Is Peaceful Assembly Act meant to protect thugs?

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YOURSAY 'Who says the police cannot arrest people who are disorderly and who damage property? Such an officer needs serious retraining.'

Rowdy group attacks car carrying Tian Chua, one held

your say Louis: In the 60s or 70s, the sight of the FRU (Federal Reserve Unit) alone would send would-be troublemakers running into hiding. Nowadays, it looks like the FRU or police are the ones who feel threatened by Umno thugs.

Can you believe that the police did not intervene when Batu MP Tian Chua's car was set upon by those thugs? And George Town OCPD Gan Kon Meng has the cheek to say that the police cannot make any arrests under the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA).

I think he failed to understand the word ‘peaceful'. In this case, does attacking Chua's car fall under the category of a peaceful assembly?

Anyone who understands simple English will tell Gan that attacking Chua's car is no longer peaceful. Hence, the attackers should be arrested. Or OCPD Gan might have a better understanding of the Act. If so, perhaps he can enlighten us.

Malaysiawatch4.blogspot : Who says the police cannot arrest people who are disorderly and who damage property? Such an officer needs serious retraining.

Ferdtan: When you are working under the BN government, you get stupider each day. The civil service and of course the police are no exception.

Let us analyse what our top police official, Georgetown OCPD Gan said. "We will lodge a police report and investigate."

Why is there a need to make a police report - aren't they the police have the power to arrest? Suddenly when they deal with Umno thugs, they become helpless.

When he was asked why no action was taken when the group hit the MP's car with a helmet and bottles, Gan said, "You must understand that under the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA), we cannot arrest, we can only control the situation."

So the next time we demonstrate against PM Najib Razak's entourage, and we use our helmets to hit his car will you, OCPD Gan, have the power to arrest us?

It is time for all government officers to speak the truth when duty calls - don't defend the indefensible. It makes you look stupid.

Tholu: Gan Kon Meng, don't mislead the public by your obviously twisted comment on why no action could be taken against the protesters.

Yes, we understand that under the PAA, the police are not empowered to make arrests, but we are talking about assault and battery as well as damage to personal property, which are offences under the Penal Code. The perpetrators could be arrested for that.

And Pertubuhan Kebajikan al-Ehsan Islamiyah Malaysia deputy secretary Arshad Kassim, don't say, "What if we accuse him (Tian Chua) and Pakatan leaders of being behind the incursion, how would he feel?"

Anwar has already been adumbrated to be the mastermind behind the incursion. If you are not aware of it, then you are certainly not qualified to judge Tian Chua's remark.

Hmmmmmmmm: I have read a lot of comments about the Lahad Datu incursion and nowhere have I read anybody saying that the police or army were involved in any sandiwara.

Yes, there are some who have accused Umno of staging a sandiwara there, but how is this now being interpreted as a disrespect to the police or the army?

If anything, people are sympathising that the police and the army have been unwittingly dragged into this conflict and suffering unnecessary losses of lives. I say again, how is this a disrespect to the police or army?

ACR: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad giving ICs to numerous Filipino Muslims has definitely added to the Suluk quagmire Sabah faces today. Let's not pretend that is not a problem.

What PKR vice-president Tian Chua said has hurt Umno because right from the start, they had planned to blame PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim for the incursion.

Looking at it logically, there is no gain for Pakatan if an emergency is declared in Sabah. With the anti-BN mood on the ground among non-Muslim bumiputeras and the Chinese, Umno should be worried about the election's outcome in Sabah. Tian Chua is an enemy of Umno, not the state.

Sali Tambap: Tian Chua's unfavourable comment against Umno on the Sulu gunmen in Sabah would of course infuriate some Umno members, but look at the real issue at hand and who contributed to the whole problem linked to these illegal immigrants.

Umno leaders not involved? Even Sulu leader Jamalul Kiram has admitted there are 800,000 of his people in Sabah given documents by Mahathir and the Umno-led federal government. Tian Chua had merely commented on the sins and treasonous acts of these Umno leaders.

2zzzxxx: What does one expect from a party that is made up of thugs and thieves? The Umno chiefs in Putrajaya have sent their thugs to intimidate the opposition again.

They are able to do that as they know the police will provide Umno all the protection. Imagine what will happen to anyone who dares to confront the Umno thieves.

Mahashitla: Judging from the many incidences of Umno-sponsored violence at Pakatan Rakyat's gatherings and ceramahs, and the total silence from BN, we are not wrong to say that Najib is the dirtiest unelected PM ever. How much dirtier will Najib be in order to get his false mandate?

If the three angry women outside Penang Town Hall can show their fists to those agitators, does Najib think that he can win the hearts and minds of Penang with his stupid rowdy bunch? And has not Tian Chua already been charged in court?

Cogito Ergo Sum: It would seem that the PAA has been created to protect the perpetrators rather than the victims of violence.

Why are they going after Tian Chua with insane frenzy for something he obviously did not commit or utter?

It's like starting a fire, then screaming 'fire' and then pointing the finger at an innocent bystander. We seem to have gone totally upside down today.

Masu Otaku: It is clear now just why Najib has been delaying GE13. He is desperately clinging on to power and is now resorting to violence to intimidate the rakyat into voting for BN-Umno.

Anonymous #70881335 : Mob rule is a barbaric step backwards. If both sides of the political divide resort to such tactics, then where are we heading? The future of our country is at stake. Say no to mob rule.

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