Bitterly disappointed, but Chua still a gentleman

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YOURSAY 'Chua Jui Meng is proving to be a man of integrity, maturity and steadfastness, even in times of dismay and disappointment.'

'Homeless' Jui Meng backs Kit Siang

your say FellowMalaysian: Johor PKR chief Chua Jui Meng couldn't have answered it better for his two week's silence. Admirable words from a man who only does things after much thoughts, including explaining for his absence.

Chua has enough wits, stamina and juices up there to lead Pakatan Rakyat into its takeover bid of Johor.

Sinner: Jimmy Chua, some are great men, while others good politicians. I put you in the category of the former.

It is hard not to feel betrayed but you have come out of it. Arrogance shown by some of the DAP leaders will come home to haunt them later.

Many of us tolerate the behaviour of people like Johor DAP chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau because we have the larger interest to drive BN out of Putrajaya.

CQ Muar: Boo, what will be your reaction to a dignified politician like CJM (Chua Jui Meng)? Despite all the uncalled for accusations you hurled against this seasoned politician, he has declared his wholehearted support for DAP - all for the sake of Pakatan.

Given the 'treatment' after all the months of sacrifice and self-less attention at Gelang Patah, he has graciously bowed out and even declared his undivided support and given his blessings to Kit Siang.

Pray, you guys at DAP, wake up and stop thinking the whole world revolves around you. Your arrogance, as part of the coalition, doesn't speak well of you. If it isn't for the coalition, I for one, and many others would have condemned and cursed you.

Just one other thing ... Boo, in stark contrast to you, CJM bore neither grudge nor animosity despite your naive aggression towards him. Therein lies the great difference between the two of you.

Raja Chulan: A marvelous script. One wonders what really is the truth.

Lie Detector: Let's put things in perspective. PKR is contesting in 11 seats (minus Gelang Patah). DAP is contesting in seven seats (including Gelang Patah). So PKR is competing in 57 percent more seats than DAP. Why the complaining?

The two weeks of sulking is a cynical attempt at pressuring DAP to give up their agreed seats. You have got 11 seats and you still want to complain and throw tantrums - disgraceful.

Akutuan: CJM, I respect you, regardless whether you are sincere or not in your statement. Politicians should seen to be gentlemen and hold their pride at bay.

For some young DAP politicians if you are not careful, it may cost your party a few seats.

Ksn: Lim Kit Siang can contest anywhere but, did he discuss his decision to contest in Gelang Patah with PKR, and especially with Chua, who appears to have worked very hard for PKR and Pakatan in that seat.

From Chua's comments, it appears that he is not even sure if he will be get a seat to contest. That situation, to the say the least, is not gentlemanly.

PKR and Pakatan should and can do better than that. Has this scenario anything to do with the DAP man from Johor picking on Chua?

The Saint: Journalists have a very powerful weapon called the pen. They have changed the fate of an entire nation through their writings. But they can also be mischievous and sensationalise certain mundane issues and cause great pain and suffering.

In the case of this report, I feel that the reporting is very mischievous and could cause great hurt to Chua. As it is, he may not be contesting but why did Malaysiakini use the title ‘homeless', implying that no one wants him.

Cala: The Saint, you are correct. Malaysiakini editor, if possible, please refrain from using this word 'homeless' in the heading. You are contributing much to the pain already sustained by CJM as he is made to face a political reality, at least in the short run.

Awakened: I agree with The Saint and Cala. The heading should be changed to ‘CJM displays the true spirit of PR by supporting Kit Siang'.

Not Convinced: You Pakatan supporters still don't get it - press freedom cuts both ways.

None of you complained about Malaysiakini's headline the day before: Taib: 'I won't cooperate with naughty, dishonest MACC'. That sure caused much pain to MACC.

As for Awakened, I hope you are joking with your suggested headline - it does sounds like 'Borat: Cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan'.

Starr: Chua Jui Meng is proving to be a man of integrity, maturity and steadfastness, even in times of dismay and disappointment.

There is no honour without wisdom and service to the people and the nation for which he shall inherit His kingdom.

No personal glory is greater than bringing about changes to the country and the government in dire need.

Salina: CJM, there's a Malay proverb that says: "Jika ular menyusur akar, tidak akan hilang bisanya' meaning a noble and big-hearted person would not become lesser by being humble.

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