Turning their guns on the wrong people

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YOURSAY 'It appears the opposition is a worse enemy than armed militants and terrorists. Something is really wrong here.'

Hostilities greet Tian Chua yet again

your say Cogito Ergo Sum: Who killed the Malaysian security forces in Lahad Datu? The opposition members, the Sulus or procrastination by the political masters?

In any other country, protests would have been organised against the murderers' country of origin, not against citizens of the nation, opposition or not.

It appears that the opposition is a worse enemy than the armed militants and terrorists. Something is really quite wrong here.

Krish: For me, I just hope that the police will take stern action against anyone out to create trouble. This disease will spread if not nipped in the bud.

Ceramahs of this nature cannot be impeded by such ugly behaviour from irresponsible people.

All speakers, be it from the ruling party or the opposition, should be given the opportunity to speak without disruption in keeping with democratic principles.

Versey: Tian Chua said, "In all these 15 years since reformasi begun in 1998, we have remained peaceful and non-violent."

Indeed, this is why the right-minded and non-partisan people are attracted to Pakatan while the thuggish BN are getting more and more condemnation from the civilised people in this country.

I wonder why can't the BN leaders have some common sense? Sigh!

Anonymous #19098644: This orchestrated hooliganism by Umno and Perkasa thugs is meant to distract people from the real issue of the incompetence of BN whose mishandling of the Lahad Datu issue has resulted in the deaths of 10 security personnel.

As usual the Utusan Malaysia and New Straits Times will spin, distort and deliberately twist Tian Chua's remarks to inflame ignorant readers.

No Racism: "Chua allegedly made statements that the intruders in Lahad Datu was a planned conspiracy by Umno to divert attention and frighten the people."

What is wrong with this statement? I for one believe that Chua might be correct. What Chua said is not meant to insult the police force.

Anonymous #06659895: Voters, let's us face facts. Television and newspapers controlled by BN parties always spin news about opposition leaders.

They lie and mislead the readers so that readers will go against them.

I am quite sure we, Malaysians, are immune to such news and we don't even want to read about it and that is the reason why newspaper sales are declining by the day. Once opposition leaders take the publishers to court, the former usually win.

Voters, as such bullying by BN and its NGOs have been going on non-stop, we must stand up to protect our rights by voting Pakatan to take over Putrajaya.

A new government without a bad record is 100 times better than a government with many bad records and which is beyond redemption.

Tehachapi: This is obviously a bully tactic used by Umno-BN to intimidate the opposition from speaking out. This will not change until there is a change of government.

Bullies do not speak with reasons as they are usually ignorant about current affairs and have little mental capacity to comprehend issues.

It is so sad to see that after 55 years (almost three generations) in power, Umno-BN has done very little in educating the rural people about our democratic process of electing leaders.

Learn from others. Do not intimidate speakers, but by all means debate with them, contradict them and challenge them. Words are powerful tools, so please learn how to use them well.

Timothy: What does 'makan babi' or ‘tak makan babi' relevant here (as seen on the banners carried by the protesters)? Even non-Muslim Umno members makan babi/khinzir, and so does MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan members.

Are they implying those who 'makan babi' are also ‘haram jadah' (illegitimate children)?

Zenspeed: Tian Chua gets charged for sedition very quickly but the louts in Perkasa who threaten to burn the Bible, bully the Christians, and question the constitutional rights of non-bumiputeras, etc, are not charged and instead are allowed to preach their message of hate and malice against non-bumiputeras. Why?

And why are the MCA, MIC, PPP and Gerakan poodles keeping quiet? Oh yes, and those Umno's lackeys in Sabah and Sarawak too.

Isana: It looks like Umno is planning something big with Tian Chua as the target and catalyst.

AF McLaren: Tian Chua, you should pick your fights. This fight has high risks but low returns. You can't open war fronts everywhere. On some issues, you should just keep your mouth shut.

Sali Tambap: You stop one Tian Chua, another will emerge. So long as there is corruption and abuse of power by the government, the people will speak up.

If Tian Chua breaks the law, then charge him - which the police have done - and allow justice to take its own course.

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