Zulkifli's apology - forgiven perhaps but not forgotten

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YOURSAY 'I can't see the connection between being anybody's lawyer and stupidity. If a lawyer was stupid 10 years ago, he would likely be stupid today.'

Zulkifli Noordin apologises to Indian community

your say Tholu: How very convenient! Say something that threatens the peace and harmony of the multiracial and multireligious people in a community and then later say "I am sorry."

If merely saying sorry absolves all the crimes one had committed, than one can murder, rape, rob and say sorry afterwards for the crimes committed and walk away scot-free.

Kulim-Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Noordin, you are a lawyer and you should know that there is no time-bar to charge you in court for sedition and therefore do not claim that you uttered those denigrating words 10 years ago.

Are you saying your perception of the Hindu religion has changed now? Malaysia knows you for your religious bigotry.

Didn't you participate in a demonstration that led to the premature ending of a Bar Council forum on religious conversion in early August 2008?

Because of the unruly and intimidating protest, the police had to end the conference prematurely for "security reasons".

Salina: Ustaz Zulkifli used to teach in a surau opposite my father's house. Whenever there was a class, cars are often parked on both sides of the road, congesting it (to this day).

In November 2007, my father fell very ill and an ambulance was called. I went to the surau and asked Zulkifli, who was teaching that day, if he could announce that cars blocking our gate be moved.

And his response to an obviously distressed daughter? "Alaahhhh, itu je ker." There was no empathy or sympathy in his voice, just plain irritation that I had interrupted his class. My father passed away the next day.

Zulkifli is an arrogant man. I'm not surprised he insulted Hinduism. Indeed, I was not surprised he had acted so unkindly towards me then when he was in PAS.

Fairnessforall: "I was a lawyer for Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim in his first sodomy trial and was naive back then," said Zulkifli.

Now you are not only naive, but also stupid. It looks like your stupidity has progressed even further.

ACR: I can't see the connection between being anybody's lawyer and stupidity. If a lawyer was stupid 10 years ago, he would likely be stupid today as well, irrespective of who he represents.

Ez24get: What sort of apology is this? You said you were stupid 10 years ago when you were in PAS.

But now you have progressed to joining Perkasa as its vice-president, an organisation which will not hesitate to burn bibles and spill blood.

This is not an apology for a wrongdoing, you are apologising without any show of remorse.

Anonymous_4031: It is too late in the day to apologise to the Hindus and it is too late to win the hearts of the Hindus.

Remember one chief minister's blunt words to PPP in 2007 that Umno did not need Indian support. What happened then? Malacca lost some seats. BN lost four states - Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor.

Say you don't need Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Kadazans, Muruts, Ibans, and you will see more fun - the fall of Sabah, Sarawak, Johor and Malacca.

KSD: He was sacked from PAS and later from PKR. But Umno accepted him, though in a clandestine arrangement. That's all we need to know about this man and his masters.

If he has guts, he should stand again in Kulim-Bandar Baharu and let the Hindu voters there show if they accept his apology or not.

Anonymous_3e06: Yesterday I was at a talk. The message I got was this - too many people who do not know their holy book well have a tendency to attack other people's religion.

The holy books do not teach people to attack other religions. This idiot falls into this category of not knowing the Quran.

Anonymous #33877536: Don't insult others. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose. What if I had made the same kind of statement about your religion? I would be gone from this world by now.

Absalom: This is the type of leader everyone should stay away from. He will not own up to his mistake and tries to mitigate it by blaming others as well.

He screwed up big time and yet he mentioned PAS and Anwar in his apology as if they have something to do with his insults of the Hindu religion.

Add this to the fact that he has no ethics or loyalty since he betrayed the people who voted him last time, he is definitely not parliament or state assembly material, whether ruling or opposition.

Apapunboleh: He is same as any racist bigot over the past few years. Slapped you in the face and then say sorry after public pressure.

And no action from the authority because these people were from the "right" camp.

MockingYou: As Rubicon said, forgiven but not forgotten. It would seem a lot of forgiveness should be in store seeing this bigot changed in 10 years from bad to worse.

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