Hello, EC need not wait for RCI to clean its rolls

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YOURSAY 'If you have doing your job sincerely and honestly all this while, you would not have to wait for the conclusions of any RCI.'

EC: Unfortunate if GE comes before RCI concludes

your say Tholu: Election Commission deputy chief Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, are you saying that if not for the Sabah RCI (royal commission of inquiry), EC would never at any time under the rule of BN ever probe and conduct an investigation of its own to rectify the impropriety of the electoral rolls? I think so.

After all, the ‘impropriety' was EC's master plan (in subjugation and collusion with the diabolical Dr Mahathir Mohamad government) and why would it want to undo its own elaborately and systematically ‘engineered' creation of phantom voters?

Do you think we do not know the reasons for the BN government's hasty amendment to Section 9A of the Elections Act that curtails the power of the judiciary to review the electoral rolls after the Kota Kinabalu High Court judge ruling in the 2001 Yong Teck Lee's case where it said that the Likas constituency's electoral roll was illegal, after evidence of "phantom voters" and non-citizens on the roll was presented in court?

So Wan Ahmad, do not pretend to express disappointment when in actual fact you rejoiced over the extended tenure of the RCI.

Good Men: If you have been doing your job sincerely and honestly (I know, I know, it's hypothetical), you would not have to wait for the conclusions of any RCI or court.

The moment doubts are raised in regard to the electoral rolls, you should immediately look into them. But the only trouble is, you are just a BN stooge.

Gods Messenger: The RCI was formed because it was clear evidence that ICs were issued and the number of witnesses who have testified todate is sufficient to start checking the electoral list.

Malaysian are not stupid to listen to such idiotic statements from Wan Ahmad. Bersih should push for a new electoral list to be issued for further review before the final list is ready and accepted.

Anonymous#70866269: The majority of the rakyat will say: It is 'unfortunate' for Wan Ahmad if the election is held using a highly rigged electoral roll as he allows this highly treacherous act to happen.

Malaysia ABU: Unanimously, the RCI witnesses told the same story - that a lot of illegal immigrants get ICs and registered as voters. This was even confirmed by the Special Branch which investigate the case, and hundreds were held under ISA.

What differ between some witnesses are who the mastermind were, who were involved, their motives, the many ways of processing the dubious ICs and voters.

But these do not nullify the fact that, consistent among all the witnesses, there were many who have gotten the IC and registered as voters.

EC has the power to clean the electoral rolls on its own, it need not wait for the court or even the RCI.

It's a matter of whether you want to do it or not, not you can do it or not, as you already empowered by existing election laws.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: "Unfortunate"? I would think that the EC (in particular the tainted EC chief Abdul Aziz Yusof and Wan Ahmad himself) are absolutely delighted that the Sabah RCI will be unable to complete its inquiry before the GE.

This is because the RCI is already unearthing huge piles of evidence of the massive electoral fraud perpetrated by the Mahathir-led BN regime, the National Registration Department and the Election Commission, where hundreds of thousands of 'instant voters' in Sabah were manufactured over the past 25 years.

These acts qualify as high treason and those responsible must be charged and punished accordingly.

Versey: It sounds like when the intruders landed on our land with arms, "we cannot do anything, but have to wait till they killed several of our dedicated police force, then only we can start defending ourselves".

What kind of 'school' produced this kind of warped logic. No wonder he got the cheek to tell the public that 28 percent of error made in the electoral roll is acceptable .

We have the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) lawyer who behaved like a clown in court and now we have another clown in the EC.

Malaysians are becoming the laughing stock amongst the international community in churning out this kind of character.

Anonymous_4196: Quoting Wan Ahmad, "We have the power under the Registration of Electors Regulations (to clean the electoral roll) if it (irregularity) is proven in a court of law, and the RCI is something like a court, then of course we would act accordingly".

EC hasn't been acting accordingly, hence the RCI. The rakyat have been demanding for clean election since 2007 (Bersih 1.0 rally).

Anonymous #02382443: Do we wait for the court to say a crime has been committed before one intervenes to avert it?

It is really difficult for simple-minded people like me to comprehend.

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