Shahrizat's memory selective, just like her ex-boss

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YOURSAY ‘Unless you think that RM250 million is a small amount, then you cannot claim ignorance of what your family has done.'

Umno leader defends 'family-held' S'pore condos

your say Thana55: Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, why use the rakyat's monies to invest in Singapore? You could have easily invested in Malaysia.

Again, did you get the necessary approvals to use the money meant for National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) on non-core investments. Your argument is so weak that any person on the street will see through them, let alone a judge.

SS Dhaliwal: You were a minister and the contract was awarded to your husband (a case of abuse of power and conflict of interest) and you claim you did not know what he did with the RM250 million soft loan? Corruption is corruption, even if you feign ignorance.

JT1E80: It looks like someone has very selective amnesia - but this is something that is well practised in Umno and the BN.

Imagine that - these corrupt politicians have become so embroiled in embezzling money that even when sums like these are involved, they have no memory.

Sali Tambap: Shahrizat, just to be clear - we don't give a damn what your family does but when they used public money for personal enrichment and not for the original purpose that money was meant for, then you are obliged to explain.

Being a cabinet minister, unless you think that RM250 million is a small amount, then you cannot claim ignorance of what your family has done.

Donplaypuks: "They bought it (the Mercedes) on hire purchase, like many other business enterprises in Malaysia. It is basically for (overseas) partners," said Shahrizat.

Huh? But the car was parked outside their house for their personal use all the time. And for a start-up company entirely dependent on taxpayers' money, must it buy a brand new Mercedes and not a second-hand one or perhaps, a Proton limousine?

And there's no such thing as a start-up company being allowed to buy condominiums in Singapore. This applies to all foreign-owned companies.

Enlightened: National Feedlot Corporation fund - what has it got to do with condominiums? You still have not answered this question.

FellowMalaysian: She admitted that buying the condo in Singapore was an investment for NFC, but is unable to confirm the purchase was done using the RM250 million soft loan?

Is Shahrizat hinting that her husband and son used their personal assets (aka cash) to pay for the RM10 million purchase? And a similar mode of payment was made for the purchases of units in Marina Bay Suite (Singapore) and One Menerung Bangsar (Kuala Lumpur)?

Anonymous #19098644: The purpose of the government loan was to facilitate the development of the beef industry in Malaysia. It was not to support speculation in properties in Singapore.

It was meant to facilitate the expansion of the beef industry and not to purchase luxury cars costing more than half a million to ferry foreign guests around.

The company should be asked to confirm how many times it was used to carry foreign visitors and the names and dates of those visitors. Bet you that is one big lie again.

Anonymous #45522856: Stealing the rakyat's money and yet still so arrogant. These are the hallmarks of Umno people and I wonder how the people can still vote for them. Pathetic.

Justice Pao: Shahrizat is having selective memory like her former boss.

Ksn: This woman and her family have so much of money that she does not know where the funds for the condos came from or whether it's from the RM250 million public fund or other sources, illicit or otherwise.

She is the head of Umno Wanita. She sure is a winnable candidate for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Umno.

Jeremy Ng: Shahrizat is typical of our current policymakers. Despite all the exposed abuses, she still openly defies the truth by giving arrogant answers and statements. She has clearly forgotten that she is still Umno Wanita chief.

AJ: Shameless Shahrizat. Defending the indefensible. At times, I wish she was a cow so she could put on a stupid face and just say "moooo" to all the questions.

Siang Malam: It is not fair to ask Shahrizat so many tough questions. She doesn't know what her husband and children are doing, right?

Supercession: My, how convenient. You bought condos in Singapore, but you're not sure where the money came from. I'm sure that's a problem we all face every day.

Bluemountains: Going by her logic, it is alright for government leaders to use public money to buy cars and condos in their personal names. No wonder everybody wants to become ministers.

Anak JB: I'm just perplexed at how thick-skinned one can be without any tinge of guilt. It is so much so that the government's kitty is like their grandfather's money to be dished out at their whims and fancies.

WangMalaysia: As the saying goes, there is only one version of truth. Lies can be spoken in many ways. This issue has gone in hundreds of ways. So many lies has been spoken to cover one's ass.

Shahrizat, your husband getting the NFC contract is due to your position as a minister (truth). He used the money to buy condos and cars apart from cows (truth). Now, what did I miss out?

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