PM, don't forget RCI on Sarawak, too

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YOURSAY 'The crisis in Lahad Datu is not even over and we're talking about a RCI? Don't you think the greater urgency now is to end the intrusion first?'

PM to announce RCI on Lahad Datu intrusion

your say Tehachapi: Increasingly, the Najib administration looks more and more ridiculous - a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to probe a foreign intrusion after the government's initial period of inaction.

The opposition had repeatedly called the government to set up a parliamentary committee and to debate this national crisis. All those suggestions were ignored. Now, the PM thinks that a RCI will solve the problem.

What is he after and what is the government intends to achieve with this RCI?

Hmmmmmmmm: The crisis in Lahad Datu is not even over and we're talking about a RCI? What if (God forbid) that the Sulus actually take over Sabah, then what will the RCI serve?

Don't you think the greater urgency now is to end the intrusion first? The haste in which you announce the RCI when nobody has demanded it smells very fishy indeed.

Pemerhati: After sodomising Anwar Ibrahim twice with Sodomy 1 and 2, it looks like Umno is going to sodomise him for the third time.

During Sodomy 1 and 2, we had heard Umno's unprincipled and despicable leaders, lackeys and collaborators coming up with all sorts of lies to disgrace and vilify Anwar.

Najib gave the first hint of the third attempt at sodomising Anwar when he alleged that there were claims that the opposition had instigated the heir of the Sulu sultanate to reclaim Sabah.

Now with the setting up of the commission of inquiry, the stage will be set for Umno and their cohorts to cook up and spew more lies.

Dood: Well, I hope the RCI is going to investigate what happened in the first few weeks of the "intrusion" to see if there has been any negligence by authorities in keeping us safe. I think that's what we all really want to know.

Rakyat Malaysia: We are more interested to set up a RCI on Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud regarding the Global Witness video . Isn't this serious corruption by a CM himself?

Vijay47: Going by past exertions in executing royal commissions, what can be expected from the latest one proudly announced by Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein?

The direction and outcome is a known conclusion, since the prime minister has already decided that there were links between the Sulu militants and Malaysian opposition members.

The RCI will only be another excuse to blame Pakatan Rakyat and accuse its leaders of being traitors.

It does not require a RCI to know that the government were criminally negligent in defending the nation when for three weeks, all the persons responsible were busy playing down the armed visit and using the occasion to score political points which in any case backfired.

If Hishammuddin, Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi, and inspector-general of police Ismail Omar had any decency and pride, they would have resigned long ago.

Would the RCI enquire also into the defence budget and the astronomical cost of purchases, including the submarines which have become an international laughing stock? No? Then all may as well stay home.

Ferdtan: With the announcement of the royal commission of inquiry in Sabah to investigate the Lahad Datu intrusion, I have a bad feeling that something is coming out, especially when the dissolution of parliament may be called within days.

I may be wrong - and maybe it's just a bad vibe - but former Sabah CM Harris Salleh would be the first ‘sacrifice' for BN as he may soon be arrested along with a few others.

Sowing fear will help put the ruling government in firm control. Patriotism will be the order of the day. The MSM (mainstream media) will be kept busy. Fiction or fact - we hope it is not true.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: Ever since the 'Lingam-gate' scandal, the value of a royal commission has been severely depreciated.

The Umno-BN regime uses RCIs as a last resort when under intense public pressure, but is careful to severely restrict the terms of reference and powers of the RCI so that it is effectively toothless.

Even when the RCI uncovers massive evidence of wrongdoing (as the RCIs invariably do, even under their severe restrictions), the Umno-BN regime can act dumb and do nothing about it, because the all-powerful attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail is an Umno lackey who will never allow these cases to make it to court.

Witness the complete non-action over 'Lingam-gate', which implicated the former chief justice and compromised the integrity of the judiciary; witness also the denial of the RCI to investigate the murder of Teoh Beng Hock by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC); and now witness the postponement of the RCI investigating 'Project IC' in Sabah - an issue closely related to the Suluk invasion.

OMG!!: The TOR (terms of reference) for the Lahad Datu RCI should include:

1. Border security lapses.

2. Has the government handled the situation badly, especially its initial inertia, and the PM busy with his election campaigns despite the country is facing a military incursion?

3. Why the government until now has not declared war on the Sulu sultanate?

4. Were the slain police officers caused by the government poor handling of the situation?

5. Why is the government refused to call for an emergency Parliament sitting to explain the situation?

6. Has this government been funding, training and arming these and other Moro militants and allow them free passage in and out of Sabah and use of the government hospitals to treat the wounded?

7. Has the large presence of Filipino illegal migrants and the granting of citizenship-for-votes aggravated the situation?

8. Have the PM, home minister and defence minister failed in the judgment of the situation and mishandled it, resulting in the slain of some many police officers?

Bluemountains: It looks like it may be the fault of Anwar again for waging war against king and country. Just you wait and see.

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