'Princess' Jacel must stop singing old tunes

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VOXPOP 'Sabah once belonged to your kingdom but no longer. It is gone with the wind, so your story is history. Sabah belongs to Malaysia now.'

Sulu 'princess' tweetfest stirs mixed emotions

vox populi small thumbnail Anonymous_5fb: Sulu princess Jacel Kiram, if you want to claim back Sabah, can't you advise your father, Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, to do that through diplomatic channels instead of by armed invasion?

Wira: If some remnants of the royal family of the 15th century Malaccan sultanate were to stage a lineage claim for the state and the heir wants to be instated as one of the 10 sultans in this country, I wonder what would our stand be?

MockingYou: She is not a princess so please stop calling her that. Ignore this woman as she is of no concern and a sick person who doesn't care about her peoples' lives. We care for our fallen heroes, their families and all Malaysians.

MfM: Malaysia is still paying the cession payment out of kindness and because RM5,300 is chicken feed. Anyway, Sabah had already voted to join Malaysia in 1963, so sod off.

Tonsommansabi: We (irrespective of religious beliefs) should pray that God will protect the rakyat of Malaysia and foreign tourists in Sabah from all possible dangers and attacks. Pray that the gunfight will soon come to an end.

MiracleStar: Hello Jacel, do not talk of old stories anymore, talk of the present. It cannot be denied that Sabah once belonged to your kingdom but now it does not.

It is gone with the wind, so your story is history. Sabah belongs to Malaysia since 1963, you get what I mean?

Tailek: Defunct sultanate. Princess, my foot. Don't waste time entertaining these people.

Boustead flayed for footing Raja Ropiaah's bond

Anonymous #19098644: The BN has looted, and are continuing, to loot the country and now they are robbing the shareholders of Boustead Holdings Bhd.

What difference is there between the BN and a gang of thieves or looters except that they have abused the instruments of the state to shield their crimes.

Tailek: And to those of us who are still thinking of voting BN in the next general election, please think carefully.

Vote wisely for the sake of your future generation so that they will not inherit a bankrupt nation.

Donplaypuks: This is an outright fraud and conflict of interest which must be investigated by MACC now.

NewMalaysia: Why am I not surprised at all? This is a typical of BN's style.

Onyourtoes: The Armed Forces Fund Board (LTAT) has just announced a 16 percent dividend for its investors/contributors, much higher than the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), which only gave slightly more than 6 percent.

You know what, we should sack those in EPF and ask those in LTAT to manage it instead. I wonder what business LTAT does, beside providing bond guarantees, which could have provided such a lucrative return.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said there was "no free lunch" the other day. Again I wonder if he really understood what he was saying. This is free lunch, and sooner or later someone must pay for it.

Wong Tack will not quit green group

Ferdtan: Wong Tack, you are now a ‘politician of some sort', not an activist; you have to be seen as humble.

Let your steering committee decide on your position. It is not your call, unless you want to cut off all your ties with Himpunan Hijau to become a full-fledged DAP member.

Don't destroy all the good work that Himpunan Hijau has done so far. Show us that the activists in the NGO are what they say they are - people with integrity and fighting for the good of our environment.

The way all of you (the activists who act in disunity and purported self-indulgence) act, you are no better than the politicians we have today. Public disgust will come if this matter is not solved soon.

KL112: Wong Tack obviously does not know that there are differences between the work of an MP and the work of Himpunan Hijau. Does he intend to be elected so that his voice (the green movement's) can be heard in Parliament?

Then when the Parliament discusses something other than environmental issues, what is he going to do? Just sit there? And so we have a sleeping MP who is waiting for his chance to speak only on environmental issues.

Anonymous #46632038: Many developed countries have a "green party". Perhaps we may add such a fourth party to the Pakatan Rakyat coalition for GE14.

MockingYou: Wong, have it your way then since you're still entitled to your own opinion. Good luck if others in Himpunan Hijau don't see it that way. Whatever it is, I would rather see you win on the DAP ticket though.

Powerstar: It is very simple. If Wong acts as an individual, he decides. If he belongs to a group or a team, then they as a whole, should decide.

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