Putrajaya to be blamed, not the Suluks

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YOURSAY 'How can our police simply confiscate and destroy papers issued by the government, unless they knew these documents are fake...'

Stop destroying ICs of Suluks, pleads ex-Sabah CM

your say Nicholas Lim: Is this the same Harris Salleh who was implicated in Project IC which benefitted mostly illegal Suluk immigrants from the Philippines?

The same Harris Salleh who was once quoted as planning to overwhelm the demography of Sabah in favour of Muslims?

The same Harris Salleh, who after the killings and brutal murder of eight security personnel, suggested Malaysia pay the defunct Sulu sultanate RM200 million to "settle" the matter? I strongly recommend that the Special Branch investigate Harris Salleh.

Starr: It's bizarre that Harris wasn't even aware of the existence of Project IC which has been attributed with issuing tens of thousands MyKads to illegals during his tenure as Sabah CM and he's so well-verse of these MyKads are destroyed by the security forces. Is he not slapping his own face?

As president of Yayasan Islam Sabah, an organisation set up to look after the welfare of 'imported Muslims', he should have known the large presence of Suluks, numbering 800,000, on our shores does present serious security threats to the state.

Surely, he was aware of the 'IC scam' all along despite his pretences at the RCI.

Ferdtan: We should start looking into the role of Harris Salleh in the IC scam. It was launched during the time he was ousted as Sabah chief minister after the loss in the election.

Harris, your sympathy should be more for our fallen dead heroes who died defending our shores.

We do have some idea on who betrayed our nation by giving illegal ICs to immigrants, some of them could be very terrorists who are shooting and killing our cops and soldiers.

Quigonbond: Now that they know Suluks won't support BN in the coming elections, they are being discarded. All foreigners who have been given ICs by the BN government, this should be your eye opener.

Make sure you vote for Pakatan Rakyat, because a good government should be just to everyone (within reason), not just its citizens. That would be the mark of a civilised and cultured society.

DontPlayGod: Against all civilised laws? How about the giving of blue ICs to these illegals. Not against civilised laws? Yes, I agree. These are treacherous acts against the nation.

And hoow about the giving of land to the Christian Kadazans to entice them to convert to Islam? Civilised?

Yes, Harris, you were also completely involved in letting in the hundreds of thousands of illegal Muslim Filipinos during your tenure as Sabah CM and you were totally complicit in mass conversion of Christian Kadazandusuns to Islam by giving those converting a small plot of jungle/hill land.

You did these with the connivance of Umno your big brother, who closed their eyes to all your corruption and looting of Sabah.

Malaysiawatch4: The Suluks, who were given instant ICs, are also the victims of Project IC. Simply destroying their ICs will not solve the problem as some of them had that status (citizenship) now for more than 30 years.

The Home Ministry should document all these "citizens" so that we can correct past criminal activities of those involved in Project IC. For the Suluks with ICs, they should not be allowed to vote but given PR (permanent resident) status.

Onyourtoes: I guess when former CM of Sabah Harris Salleh said it, it is okay, otherwise we may be accused of not supporting our police and armed forces.

Seriously what he said, if true, is justified. How can our police simply confiscate and destroy papers issued by the government of Malaysia, unless they knew these documents are fake and issued by clandestine organisations.

Jean Pierre: Many would probably think that this is the best thing done by our police. But this is a double-edged sword. When there is no check and done outside the law, it is open to abuse. One day it will happen to us, legitimate citizens.

Sub judice to comment on RCI early findings, says AG

MockingYou: Duh? I fail to see how sub judice applies in a royal commission of inquiry (RCI)? Anyway, so be it.

Correct me if I am wrong, but former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad already blurted out too many things, so anybody can judge those comments until the matter is set for trial in a court, subject to the conclusion of the RCI.

Quigonbond: Attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail is making up excuses as he goes. Sub judice means influencing court proceedings and affecting the outcome.

Yet, the RCI is not empowered to adjudicate or render decision on any matter, and its findings and recommendations are not even binding on the government. So, what exactly is sub judice?

Winson Chang: The AG is in fact obstructing justice, rather than upholding justice. He should be removed from office.

Anonymous #19098644: So former PM Mahathir should be charged in court for breaching the law on the events of the RCI? The press should be shut down for reporting the RCI findings?

Millions of Malaysians should be charged for having an opinion and discussing its findings? The attorney-general has once again showed that he is nothing but a useless appendage of the decadent Umno.

Onyourtoes: Okay sure, but please tell us what are you doing about the RCI's findings on lawyer VK Lingam and Teoh Beng Hock ?

Tonsommansabi: Although Abdul Gani hails from Sabah, his principles do not deserve my respect and honour. Buat malu orang kita di Sabah saja (he is only embarrassing us in Sabah).

Adityamahesh: We expect the AG of this country to know the law and cite the law which prohibits discussion on matters which have been publicly discussed at the RCI.

No such prohibition was proclaimed during the VK Lingam enquiry though it was discussed just as widely. Come on, AG. Respect the law and act by the law.

Krish: Abdul Gani should exercise similar concerns on so many other cases of seditious utterances by irresponsible quarters. I don't have to elaborate, we all know what they are.

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