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A vote for Gerakan is a vote for Perkasa
Published:  Mar 27, 2013 12:53 AM
Updated: 5:38 AM

YOURSAY 'Everyone knows that Perkasa is very much a part of Umno; I would be totally surprised if Teng does not. If he really doesn't know, he is not fit to be in politics.'

Perkasa threatens not to back Gerakan nominees in GE

your say Geronimo: Penang Gerakan chief Teng Chang Yeow, you cannot compare your attendance at the Perkasa-organised rally last Sunday to that of DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang's possible contest under the PAS banner .

First thing, Lim has not made the move yet as DAP is still waiting for the Registrar of Societies' (ROS) decision, but on your part, you have already participated in the Perkasa event.

Secondly, Lim's suggestion to campaign under the PAS symbol is an intra-party arrangement, a contingency measure in the event that ROS decides to de-register DAP.

But in your case, Perkasa is an NGO and not a political party, so what were you doing at its rally in the first place? Thirdly, Perkasa threatened to burn the Holy Bible whereas PAS was against such a move.

So Teng, stop cheating the rakyat. If I were you, just call it a day and you needn't have to face the humiliation of yet another defeat in the coming GE.

Ferdtan: The secretary-general of Perkasa warned Penang BN chief Teng: "U think Gerakan candidate can win without Malay Perkasa voters?"

How telling? This confirms that Gerakan cannot win without Umno cum Perkasa voters.

Good, let them fight if this is the case. However, we hope it is not a ruse to give the perception that Gerakan is brave enough to face off the ultra-Malay rightist group.

Swipenter: Is Gerakan now dependent on the support of Perkasa to win seats? How ironic can that be. An NGO, which is all-out to promote ‘ketuanan Melayu', voting for a predominantly Chinese party.

This is definitely not a marriage of convenience but one made in hell. Former Gerakan chief, the late Lim Chong Eu, would definitely be turning in his grave with what is happening to Gerakan and its leaders.

Islander: For a long time after 2008 GE, there was no one to lead Penang BN after Koh Tsu Koon (KTK) abandoned ship to move to Putrajaya.

Despite moving to Putrajaya, KTK was reluctant to hand over the state BN leadership to his Gerakan colleagues in the hope that Penang voters will relent and embrace him again, and he can slip back to Penang.

Meanwhile, other Gerakan leaders, Teng and a couple of others, wanted the job of Penang BN chief but KTK would not throw in his weight behind anyone of them.

Finally, Umno decided on Teng. Hence, Teng had no choice but to toe the line when Umno and Perkasa require his presence at the rally.

Indeed, a vote for Teng and BN means a vote for Umno and Perkasa and its patron, MM (Mahathir Mohamad).

Spinnot: Teng, now you know who is your real boss. And don't bite the hand that slaps your face.

Teng sees red for ending up at Perkasa-linked rally

Ahmad Said: Everyone knows that Perkasa is very much a part of Umno; I would be totally surprised if Teng does not. If he really doesn't know, he is not fit to be in politics.

By being in cahoots with Umno, Teng is very much Perkasa's little brother. Denying it reveals Teng's forked tongue. A vote for Teng's Gerakan is a vote for Perkasa.

Wira: Teng, you could have walked away from the rally. You didn't because you were afraid of offending Perkasa.

In fact, Perkasa is Umno and supported by the infamous Tun (Mahathir), who is also the advisor to this right-wing group. Do you want to offend him too?

LittleGiant: Are the Gerakan leaders so stupid to think that they can be with Umno but cannot be with Perkasa?

I am sure Teng knows very well that Umno and Perkasa together decide the fate of BN. Can Umno survive without Perkasa and can Gerakan return to power in Penang without Perkasa's support?

It is hard to believe Teng's denial of knowing that Perkasa would also attend the rally.

Mahashitla: Teng, this is what you deserve when you are in the company of racists.

'Tian Chua is bastard, he eats pork' (according to a banner at a Perkasa demonstration in Lunas, Kedah on March 17).

So, Gerakan leaders Teng Chang Yeow and Oh Teong Keong are not bastards because they don't eat pork, going by their thinking.

I just hope those PPP and MIC people do not touch pork at all, otherwise they will be all be in the same category as Tian Chua - bastards. A vote for BN is a vote for Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa.

And for Teng, who is Penang BN chief claiming that he was not aware of Perkasa's involvement, it must be a lie. If not, then he was totally played out by Penang Umno.

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