Are we seeing the making of SD3?

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VOXPOP 'Yet another potential 'trading game' with the late Bala's wife's disappearance. She will now be incentivised to cast doubts on SD1.'

PI Bala's wife and children missing, claims lawyer

your say Lim Chong Leong: If private eye P Balasubramaniam's wife A Santamil Selvi comes out to give SD3 (statutory declaration) that SD2 is true, that will be the day.

No one will believe SD3. She is right to go into hiding. Only Umno brainless goons will try to go for an SD3. No doubt, they will harass her.

Bert: Knowing the seriousness of the issues involved, the family of Bala should have been watched over at all times. We know that it is easily said than done.

I hope Bala's efforts and sacrifices have not gone in vain, and that Bala's family is safe and not end up like Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Jeremy Ng: Another potential 'trading game' with the late Bala's wife's disappearance. She will now be incentivised to cast doubts on SD1.

By her disappearance (unless she is forced) without discussing with Bala's lawyer, it says a lot about the integrity of a person.

Oadofcr8: I agree with Jeremy Ng. See the similarity between Bala and his wife's disappearing act? Another potential U-turn? What respect do you expect for a person like that?

KeranamuMalaysia: I guess there could have been harassment of Bala's family by certain parties, and they've gone to some place to seek peace. Hope they are safe.

Actually what is the root cause of this problem? It's back to the Altantuya's case and we all still don't know what motive and why she was murdered?

Iloveallmalaysians: By the way, why blame PM Najib Razak and the government? What did they do? Who took her and who asked her to run?

What would her statement that Bala was asked to make the first SD1 do for her. It's all hearsay anyway and it is worthless.

She ran because she knew that Pakatan Rakyat will come to her for help in the campaign. Let her play the poor widow like they did with TBH (Teoh Beng Hock).

If that is not insult to injury then what is? Pakatan has most to gain for all these intrigues.

Not Convinced: Iloveallmalaysians, if Bala's SD1 is worthless, why would anyone go to the extend paying him millions of ringgit, hired a lawyer to draft SD2, and moved him and his family to India?

Zahid 'wants blood' as PM announces dissolution

SMC77: As a defence minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been MIA (missing in action) for more than a month while the intruders were occupying a remote village in eastern Sabah.

His inability to protect our shores is a real disgrace to our nation and it is not a surprise that he is more determined to kill his political enemies rather than the real intruders.

Clearly, there is no place for him in Malaysian politics.

Mahashitla: Zahid, due to your incompetency as defence minister, we have 200-300 intruders, many armed, came into the country undetected.

Had the full Moro insurgents came in, we would have lost Sabah and with heavy casualties too.

I think you should not be standing for election as candidate, as you are now deemed to be unfit psychologically.

Like the IGP (police chief), I think you have been traumatised by the killings in Lahad Datu. We expect PM Najib Razak to put up a better candidate.

We cannot afford to have one who will run 'amok' and command the army to shoot at BN's political opponents.

Black Mamba: This is a very irresponsible statement coming from an MP and an Umno supreme council member. Can't the police arrest him?

If his "kill" is only a metaphor, then there are many other words he can use.

Vijay47: So Zahid now wants to go to the war zone to spill blood. Where was this macho streak when the Sulu fighters attacked us and killed our soldiers?

You and Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein were bravely hiding miles away from the area of conflict.

Not going to the actual battlefield is fine. Just don't behave as though you were some local hero.

You Umno cowards are good for only one thing - talking big and acting tough. Just like the police did to the Bersih marchers.

Fair Play: Ahmad Zahid, in the war zone, you think only BN has weapons?

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