly seems to be still in charge.

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