Kit Siang dares to take fight to the frontlines

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YOURSAY 'There is one great thing you can say about Kit Siang- unlike BN leaders, he dares to take the fight to the frontlines like a general leading his troops.'

Kit Siang set to announce move to contest in Johor

your say Ferdtan: It is good to hear that DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang may be contesting in Johor. The march to Putrajaya has to start from the BN stronghold in the south.

There are 26 parliamentary seats to be contested there and the opposition only won one at the 2008 general election.

The landslide win by BN in the south was remarkable in light of the overwhelming mood against the establishment elsewhere in the peninsula. Johor is not called BN stronghold for nothing.

If Pakatan Rakyat is serious in capturing Putrajaya, you need to enter the lion's den and take the fight deep into their territory. With only one DAP seat in Johor representing the opposition, the only way for Pakatan is up.

With top Pakatan leaders, such as the menteri besar designate, PAS vice-president Salahuddin Ayub, former health minister Chua Jui Meng and now DAP strongman Lim Kit Siang, to contest in Johor, it shows Pakatan is serious about making inroads there.

If Lim Kit Siang is to contest in Johor, it means he has finally come home to his birth state. He was born in Batu Pahat, and then move to Malacca where it is identified as his home state.

Most probably this may be his last election as age is catching up on him. We pray that he would achieve success with Pakatan winning Putrajaya.

He, and many Pakatan leaders such as Karpal Singh, Anwar Ibrahim and others, who have suffered for so long keeping the struggle alive, well deserve it.

Dood: There is one great thing you can say about Kit Siang - unlike BN leaders, he dares to take the fight to the frontlines like a general leading his troops.

SS Dhaliwal: My constituency is Ipoh Timur and while many of us there would not like to see Kit Siang go, but it is for the greater good that he contest in Johor.

Ipoh Timur is a sure win - if DAP were to nominate a donkey to contest there, the people will still vote for it. Kit Siang, your integrity as a politician will win voters anywhere you stand.

ONG: If it is true that the PKR grassroots may not be comfortable with allowing DAP to stand in Gelang Patah because the party had earlier this week let go of its Bentong parliamentary seat to DAP, then I can't understand the mentality of the PKR people.

It seems that they prefer BN over DAP to win the seats. In the 2008 GE, out of 32,383 voters for two Pakatan candidates (DAP and PAS) in the state constituencies, 7,604 of them who voted Pakatan in the state seats backed BN in the parliamentary seat.

In Bentong out of 16,464 voters for four Pakatan candidates (three DAP and one PAS) in the state constituencies, 3,879 of them switched their votes from Pakatan (PKR) to BN for the parliamentary seat.

Since the PKR grassroots leaders cannot hear and understand the clear message that the voters in these seats prefer DAP to PKR, perhaps to get the message across, the voters will need to actually get hold of these PKR people and give them a few slaps across their faces to make them understand.

Hero325: Remember Kit Siang lost in Penang in 1999. He will repeat that mistake. In 1982, Kit Siang challenged Lee San Choon to contest in Seremban, he backed down in the last minute, leaving Dr Chen Man Hin to face Lee San Choon instead. And Lee San Choon defeated Chen Man Hin.

Jean Pierre: Lim Kit Siang is too important for the opposition to take the political risk by going into uncharted territories. He is the epitome of sincerity and principled leadership. If he loses, we lose a commanding voice in the Parliament.

Wira: Even in the unfortunate event that a general should fall, there are many others in Pakatan capable of continuing with the struggle to unseat the corrupt BN.

Kit Siang had stayed out of Parliament before, in 1999 together with Karpal. The northern Chinese-majority seats are shoo-ins for him. To win, we have to take risks.

Gotcha: Lim Kit Siang is a man of principle. Brave people do not fear to lose as they know they are capable and people can depend on them.

Ace: Good Luck LKS. That's very brave of you going into the BN ‘fortress' of Johor. It's worth the sacrifice of a safer seat in Perak in your attempt to end 55 years of tyranny. May God bless you.

YF: Unlike Umno and their BN goons, Pakatan leaders need not look for safe seats to stay in power. They instead go after the safe seats of Umno-BN leaders.

When you take down the village gangster, you also take down the whole crooked regime. Even if one were to lose, the war is never lost. That is what democracy is all about - it's about the rakyat, not political power.

Ghkok: A two-party system is slowly but surely crystallising as Pakatan's strength, preparedness, unity and experience is showing through very clearly.

Pakatan is taking the lead in announcing its manifesto and now its candidates. Pakatan appears more ready than it has ever been.

We are surely standing on the threshold of ending 55 years of one-party rule and cementing a genuine two-party system.

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