MACC's comments on Taib sound like a broken record

Modified 22 Mar 2013, 4:03 am

YOURSAY 'Try and salvage whatever shred of dignity you have by doing what's best for the nation and not what's best for your political masters.'

MACC to 'act accordingly' on Global Witness claims

your say LittleGiant: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's (MACC) responses, such as "investigation is under way" and that it "will act accordingly", are all too familiar and the rakyat is thoroughly fed-up with these kind of statements.

If MACC does not have the courage or if the agency is not capable of carrying out any meaningful work in its investigations, then it should stop making any statements and just stick to what it can do best, that is keep "protecting" the warlords who have looted and are still looting the country's wealth right under the noses of the people who are walking the corridors of power.

Simplecitizen: "Acting accordingly" can mean anything from immediate detention and prosecution of the accused to dragging one's feet in taking action although the Global Witness video exposes the arrogance of the ruling elite in plundering just about anything and everything.

MACC is a misnomer and is a shame to Malaysian justice and transparency.

Mahashitla: MACC is toothless and too weak when it comes to cases against Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud. They have been sitting on past complaints against him and with the recent solid video evidence, all they can say is to "act accordingly".

Is MACC serious? They should be digging deep into this case as well as uncover many more such cases.

Anything less would be disgraceful as even a foreigner could so easily expose such abuse of power, corruption and the evasion of real property gains tax (RPGT).

Holden: MACC, you have mud on your faces. Try and salvage whatever shred of dignity you have by doing what's best for the nation and not what's best for your political masters.

The PM has to act immediately to remove Taib. The video is very damning and this man has to be suspended while swift investigations take place at all levels.

This video has seriously damaged the country. And no amount of Malaysia Truly Asia advertisements can help salvage that.

Magnus: "Mustafar said via SMS, and added: "With the new evidence that has emerged the MACC will act accordingly."

Act "accordingly"? Hmm, can I decipher that to mean that MACC is going to open another one of its unclosed files within its bowels of its politically-led bureaucracy?

AnakBangsaMalaysia: In MACC-speak, "we will act accordingly" means "we will make a show of starting an investigation, then find some way of putting the case in limbo for the next 20 years so that we never have to actually deal with it."

Anonymous_3e86: "MACC will act accordingly..." I presume that means act according to Najib's and BN's wishes?

P Dev Anand Pillai: The officers in the MACC will never act as long as they are within the purview of the PM's Department.

Until the day the MACC is revamped and made independent and answerable to Parliament and the people of Malaysia with their salaries coming from the consolidated funds and the head of the commission is elected by the people, nothing will change.

The composition of MACC must reflect Malaysia's ethnic composition, more non-Malays must be taken aboard. Until this is done, nobody will dare touch the Rajah of Sarawak.

Corrupted civil servants have made Malaysians look stupid for the past five decades. It is a pity that it takes a foreign NGO to show us how stupid we have been to continuously vote for corrupt leaders who enjoy cheating us.

CAT Lover: Well, this is an empty promise because there is only one person in Malaysia who decides whether a corruption case is prosecuted, attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail, who is evidently compromised for he is closely linked to BN's political-business interests.

We can only hope that there are some good people in MACC who will leak what must be leaked.

I am quite sure that what Global Witness has exposed is peanuts compared to what MACC already has on record.

Ourvotesdecide!: What Malaysians wanted to see is real concrete action taken by the MACC against Taib, such as immediately subjecting him to intensive interogation and his statement recorded like what MACC did to the late Teoh Beng Hock and then if necessary be arrested and charged, but not MACC opening one file after another file with nothing done.'

John 3: 16: The whole BN gang, in particular Umno, is corrupt to the core. We know it, they know it, everybody knows it, but they are thumbing their noses at us because the investigating authorities are only concerned with the small fries who have no political clout.

Acitizen: Taib Mahmud has denied his first cousins were his brokers and that they were trying to blacken his name.

The cousins and the others involved in the video must be awarded Hollywood's the best actor awards for their acting in responding to questions so spontaneously and truthfully.

BigBens_KL: We have a 14-day memory shelf life, which means they will sweep it under the carpet for 14 days and we will eventually forget it. Later, MACC will issue a NFA (no further action) on this latest allegation.

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