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Asmara Songsang another case of state-funded bigotry
Published:  Mar 31, 2013 1:11 AM
Updated: 6:53 AM

YOURSAY 'Staging of such shows will not only disseminate wrong information to the so-called 'normal' people but cause hate and hatred of LGBTs.'

Anti-LGBT musical hits schools and universities

your say Changeagent: The highest grossing musical of all time ‘Les Miserables' didn't influence anyone to break out from prison like its lead character, Jean Valjean.

Neither did the second most successful musical ‘Phantom of the Opera' inspire any disfigured musical genius to stalk beautiful soprano singers.

Musical director Rahman Adam and the simpletons from the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry would be extremely foolish to think that they can turn public opinion against the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual) community with their poorly-researched ‘Asmara Songsang' (Deviant Love) joke of a musical.

The only thing they would probably achieve from this laughable farce is to paint themselves as insensitive and intolerant bigots to the rest of the world.

Anonymous #90733629: As soon as you think the current government can go no further into the realms of the bizarre and misguided, they turn around and prove you wrong.

This is beyond belief, and not just for its content, but for the fact that no one in our massive bureaucracy said 'hold on, this may be a bad idea'.

Instead, they took it and ran 100mph in the wrong direction; it is symptomatic of an infantile but desperate administration gone out of control.

Did it not also occur to Rahman Adam that musicals are the gayest of all media, and to use it to counter the 'spread' of LGBT issues makes no sense?

Ferdtan: Rahman Adam, if ever any of your grandchildren were to be 'inflicted' with such LGBT 'disease', then it is God's will to tell you a message - that it is better to be compassionate with people who are different from us.

You are not young - 73 years old. Judgment day is not far away. In your heart, do you feel that you have done a service (or otherwise) to the LGBT through your play?

May: How can you look into the eyes of those you supposedly love and tell them they are not allowed to choose whom they should love?

This is not just plain hypocrisy but also selective persecution and marginalisation. Who are we to judge another?

Yap CS: BN government policies obviously reflect the character of the party behind the government - Umno.

So an Umno persona is typically homophobic, racist, corrupt, lustful, irresponsible, devious, obnoxious, obscurantist and obstructive. In due time, more aspects of this character will emerge.

Garrulous Gary: Disgraceful! There is no need for the government to criminalise this group of disadvantaged people. Instead of protecting them, it chooses to demonise them.

Malaysian Born: I have come to the conclusion that between the Education Ministry and civil servants involved, there seems to be a total lack of focus on anything meaningful or significant to the country or the people.

Their idiotic boot camps for those perceived effeminate and now this circus of ignorance and bigotry shows them to be shallow, superficial and devoid of empathy.

Actually, the lot of them are just incredibly stupid. They should emigrate to Iran and stay there.

Anonymous_5fb: This Umno government, like usual, emphasises on wrong things, as if they themselves are 'perfect'. In this case, they forget those with LGBT tendency are God's creations as well.

They, LGBT, are born that way and is not their choice. Staging such shows will not only disseminate wrong information to the so-called 'normal' people but cause hate and hatred of the LGBT, who need lots of love and compassion from us.

JT1E80: I think that we should not allow the government to sidetrack us from the main issue at hand - and that is the general election.

The most important thing to do now is to get rid of this corrupt government and not be sidetracked by all these other issues. This looks like another ‘sandiwara' from the government to get people riled up.

Ddeo: Another state-funded bigotry. The scary thing is, there are probably many other bigots-in-waiting from PAS who are just itching to be the next misinformed Rais Yatim.

Let's hope the PAS representatives endowed with better reasoning skills rise quickly enough within party ranks.

Tan Kim Keong: There is something seriously wrong with the psyche of our civil servants from the Special Affairs Department and Education Ministry - as if showing off their stupidity is not enough, and now their total ignorance and vacuous minds.

What is wrong with these people? Maybe some research must be carried out to determine the root cause of this depraved psyche.

Black Panthar: Why hate LGBTs? They too are human beings with feelings, like you and I. Why treat them as criminals?

The anti-LGBT musical makes them outcasts of the community as some people do with HIV patients. Show them the love as a caring government by taking care of their needs.

Anonymous_3f7d: What the hell is wrong with Malaysians? The ills of homosexuality? What ills? They haven't harmed anyone nor have they harmed the environment around them. They haven't harmed even themselves.

They are just different and different does not necessarily mean bad! What has education taught Malaysians? To be judgmental and to discriminate against others who are not like us?

Hmmmmmmmm: I bet you that if any of the LGBTs were to rule our country today, they would have dissolved Parliament ages ago.

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