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Gutless to speak out against Tanda Putera
Published:  Mar 29, 2013 1:30 AM
Updated: 6:11 AM

YOURSAY 'Koh, if you say Tanda Putera is not divisive, why then did the cabinet choose to ban it for public screening in the first place?'

Koh defends private screenings of Tanda Putera

your say Telestai : This film is funded by taxpayers' money and has many factual inaccuracies. It is being used as a BN tool to antagonise the Malays and to cow the Chinese.

Minister in Prime Minister's Department Koh Tsu Koon, if you are a man of principles, you would have told Umno to scrap this movie altogether. Unfortunately, you are not. You are too afraid to offend Umno.

Tiru: Koh said, "There have been some private screenings for people to make some judgements and decisions."

Who? Felda settlers and university students? What judgements does he want: what is the cause of racial problems, who can cause racial conflict, what happens when one race wins the elections?

And what decisions to make? Whether it would be wise to vote for the opposition?

Amoker: Where there are more than four people together it is considered a public gathering, isn't it? How can a show to 2,000 people be considered private? Secondly, do show us the cabinet meeting minutes. We will definitely catch a liar, I am sure.

Tehachapi: Don't be ridiculous! How can a film supported by public funds be deemed unfit for public viewing?

First, this is gross abuse of public funds. Moreover, if the film is not good enough for the public to see it, then how can it be screened in private unless there is a hidden agenda?

Second, the spirit of honesty and integrity are the sublime human qualities all artists strive to promote. If it is not an honest portrayal of May 13, then what is it supposed to present? Hopefully, it is not provocation to commit violence or sow the seeds of social strife or community hatred.

Third, the government should realise that it has a duty and responsibility to unite the people, build their capabilities, and to develop the resources to face future challenges and be successful as a nation.

Film and other arts are valuable tools for all citizens to be proud of our common heritage, patriotism, aspiration and national pride. They should not be used to divide us further.

Onyourtoes: Koh, if you say Tanda Putera is not divisive, why then did the cabinet choose to ban it for public screening in the first place?

Then you justified moronically by saying that the movie screening in private was all right because that was what the cabinet has directed.

So now I want to ask you who gets to watch it in private - are they privileged people with six fingers? Who are the people falling under the ‘public' category who are denied access to the film?

So who really gets to judge whether or not the film is a fair representation of what actually happened on that fateful day many years ago?

There are many other things that you said really does not make sense, but I shall leave those for the time being.

Donplaypuks: "I don't know how many screenings there have been, but has it led to racial strife? I don't know, you better check the facts before reporting on that," Koh told reporters.

You mean you want bloody clashes and deaths before you act?

Headhunter: So do we wait until there is a racial strife to ban the film totally? And how do you define a private and public showing?

The simple fact is that this film is being used by the BN to create division among the races and, if the former Penang chief minister doesn't know this it only shows how ignorant and naive he really is.

Now we see why he doesn't deserve to have another shot at the CM post and the BN does not deserve to be elected again.

SawPg: One of the important qualities needed of a good leader of a multiracial multireligious country is to build harmony among the country's population.

What are you trying to do, Koh? Do you wish for something negative to happen before action is taken?

Are you willing to sacrifice lives before you are satisfied? Do you have a conscience? Do you not wish that the whole population of our country, which we so proudly call our own, enjoy harmonious co-existence amongst all?

Hang Babeuf : Tanda Putera is not just a revisionist misrepresentation of the past. It is not only intended in the present to scare non-Malays and Malays alike as the election draws near.

It is also being promoted with the future in mind: with an eye to the future dilemmas and needs of Umno-BN and the ‘old national management team' as they face the greatest battle for survival of their long political lives.

Tanda Putera is an exercise in pre-conditioning people - should that prove necessary - to accept a new authoritarian interlude, a second interruption of democratic political normality. It is an exercise in anticipatory or pre-emptive persuasion.

It seeks to prepare the ground in advance. If those radical measures prove necessary, the people will have been well prepared to accept them. No surprises. There will be no need for any sudden scramble to get the message out. That is the dire political truth of Tanda Putera.

Homesick: So far, 236 comments posted and not one single good comment in favour of Koh. That says it all. We, the rakyat, rest their case.

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