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Lim Kit Siang the 'giant slayer'
Published:  Mar 20, 2013 1:48 AM
Updated: Mar 21, 2013 12:13 AM

YOURSAY 'Kit Siang could have stayed in Ipoh and nobody would fault him. But a general never sits still when the war is raging.'

Confirmed! Kit Siang will do battle in Gelang Patah

your say MrM: Uncle Lim Kit Siang is getting on in his years. Last time, he mentioned that 2008 will probably be his last election.

It is understandable that he will choose to stand again to give Pakatan Rakyat a fighting chance in Johor. So people of Gelang Patah, it is up to you.

Give Uncle Lim a resounding victory so that it may be the finest hour in his career and he can retire in peace.

Observer_2013: Kit Siang in Gelang Patah? The reason is because Pakatan doesn't have any strong candidate in Johor.

Where is PKR state chief Chua Jui Meng? Trouble in PKR camp? In reality, BN will retain Johor easily.

Taikohtai: Kit Siang could have stayed in Ipoh and nobody would fault him. But a general never sits still when the war is raging.

For Kit Siang to extricate himself from a safe seat to go head on against a formidable enemy looks like a death wish. But is it?

Kit Siang is not known for a giant slayer for nothing and then Penang CM Lim Chong Eu was his Goliath.

Now Johor beckons. The prodigal son returns. This is better than Hollywood and Bollywood combined. This is Sun Tze 2013.

Hero325: Twenty-seven years ago, when Kit Siang went to Penang to challenge Gerakan, he also said: "This is my biggest challenge ever." It is as if he is the only leader doing all the great things in politics. Ini semua syiok sendiri .

CQ Muar: Hero325, when Kit Siang first uttered those words, "This is my biggest challenge ever", yes, that was 27 years ago in Penang.

But what is wrong with him saying the same thing again, and this time in Johor? This simply meant the present challenge (in 2013) is bigger than it was 27 years ago.

Kit Siang, I wish you all the very best. Those old school mates from our alma mater, then known as GES (Government English School) and thereafter HSBP (High School Batu Pahat), will all pray for your success and good health.

Our hope lies in Pakatan to knock the hell out of Umno and MCA of BN. Put an end to all the corruption, evil, lies, murder, etc. We have witnessed enough the kind of transformation brought about by the present government for over 55 years.

We missed the good old days when our best friends were not only Chinese, but Malays and Indians. Change is needed if we want to see a ray of hope for an equitable country in which we can proudly call ourselves as Malaysians regardless of race, creed and religion.

Eradicate the seeds of evil brought about by Umno and their component parties in BN come GE13. By the grace of God, may we realise our dream of a brighter future for us and our children in this homeland of ours.

Tiger: Kit Siang is a true warrior by all means. I salute you. You will have the backing of any decent Malaysian who wants to vote for a change in this corrupted and evil regime. Lawan tetap lawan.

Sali Tambap: It's great move from a master tactician. Johor is an important frontier and a key factor in the GE13.

If it falls, it is going to spread like wild fire and create the domino effect. That is why it takes no less than a personality like Kit Siang to spearhead the campaign there. Kudos to PKR to come out with this decision.

Whatsdown: We salute you, uncle Kit Siang. This move is very strategic and timely. It will send shiver down the spine of BN even though everyone is trying to show a brave face.

This move signifies the confident level and seriousness of Pakatan leaders in capturing Johor - the most important frontline state, besides Sabah and Sarawak.

Awakened: Kit Siang, I takes my hats off and salute you as a true statesman with big visions and guts.

PKR has lost twice in Gelang Patah and yet you have chosen this seat to help spearhead the Johoreans for change.

Previously when you moved from one seat to another, you have lost a number of times. Clearly, you are a person who dares to take risk to prove a point and at the same time spread the DAP ideology.

I go to Johor Bahru quite often and have sense the spirit of change there. Good luck.

Sinner: Chua Soi Lek, you can run but you can't hide. Pick up the gauntlet if you are a man. Let the people decide once and for all whether it is you or Kit Siang who has their support.

Fantastic4: It's definitely an uphill task. But it doesn't matter if Kit Siang wins or not. What matters is that he tried.

Let's hope that the Johoreans will wake up from their slumber and break the shackles of the BN.

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