Thank you Bala, may your soul rest in peace

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YOURSAY 'It was for sure a lopsided battle and some will say, a futile one. But some battles have to be fought no matter the outcome.'

PI Bala passes away in Rawang, aged 53

your say Vijay47: So private investigator P Balasubramaniam is no more. Many of us will be at a loss which compartment to place him. Was he a hero, an opportunist, a businessman, a patriot?

Some will say he has met God's wrath, others will ask "Wrath for what?". But God indeed works in mysterious ways, and sometimes it seems the dice always falls in favour of the unjust.

I prefer to believe that he was thrust and forced into a corner he did not choose by forces stronger than we can imagine but in the end, Bala chose to make a stand come what come may.

It was for sure a lopsided battle and some will say, a futile one. But some battles have to be fought, no matter the outcome.

So perhaps Bala will now find some pride and consolation that ultimately, he ran the good race and fought the good fight.

Others may not be so lucky, they remain, everyday terrified that a new Bala may surface with new devastating evidence and this time, the luck of the draw may not be so kind. Yes, God does work in mysterious ways.

Cala: I am as sad as everyone out there who is hoping that Bala's revelation on the death of Altantuya Shaariibuu would cast a dark shadow on the credibility of the Umno-led BN regime.

Bala may be gone now, but the truth of Altantuya's death will not.

Jean Pierre: PI Bala will go down in the annals of Malaysian history as the one man who stood against a tyrannical head of state and came back from exile when his conscience would not let him be silent. We have lost a hero.

CQ Muar: Bala's sudden demise is indeed a great loss to all justice seekers in Malaysia. God didn't want him to die in vain had he not come back from India.

He was a man of immense courage and determination, and he stood firm in his belief that justice must be meted out to all those guilty of murdering Altantuya.

A man like Bala is worthy to be fondly remembered by all good citizens of this country.

In his pursuit and dedication right to his last breath, he remained unafraid and trusted in God's divine wisdom that he would not die in vain.

May the Lord shower him with peace for the good he had done, and that his spirit now with Altantuya be strengthened to conquer all the evils prevailing amongst those who are guilty of her murder.

Abuminable: A former Special Branch officer who left Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) to start a career as a private eye, Bala was sucked into a macabre murder mystery involving people in high office and hundreds of millions of ringgit in corrupt commissions.

From a bit player who was easily intimidated and bought off, Bala was transformed into a man outraged by the injustice, greed, deceitfulness and dishonesty of the entire power establishment.

Like carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan who decided to go public after being repeatedly cheated and thwarted by his high-powered erstwhile business associates, Bala must have realised that fate intended for him to play a much bigger part in helping bring about political change in Malaysia.

That's what gave him the courage to return - not as a fugitive but as a warrior - to confront the monolithic might of Malaysia's most dangerous mafia aka Umno-BN. Indeed, Bala died with his boots on, fighting the good fight.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Here is a person who has died and before he died, he tried to make some amends so that we Malaysians will know the truth of what happened behind the corridors of power.

The least we can do is to pay him our last respects and honour him for what he stood for.

This is another soul which will not rest is peace and it is with this heavy baggage of many souls who lost their lives that some supremely powerful personalities wish to be returned to power perpetually. The question is are Malaysians going to allow it?

Mahashitla: My condolence to his family. Bala had a hard life outside the country and improper diet, fear and stress must have caught up with him.

We lost an important witness in the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder but let us move on to achieve what Bala intended to do - to fight for justice and expose the real culprits behind the murder of Altantuya.

Joe Fernandez: Dead men tell no tales. Anyway, Bala didn't produce the proverbial smoking gun. The court is not about the truth, justice or morality. It's about the law.

One who comes to court must produce the kind of evidence that can stand up to scrutiny. Otherwise, the age-old maxim applies: Better to let a thousand guilty men go free than hang an innocent man.

The two men convicted of Altantuya's killing may have no reason to kill her but they have been found guilty by reason of evidence. The court should have taken into consideration that they had no motive for killing her.

Did they have a motive? No, as far as we can tell. Unless they were paid handsomely for doing so. Obviously, these two can plead temporary insanity or they will meet their maker sooner or later.

LittleGiant: It is really shocking and very sad to hear about the death of Bala. My deepest sympathies to Bala's wife, children and his family members.

We all can pray for his soul to rest in peace. But will it be possible for his soul to rest in peace? Only the Almighty will know.

Lai Tak Ming: Dear Bala, you had fought a good fight and given your all. You were hounded and gagged, yet you stood tall and strong. I wish I could be there to pay my respects.

During the time I knew you from the Bestari days, it never occurred to me that you would one day become a national figure and a hero of sort. But you have, and have become a beacon for the rest of us.

You had fought well and paid it with your life. I hope you will be an example for all those who will walk in your footsteps to stand up for the truth. Farewell, my friend.

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