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Koh, stop being a 'running dog' of Umno
Published:  Mar 29, 2013 1:34 AM
Updated: 4:16 AM

YOURSAY 'During WW2, many Chinese were killed by the Japanese. Yet there were local 'running dogs' who worked and spokeon behalf of the Japanese.'

Koh defends private screenings of Tanda Putera

your say LittleGiant: The controversial film, Tanda Putera , gets cleared by the Film Censorship Board for public viewing. The cabinet, however, felt that some scenes in the film are "unsuitable" for public viewing and agreed to defer its public screening .

Suddenly, the film was shown to about 3,000 Felda settlers in mid-February supposedly on a directive from the PM . Exclusive screening of the film then begins to other selective audiences. Weeks later the information minister makes a ridiculous claim that his ministry was totally unaware of these private screenings.

And now Gerakan chief Koh Tsu Koon defended the private screening of the movie, asking whether such screenings have led to racial strife so far.

With so many contradictory statements from our leaders, the government has clearly made a mockery of itself with its so-called ‘cabinet decision' and should now allow the film to screened in cinemas for public viewing.

After all, what difference does it make to the cabinet if a million Malaysians have seen the film "privately"?

Gordon Gecko : During the Second World War in Malaya, many Chinese were killed by the Japanese. However, there were many local ‘running dog' Chinese who had no qualms about working for and speaking on behalf of the Japanese despite many of their own kind being slaughtered.

May 13 is similar, and here we have Koh, a Chinese playing the same role for his Umno master.

TehTarik: More and more, it appears that Gerakan is kowtowing to the right-wing faction of Umno. First, it was Penang Gerakan chairperson Teng Chang Yeow attending the Perkasa-organised rally.

Now, we have Koh defending the private screening of the racist movie, Tanda Putera. It is difficult to understand why Gerakan continues to indulge in suicidal behaviour, where it risks losing the few non-Malay supporters it has left.

Holden: Koh, instead of justification, should you not ask your boss why this movie is being shown to these groups of people and why now?

Is an absolute racial strife necessary before you are convinced that these actions are dangerously instigative? Or would you would rather bury your head in the sand and employ a simpleton's logic?

Anonymous#67264383 : What kind of a leader is he? The kind who cannot face up to Perkasa-Umno's racism. No wonder his masters Umno stepped on his photo on national TV.

Tell the Truth: Regardless of how many private screenings, it is a matter of principle. Do you think Tanda Putera should be screened at all, given the one-sided bias against the opposition and making former PM Abdul Razak smell like a rose?

Just admit you've got no guts to speak out against this whole fiasco and stop giving excuses.

Cmk: We should be proud that Malaysia is the first in this world to have produced a publicly-funded film that only some people can watch, and some people cannot.

FellowMalaysian: Koh Tsu Koon's indifferent remark on the closed screening of Tanda Putera is akin to abetting and instigating racial strife. His reason for allowing private screenings of the movie is to allow viewers to make 'judgement and decisions'.

Koh is endorsing a most questionable movie which purportedly depicts the highly-charged event of the nation's worst racial clashes in a slanted and skewed way and which the cabinet has deemed inappropriate for screening.

It is mind-boggling how he could expect the viewers to make judgements and decisions when the veracity of historical events depicted in the film is questionable and the film-makers are unable to show proof of accuracy.

As the de facto minister tasked to promote unity and racial harmony, Koh's support for Tanda Putera is atrocious and downright disappointing.

Astounded: Malaysia won third place in the World Interfaith Harmony Week. Never heard of this event. Who were the participants and the judges? What are the criteria?

Did the judges know that non-Muslims are not allowed to use the word ‘Allah' in their Bahasa Malaysia publications? Did the judges hear about the likes of Hasan Ali and Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa?

Mahashitla: It is typical of Koh Tsu Koon's 'bo-hood' (no guts) style. If he cannot persuade Umno from doing a stupid action which is counter-productive to nation-building, he will come out with reasons to justify the action.

Koh still does not know why Gerakan got hammered so hard in 2008. I think GE13 will further prove that Koh and Gerakan are irrelevant.

Not Confused: Koh who? This guy is such a non-entity that I don't think we should pay him any heed.

Any screening of this uncertified piece of fiction that was only produced to create religious strife, should be regarded as treason against the Malaysian rakyat.

Rankiepo: "I don't know how many screenings there have been, but has it led to racial strife? I don't know. You better check the facts before reporting on that," Koh told reporters.

With the above statement from the minister, I can now safely screen pornography to a closed-door audience, because it has not let to any rape yet.

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