Thundering silence on 'Tanda Putera'

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YOURSAY 'What does DPM Muhyiddin Yassin mean by private viewing of ‘Tanda Putera'? Has the cabinet approved a ‘private viewing'?'

DPM: Okay to show Tanda Putera behind closed doors

your say Tholu: The BN government is in total disarray. First the cabinet says, " No screening until after GE13." Then Prime Minister Najib Razak breaches the cabinet's decision and allows the screening to certain groups.

Information Minister Rais Yatim then concedes to the fact that it is a breach but does not act on the breach. Now Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has upped the ante by stating that, "the screening must have been decided by certain responsible parties" and therefore it is okay to screen it to selected groups.

Is Muhyiddin saying that there are parties over and above the cabinet which are empowered to transgress its decision? And what does he mean by "selected groups" - the Malays?

Why doesn't it surprise me that eventually all Malays would have viewed it before GE13 as Umno wishes to instill fear in them so that they vote for BN?

Krish: Coming from a person such as the DPM, it is ridiculously irrational. Shame on you. Don't take Malaysians as fools. We can see how you are trying to worm your way out of this dilemma.

Frankly, the threshold for the peoples' patience on this matter has passed. Please don't become the laughing stock of the world. What does the DPM mean by "private viewing"? Has the cabinet approved the "private viewing"?

The cabinet has already decided that the movie is not suitable for screening to the public. A collective decision was made and everyone, including the PM and DPM, must abide by that decision. Period.

With their private endorsements, both the PM and DPM have clearly contravened the cabinet directive. The rakyat is very eager to get the views of the rest of the cabinet members, especially those representing MCA and MIC.

Tailek: The DPM says it is okay, the information minister says it "may" contravene the cabinet's directive. So which is which? Please, get your act together.

Since the ministers are so mixed-up, I suggest you show ‘Tanda Putera' to everyone, and let them make up their own minds rather than trying to influence and indoctrinate a select few.

The movie is nothing but a racist propaganda prepared by a failed producer.

Simply Red: Does MCA agree to this selective screening of the movie?

LittleGiant: What exactly is the government's rationale for the selective and ‘closed door' screening of ‘Tanda Putera', a movie alleged to contain racial elements and agreed by the cabinet as not suitable for public viewing?

It is claimed that the movie is about the May 13, 1969 incident that involved and affected a cross-section of Malaysians from all walks of life. Why then is the need for exclusive screenings to only a particular segment of the society or to a particular audience?

If the movie is straightforward, historically correct and not controversial, why should the government fear to release it to all Malaysians? With ‘hidden' screenings, isn't it tantamount to showing ‘unsavoury' material for some sinister purpose?

What if more of such movies or more controversial movies are made and shown only to select audiences? The government should be honest. If the movie is not controversial, show it to all Malaysians. Otherwise, just ban it and put it in cold storage for good.

RA 1: LittleGiant, it is all right to show a small group of people who are likely not get too emotional. If it is shown to the general public, it might be offensive to some people and might disrupt communal disharmony.

Umno wants the Malays to be united, otherwise they might lose their homeland to people from other homelands.

Ferdtan: There is no problem screening ‘Tanda Putera' privately but not to the public, said Muhyiddin. So it is okay to screen it to select groups like Felda settlers and Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) students?

It has been confirmed that the rest of the public (read: the non-Malays) don't qualify as the select group. We presume also that there were no Chinese or Indians at the UIA screening.

Tell us on what basis did the Felda settlers get chosen over many other qualified public viewers to watch the film?

Are they telling us that these Malay Felda settlers and the young impressionable students are easy meat (gullible enough?) for such propaganda schemes of the Umno strategists?

How wrong they are - these people are smarter than some of the Umno leaders.

Chipmunk: The ‘Malay First' DPM thinks he is above the law and I don't blame him, because every corrupt leader from Umno is the same. The ‘misinformed' minister, Rais Yatim, knows that by screening this movie, it contravenes the decision made by the cabinet.

For the DPM to say that the screening of ‘Tanda Putera' have been decided by certain responsible parties is very mischievous, as we all know from whom the directive would have come, and every minister would shut their mouths and just follow blindly.

This is a blatant act that shows no respect for the decision made by the cabinet and a clear sign of desperation to get Malay votes for GE13.

YF: DPM, are you saying that you have more power than the cabinet to do whatever you like? Are you also saying that the PM has more power than the cabinet and that Najib can do whatever he likes?

So what is the purpose of elected members of the cabinet when Umno's PM and DPM can do whatever they like?

MockingYou: Welcome to Bolehland, where the powers-that-be make and break the laws.

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