What we need now is a Najib-Anwar debate

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YOURSAY 'Now that both BN and Pakatan have come up with their respective manifestos, Najib and Anwar should have a debate.'

Vote for us and get more cash, BN tells Malaysia

your say JMC: The BN manifesto is an insult to the intelligence and dignity of the people. The people want well-planned, long-term polices to uplift their socio-economic status, not instant cash handouts.

They want to be the masters, not slaves in their own country. I'm very disappointed with the manifesto, which shows that BN leaders believe Malaysians are just as greedy for money and would do anything for a few hundred ringgit.

This insulting manifesto is another reason why we must rise up in GE13 and show what we are really capable of - throw BN out.

Speechless: Now that both BN and Pakatan Rakyat have come up with their respective manifestos, Najib and Anwar should have a debate, televised live on national TV so that all voters can judge which manifesto is better.

There is no point having a manifesto if you don't have the guts to defend it.

Haveagreatday: I am one rooting for change. If one scrutinises that list of BN goodies, is it not that the current coalition, after 57 years in power, has failed the rakyat - by not abolishing poverty?

The BN is now resorting to 'targeted subsidy' to get the votes of the economically disadvantaged rakyat. Why? The gerrymandering of constituencies in the past had ensured that the rural voters are the ones that matter in GE13.

To the thinking rakyat, where is the promise of action on corruption, cronyism, nepotism and abuse of power?

I believe the Umnoputras know they have failed miserably in these areas, so this time they dare not make any reference to them.

Quigonbond: ‘One country, one price' is taken right out of Pakatan manifesto. Revision of automotive policy - same thing.

BR1M dan other handouts - no big deal. Hundreds of millions trickled to the rakyat is nothing compared with the RM200 billion outflow of illicit funds as of 2010, representing corrupt money that Umno-BN has siphoned out from public coffers.

Best of all - reduction of broadband fees - Pakatan has promised free access in public areas. I feel so sad for BN. Clearly, it has run out of ideas after over 50 years in power. I guess the BN's campaign is going to be about maligning Pakatan.

Hah Thiam Khean: I disagree with both Pakatan and BN on any policies that give cash handouts, whether it is BR1M or Lim Guan Eng's cash handouts to senior citizens in Penang.

I would also prefer that money earned from high car prices be used to improve public transportation instead.

Relevancy: Is this how Malaysia intends to be a high-income country - by giving people money?

Anonymous #76965586: It is good that you give more cash to rakyat. However, where is the money from? In just less than five years, our nation's debt has more than doubled. How long can you borrow before we go bankrupt?

Ferdtan: This is only one aspect of benefits of the two-party system - both sides offering benefits to the people. If there is no strong opposition, the incumbent government would not have to compete to win the people's hearts by giving goodies.

The reasons we must vote for Pakatan are: if it can take over the government, it is a dream come true, but if it fails especially in denying the BN two-thirds majority, the goodies from BN cannot be stopped for fear of losing in the next GE.

Ideally we, the rakyat, don't want politicians to compete in free handouts to the people; we want them to compete to see who can perform better in running the government in a more transparent, accountable and corruption-free manner. That is all we ask.

Once that are implemented, the free goodies to benefit the rakyat would automatically come with all the savings gained from the prevention of leakages through corruption.

Confused: Is this a national budget or a manifesto?

Bender: To poor people who have long been deprived, the offer of cash is quite enticing, even if we do the maths, the amount of money offered is utterly ridiculous (but Najib will tell you, that amount can support you for life).

But that is exactly BN's target. It still depends on the gullibility of the poor and their state of disinformation. For those who already support BN, this is the proof that they need to convince them that they have been right all along.

But to those who are well-informed, the manifesto is nothing to brag about. In fact, its quite laughable, since the BN cannot break away from the old mindset - that if you throw money at people, they'll be your slaves forever.

Onyourtoes: This is what they do best, dishing out cash to create addicts out of Malaysians.

But have you heard anything at all on the restructuring the Malaysian economy - getting rid of monopoly power, reducing economic distortion, rectifying the weaknesses of privatisation olf toll roads, of Puspakom to independent power producers (IPPs), revamping the tender system and overcoming institutional weaknesses in the police force, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the judiciary and the civil service in general?

They even gave you a phoney tax reduction on automobiles. Have they got a time-frame on that? I have heard of the revamp of national automobile policy for many years already. I can assure you that nothing will be done because this is their gravy train.

Have you heard of anything about overcoming racism, bigotry and endemic corruption? No, instead they want more Ibrahim Alis and fascism.

If none of what I have stated is done, there is no way the Malaysian society will move forward and Malaysians will never find peace with themselves. The manifesto is every inch a manifestation of a renegade regime gasping its last breath of defiance and baloney.

Tan Soo Inn: Why are we giving out money to people? Why can't we run the country well so people can prosper and earn their own money? This is no way to run a country.

Malaysiawatch4: "Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore. We have seen the future, and the future is ours." - Cesar Chavez (civil rights activist).

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