DAP unleashes AK47 to counter 'racist' image

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VOXPOP 'DAP needs credible Malay leaders, such as Mohd Ariff aka Sakmongkol AK47, to dispel the accusations of racism in the party.'

DAP to field Najib's ex-info chief in Raub

your say Anonymous #85701391: Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz, better known as Sakmongkol AK47 amongst his circle of friends is an important asset to our country, especially for Malaysians of Malay origin.

An advocate against Umno politics of corruption, abuses, thieving and dependency culture, he is an excellent candidate to permanently get rid of these Umno leaders and their cronies/powerbrokers.

Starr: Yes, DAP needs credible Malays in party to dispel the accusations of racism in the party, not just any Malays who have not been tested in politics like many before Mohd Ariff.

Though it draws its strength and support from the Chinese community, DAP has never been regarded by Malaysian society at large, as 'mono-racial' party like Umno, MCA and MIC.

Ironically, it's these 'mono-racial' parties in BN that point their racist figures at DAP. It's people like Mohd Ariff who will make a difference in the multiracial Malaysia.

The likes of former PM Dr Mahathir Mahathir and his racist allies are for all intents and purposes, bankrupt of ideas and blind to the rising tide of generational change.

Malaysians of the younger generations are today better informed and able to see through the Umno's attempts to cloud their sights and control their minds in order to deceive them for their selfish ends.

Kairos: If you examine the platform and philosophy of DAP, you will realise that it is not so much concerned about championing the cause of the Chinese but the cause of all Malaysians for a just and fair society.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng himself was willing to go to jail because he stood up for the truth involving a victimised young Malay girl. How many Umno Malays are prepared to do that?

By putting up Malay candidates under its banner, DAP is reinforcing this message that the party is open to all and sundry who sincerely love this country and believe that every rakyat irrespective of race or religion has an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

Magnus: "Meanwhile, Lim also announced that DAP would field Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, a member of the Pahang royal house, as a candidate for the Mentakab state assembly seat.

"Tengku Zulpuri, an electronics engineer by training, is now a businessman. He joined DAP in 2000 and was later appointed member of the Selayang Municipal Council."

Question: How does Malaysia protect its governance when members of the royal families (connected to heads of state) take part in the politics and in running the state and/or national governments?

I am not clear on this important point of good governance (to prevent conflicts of interest and keep separation of powers "clean and healthy" for transparency and accountability), so any answers would be welcome to clear my ignorance.

Datos: I never fail to read Sakmongkol AK47 articles via other blogs and websites and I must tell you that he is a level-headed and rationale man. DAP leaders have kept their cards close to their chest and they are making the right decisions in terms of candidates and strategies.

Good luck. I am sure the screening for the candidates is more stringent this time, and hopefully there will be no ‘frogs' like the ones in Perak who betrayed their voters.

Lim now dares Dr M to contest in Gelang Patah

Kingfisher: It will be quite significant for DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and former PM Dr Mahathir Mahathir to engage in the 'straight fight' contest as suggested by Lim. Malaysians will be able to rationally debate the country's past and future.

And for Mahathir, he can strengthen his legacy with a final grand victory. Go for it Mahathir and we are behind you.

Bravo Lim, although I think you have unfortunately underestimated the great following of the ‘ultimate' leader.

Anonymous #21828131: Mahathir, please take up the challenge now that you have asked for it.

You have said so many things during the past few years that has hurt the feeling of most, if not all, peace-loving Malaysians.

I and my entire family are especially hurt when you accused Tunku Abdul Rahman for providing citizenship to bona fide Malaysians, all carried within the rule of the law.

Your hurtful statements have also created divisions within your own camp, which you are not aware of or are too senile to understand.

You might end up losing your deposit. That's my gut feeling. There is a limit for everything and yours has expired long ago.

Anonymous #84319416: Mahathir's visit to Johor is a blessing for the opposition. His harsh remarks on LKS is definitely a boost for the DAP.

But when the opposition wins, Mahathir will shift the blame to Najib saying the fall is due to the delay in calling for the election. He always has bagful of scapegoats.

Spinnot: Dr M would instead prefer a seat in Sabah, which has a large number of Project M's ‘instant' voters.

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