Down to three bidders at Langat 2

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Pengurusan Aset Air Berhad’s (PAAB) procurement board which met late last week is understood to be ready to recommend one bidder of three shortlisted candidates for the 1130 million litres per day (MLD) water treatment plant, sources say.

Out of the three, KiniBiz understands that Gamuda Bhd and a consortium made up of MMC Corp Bhd, Salcon Bhd and Ahmad Zaki Resources Bhd are among the three that have been shortlisted for the RM1.2 billion job.

pahang selangor raw water transfer project 180209  

It is not clear who the third shortlisted bidder is, or which of the three is the recommended party even.

However, other than the two companies just mentioned, IJM Corp Bhd, UEM Construction Sdn Bnd and privately-held Asia Baru Construction Sdn Bhd had all been shortlisted from the first round of 13 companies which tendered for the job.

“It’s now at the stage where there is one preferred candidate from three bidders, down from five shortlisted bidders from 13 companies which tendered earlier,” the source said.       

PAAB’s board is understood to be meeting later this week, where the procurement board will convey the recommended party and the other two shortlisted bidders.

Once this hurdle is crossed, the Finance Ministry will have to give its endorsement to the candidate and award the job.


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