Mahathir on a desperate mission to save himself

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YOURSAY 'It looks like Mahathir has no confidence in Najib. Otherwise why is he at 88 still going on the campaign trail on behalf of Umno?'

End Kit Siang's career, Dr M urges Johor voters

your say LittleGiant: Yes, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang (LKS) is in politics for almost half a century now. But did LKS or his family loot this country and became obnoxiously rich like some thick-skinned politicians in BN?

Did LKS ever abuse his power and privileges when he was the opposition leader? Did LKS ever showed disregard or disrespected the country's laws, which most BN politicians have the audacity not to ignore?

Who destroyed the sanctity of the country's judiciary? Don't we all know that it is the BN politicians and not politicians like LKS?

The brazen and scandalous political career of many of the BN politicians have to end with GE13 and the BN coalition must be made to repent for its sins.

The nation's dignity and honour rests with politicians like LKS and the voters must make sure that such veteran politicians who are noble to the cause of politics have to be around and active in politics for a long time to come.

Mahathir should end his ranting and that will be a great service to the nation.

Tholu: Dear Tun, BN is going to be plunged into an abyss of no return. For all the treacherous acts you had committed as PM, you now have the cheek to wish for an end to the political careers of certain opposition leaders.

Stop playing reverse psychology on the rakyat by saying that Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim knows he is going to lose in the coming elections. It is BN as a whole, including you, who are going to bite dust come GE13.

Astounded: It looks like Mahathir has no confidence in Najib. Otherwise why is he at 88 still going on the campaign trail on behalf of Umno?

Mahathir is not doing BN any favours by his uncalled for remarks and comments. If he still wants to be active in politics he should come out of retirement officially rather than making comments on the sidelines.

His desperation is a good sign for Pakatan Rakyat which will enable them to have a strong finish come GE13.

Ipohcrite: There's no retirement age for a justice crusader like Lim Kit Siang. But for Mahathir, the traitor to his own nation, his lingering presence on the sidelines of the political scene is a constant menace and embarrassment to all right-thinking citizens.

His refusal to quit is a desperate attempt to salvage something out of his egregious political reign and protect the fortunes of his offspring.

Kairos: Because Mahathir asks the people in Gelang Patah to reject Kit Siang, all the more the people there must vote Kit Siang in with a resounding victory just to show how much we hate and despise this old man.

Mahathir has hurt and damaged this country as no other PM has. The effects of the sins that he has committed are still felt today in Sabah, the judiciary, in the blatant abuse of power to gain wealth, just to name a few.

Of late, he has become more racist and ultra-Malay in his thinking. He is a dangerous man. So it is imperative that whatever he says and wants must not come to pass. And the people of Gelang Patah has the opportunity to prove him wrong.

Clever Voter: LKS may not be national hero nor is he a celebrity. But he is admired for his guts, courage and values. He has devoted his entire career to bring about change in our country.

He has not stolen anything from the people, rather he has in fact gone to jail and deprived of his basic rights. His crime? For speaking the truth.

Raja Chulan: Mahathir has been the PM for 22 long years and enjoyed big fat salary, benefits and also abused his position to enrich himself, his family and cronies.

Kit Siang, on the other hand, has been on the opposition bench all the while. The opposition neither enjoys big fat salaries, benefits nor have any government authority to abuse.

What Kit Siang and others in the opposition have contributed and sacrificed are selfless service to this nation. We definitely need many more years from Kit Siang and others like him.

Mahathir is as usual talking rubbish. Malaysian would be definitely better off without Mahathir instead.

Onyourtoes: After more than two decades of dictatorship, Mahathir is back in circulation and yet he has the audacity to ask others to retire. Look, others might have been in politics for long, but it was you that have done the maximum damage to this country.

Let me tell you this, if not for Lim Kit Siang, you would have become Kim Jong-il and your hapless son would have become the PM of Malaysia today. If not for Lim Kit Siang, you would have converted this country into a banana republic, not unlike Zimbabwe.

What is so great about your unorthodox measures during the Asian financial crisis when you have used the financial strength of Malaysia to bail out cronies instead of reforming and restructuring the Malaysian economy that was so badly needed at that time?

Don't talk crap; Korea and Thailand have followed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approach and today both economies have become leaner, more innovative and more efficient than us.

Mahathir, you are caught in your own time warp. You have nothing new and invigorating to contribute to Malaysia anymore. The fact that Umno and BN have to look up to you show that they are as bankrupt and hapless as you.

Starr: What utter nonsense is Mahathir talking about? LKS is not only going back to serve his birth place, he is returning to lead the Pakatan's onslaught in the frontline state of Johor.

It's particularly significant that his success in his birth place will signal the demise of Umno in its birth place.

To move LKS back to Johor to lead Pakatan's charge is proving to be an astute strategy. Umno and its cohorts will surely have something to worry about and it shows in Mahathir's unkind response.

Giudice: Regardless of political affiliation, Lim Kit Siang is exactly the type of politician Malaysia needs. Someone who has principles, stands up for the weak irrespective of race or gender, and is prepared to serve without expecting anything in return.

When Mahathir says he wants to end the career of LKS, it merely proves once again that he does not have the country's interests at heart. He only wants to ensure that Pakatan does not get into Putrajaya and therefore no chance of his alleged misdeeds being scrutinised.

ACR: Why would Anwar want to create chaos, especially when he has a good chance of becoming the next PM?

I want Pakatan to come to power to ensure Mahathir's life as a free citizen ends. He must spend his last years in jail.

He deserves it for a host of reasons, amongst which for marginalising minority citizens, misuse and abuse of public funds and jeopardising national security.

Vijay47: Perhaps Mahathir is right, he is indeed more popular than Kit Siang. Kit Siang does not have a film made in his honour.

But Mahathir has - ‘I Spit on Your Grave'.

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