Teng, be brave, take the fight to Guan Eng

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YOURSAY 'If the Penang CM has performed badly as you claim, then let the people decide between the two of you.'

Guan Eng dare not contest in multiracial seat, says Teng

your say Aries46: When Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow declared that he was willing to take on Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, the latter graciously offered Padang Kota where Teng had won three times previously.

Teng then chickened out from Padang Kota and in turn set two ridiculous conditions but Lim still accepted one of them (that he drops parliament and only goes for state seat).

The other condition, Lim could not respond to because Teng did not specify the constituency. Now Teng belittles Lim by saying that he dare not stand in a multiracial seat.

I feel sorry for this guy who doesn't dare to face his own constituents whom he has served through four elections.

To him and other BN communal parties, multi-racial seats are actually Malay-majority seats because they depend more on Umno votes than their own kind, whom they have betrayed.

If not, why would Teng fear his own constituents in Padang Kota? This guy comes across as an Umno chicken but with a big mouth.

Anonymous #94851632: You all have to understand that Teng does not have the authority to decide where he is going to stand in the coming GE13. He can only tell you when Umno gives him the list at the 11th hour.

Even he himself does not know whether he will be fielded, so there's the reason why he has to act like a clown to evade the question on which seat to contest Guan Eng.

NewMalaysia: Teng, it's very simple, if you and BN want to regain Penang, just take the fight to Guan Eng.

Go and contest in his seat if you think Guan Eng has performed badly as you have claimed, show the people you can do better than him, not the other way round.

Astounded: All this ‘to-ing and fro-ing' is a waste of time. Guan Eng should not waste his energy on Teng and focus his attention on improving his service to the people of Penang.

He has already done a lot of good there despite repeated denials by BN. Let him take his level of service higher. Just leave Teng alone. We all know he cannot do much.

He can only try to stir things up just to muddy the waters. But he is not succeeding as people have experienced the benefits of a better government in Penang and cannot be fooled by lies and innuendos.

Let Teng enjoy the company of Penang Umno state chief Shaik Hussein Mydin and his Perkasa friends.

Kit P: Is PM Najib Razak going to stand in a mixed seat, since he claims to be a PM for all Malaysians? Is Teng going to insist that of his boss? What is good for the goose should be good for the gander as well.

ACR: Teng is keen on a huge Malay-majority seat. I am sure even in a 60-40 seat with Malays being 60 percent, Guan Eng will trounce him.

The only way Teng can give a stiff fight is in a 80-20 scenario where Malays are more than 80 percent. I don't know what Teng means by a multiracial seat.

Anonymous_40a7: As far as I remember, Teng lost Padang Kota in 2008 to the same guy he defeated in 2004. So, maybe he should try regaining his pride first before issuing another challenge to Lim?

Anonymous #40538199: Is Teng afraid of a constituency with lots of Chinese? Or is he feeling too guilty to face the voters of Padang Kota again?

Unidentified: Lim issued a straightforward challenge. Teng with no balls, wants to compete with all kinds of conditions, and on top of that, in a seat where Umno can back him up.

You think Umno will be so stupid to back you up and not expect you to be a puppet?

Onyourtoes: I think we have had enough. The issues facing Malaysia today is not Teng or Guan Eng. We should move on to discussing policies and governance. For that I want Teng to ponder over some of these issues:

1. Why do you think the DAP is being put into such a difficult situation where it may have to contest in the 13th general election under a PAS banner? Do you think DAP is enjoying it?

2. Why according to you, the people of Padang Kota are not a "representation" of "Malaysianness"?

Are they not blue-blood Malaysians who have every right to elect a representative in accordance with their aspirations, just like the people in Pagoh or Pekan who will elect representatives of their choice with an even smaller number?

3. Has it ever occurred to you that people like Guan Eng are true Malaysian leaders; it is people like you and your supporters who are hindering and preventing him from being one?

Blackmoon: Teng Chang Yeow said: "Then why did he jump into the ring? Doesn't that also make him a circus performer?"

Ouch! That was a painful slap on Guan Eng's face. I see his face is terribly red already.

Maplesyrup: Teng can talk big now, I appeal to all Penangites to send a clear message to him. No matter which seat he stands, let him lose his deposit and only then can Teng understand clearly whether Penang still needs Gerakan.

Teng can say what he wants, but he cannot run away from the fact that Gerakan has lost Chinese support in Penang. Thank God, Guan Eng has decided against standing against Teng.

With a mixed-race constituency, it is that much easier to send in the phantoms and postal voters just to kill off Guan Eng.

Ace: This Umno serf cannot even state a constituency to contest in because he needs his master's approval first.

He is definitely looking into a Malay-based constituency because he needs his bedfellows, the Perkasa hoodlums and the Umno gangsters, to vote for him.

Louis: It is an insult to the people of Padang Kota when he said that it is not a multiracial constituency.

Why is Teng so afraid of a predominantly Chinese area? After all, Padang Kota had voted him in, not once but thrice. If his Gerakan policies are good, he should be voted in again.

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