Taib is untouchable as corruption is Umno's 'god'

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VOXPOP 'Why have not heard anything from the other component parties of the BN? Don't they want to have a share of the cake, too?'

Petition urges PM to hold RCI on Sarawak graft

Ex-Perakian : After I watched the Global Witness video , I felt so helpless. But this online petition is something we all can do.

It doesn't matter when the Sarawak RCI (royal commission of inquiry) is held or whether it will materialise. What matters is that when more and more justice-seeking Malaysians sign the petition , there will be more publicity on the case.

We need to keep the issue alive so that more Malaysians will know about it and to enable fence-sitters to make a wise choice at GE13.

Ablastine: Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud is deep in corruption but so is Umno and almost all, if not all, the leaders of the country. How can they take action against one another. It's like the pot calling the kettle black.

There can only be one outcome if this group of parasites continue to rule Malaysia - bankruptcy follow by destruction of the country. The end is near.

Timo100: The rakyat must initiate some action, while we wait for the response from the ever efficient Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the government.

GE13 is here. This is the time to kick out the corrupt politicians and leaders (past and present) who have been blatantly raping the country, while taking the rakyat to be a bunch of idiots.

The whole country must watch this video to understand and feel the arrogance of the lawyers involved and the way the political leaders have been abusing the people's trust.

Look at the long list of the crony companies involved. Yet Taib can coolly deny everything. Why have we not heard anything from the other component parties of the BN? Don't they want a share of the cake, too?

BujangSenang: Malaysian voters should cut a deal with Putrajaya: "We give you a comfortable victory but on one condition. Boot out Taib Mahmud and his cohorts. No deal? Then no comfortable victory for BN."

This should be clearly spelt out to the PM. Deal or no deal?

DontPlayGod: Corruption is Umno's god, and Taib is untouchable. Moreover, Sarawak is also one of Umno's other fixed deposit, just like Sabah.

Sabah and Sarawak CMs are untouchable so long as they can get the votes for Umno. And these two CMs are given the free reign to loot as much as they like.

Forget about the RCI. Umno will not allow it.

Only five Asean countries invited to observe GE13

PaulOctopus: Election Commission deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, where is your invitation to those countries that advocate free and fair election to send electoral observers?

Why are you engaging Asean countries only and that the pact has signed an understanding of "not to interfere in internal matter of member countries"?

You are actually inviting mutes to watch our elections. By virtue of your selective invites, it is already cheating in the making.

Senior Citizen: Wan Ahmad might as well be the only observer at all the election centres. He can have a helicopter for himself and make a five-minute round at each polling centre all over Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak.

Wan Ahmad should stop taking our people as fools. We are far more intelligent and far more qualified than any one of you. This I can assure.

Haven't you read comments posted in Malaysiakini ? I can conclude these commenters are far more intelligent than any one of those you have invited from these Asean countries.

Do you know what re-education means. Go get one. It is never too late as far as education is concerned.

Kunta-Kinte: The observers from these notorious countries will definitely be fed, boarded, ferried and paid well. At the end of the day, they will gleefully pose in front of cameras (with Wan Ahmad, of course) and stick their thumbs up.

SS Dhaliwal: All these countries are banana republics with dubious election processes. Why don't the EC invite Western countries like Australia to observe the GE?

Oh, I forgot, all this is just a charade.

Yahoo: Yes, rich countries are not invited because they cannot be influenced by monetary gains, in other words, cannot be bribed to close one eye.

KitaAkanSiasat: What a joke. Burma is one of the invited observer? They can't even hold a proper and honest election in their country. What is EC up to?

Donkey Kong: They should have invited Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan and Belarus, too. It adds so much more credibility to the whole process.

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