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How not to let you eat egg when you've ordered it?
Published:  Mar 31, 2013 1:56 AM
Updated: 12:43 PM

YOURSAY 'If you have truly served the rakyat and the rakyat want you, there is no need to beg them to ensure you don't eat egg.'

Please don't make us 'eat egg', S'gor MCA tells voters

your say Ferdtan: There goes the confidence of MCA in Selangor when its chief Donald Lim Siang Chai, instead of motivating his party workers, appealed to the Selangoreans not to end MCA's presence in the state.

This looks like he is begging for mercy. Lim, whatever your strategy of playing on the emotions of the people especially the Chinese to save MCA, it won't work.

You see, Chinese in the past do have feelings for MCA. They were seen as protector of Chinese rights and Chinese education. So what happened along the way?

Most, if not all, MCA leaders are only interested in enriching themselves, looting the country's till like nobody business along with other BN partners.

The love of the Chinese for MCA has now turned to hatred. This is an unavoidable divorce that we need to have to end the relation once and for all. There is no turning back. We have to move on.

MCA has become irreverent. Your appeal, like a rejected spouse promising to change for the better, no longer touches the heart of the people. Our hearts are numb, much like many long-suffering wives.

Slumdog: Selangor MCA chief Donald Lim has been humbled to the extent that has to beg for votes.

He knows his party has delivered and achieved nothing in Selangor or any of the other states. A vote for MCA, Gerakan, MIC and any other component BN party is a direct vote for an Umno-led government after GE13.

God help us if they win. Do take this opportunity to wipe them out of the Malaysian political landscape for good.

We are all painfully aware of how Umno has wrecked this country in the last 55 years. Do we want another five years of this decadent and immoral Umno-led government to continue to plunder and destroy this country?

So on election day, all those fence sitters, please think very carefully before you cast your vote.

Heavywater: The writings is on the wall. MCA will eat 'egg' in Selangor and hopefully all over Malaysia too.

The question is not about your services which the opposition can also do, but the manner in which MCA leaders ‘kowtow' to Umno - Chua Soi Lek, Liow Tiong Lai, Ng Yen Yen, Kong Cho Ha and the rest of your jokers.

Their servitude to Umno and not been able to take a strong stand is the downfall of MCA. Like the Lynas case, initially Chua is against it but somewhere down the line, he commented that Lynas is Kuantan's problem.

Anonymous #19098644: If you have truly served the rakyat and the rakyat want you, there is no need to beg them to ensure you don't eat egg.

It is because MCA has become the ‘hamba' (slave) of Umno that it must at this critical stage plead for sympathy. Even the MCA members don't want to vote for the BN and you expect the rakyat to vote for you ?

Lim Chong Keong: How not to let you eat egg when you ordered egg?

Your only Selangor MP - Ong Tee Keat in Pandan - being the only MCA leader whom the people can accept, you have instead discarded as your president and you do even want him to be your party candidate, how not to let you eat egg?

Don't try to plead for sympathy votes when you did this to yourself. And what service did you do in Selangor when all MCA did was shout Talam, Talam and more Talam, which was explained and clarified time and again.

Kee Thuan Chye: What a thing for an MCA leader to say. It almost sounds like begging! It clearly shows that MCA lacks confidence.

How is this going to raise the morale of its members? Before the war has started, the general (or is it colonel, in this case?) has already asked for leniency in battle.

For this alone, the MCA deserves to eat egg. It has no balls in standing up to Umno, now it shows it has no balls going into the elections.

Anonymous #02382443: No need to ask or beg. Please do some soul-searching and tell us, why we should vote for you.

The reason advanced by you is only your own conjecture of having worked hard for the rakyat since 2008.

Gen2: Recently there were TV advertisements that say successful leaders should not be cast aside. Then we have PM saying people can make mistakes, don't cast us out because of our mistakes.

Now this MCA leader say don't make him eat eggs. The trend seems to be that BN now thinks the opposition has a good chance of winning.

The longer PM Najib Razak delays the GE, the bigger the momentum the opposition will get.

MCA reduced to begging for its survival

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