Najib fights graft 'You help me, I help you' style

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YOURSAY 'Why increase number of courts when both the MACC and AG's office refuse to investigate and prosecute? Those cases will never make it to the courts.'

BN manifesto: More courts to deal with corruption cases

your say Onyourtoes: See how a depraved government pretends to fight corruption. In fact, I can help them to suggest even more phoney ideas besides setting up more courts to handle corruption cases.

Remember, we first upgraded an agency to a commission. Then this commission was given more power to the extent that it has actually interrogated someone to dead. But then when faced with certain high and mighty individuals, this commission has suddenly lost all its power and was even asked to go fly kite .

Yes, before I forget, to fight corruption, they are now going to schools to teach our children the evil of corruption. They have also organised courses for our MPs to tell them when it is legal and when it is illegal to take.

You know what, it is like teaching our taxpayers when it is tax avoidance and when it is tax evasion. Welcome to the land of nincompoops.

Anonymous #19098644: When the attorney-general's office has been subverted and is no longer the torch bearer of justice, when the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is treated with contempt by the decadent BN chief minister of Sarawak, when after five years of promises of reducing corruption and instead corruption has worsen, of what use is more courts?

We just need to fix the broken system and make the AG's office, the MACC and the police force work. The only way it can work is to change the ruling government in Putrajaya for all roads to justice leads there.

Quigonbond: Setting up more courts is a good idea for the easily appeased, unthinking types of citizens that BN has come to expect. The problem here is that the enforcement and prosecuting agencies are not doing their job properly, letting big fish slip by while catching small shrimps to meet their KPIs (key performance indicators).

Worse, they cause people to die in custody while investigating. The scourge of corruption is Umno itself for it is the equivalent to a nuclear reactor of the middleman, commission-seeking culture.

BN can increase corruption courts 10-fold, but what's the use when the enforcement agencies and prosecutors continue to fail miserably? The courts are just sitting there swatting flies.

It's so typical of BN to build and build. They can build nice buildings, but they cannot maintain it or put brainy people in it to generate real economy. To the cynical, many courts means frivolous prosecution against the opposition party rank-and-file if they win the next elections.

Mahashitla: You can build the largest MACC HQ or 10 more courts in Sabah and Sarawak or even elevate the ranks of the investigators with the MACC chief holding the rank of a three-star general.

But how do you fight corruption when a chief minister can tell the MACC that it is naughty and dishonest for investigating him?

Wira: BN and Malaysia know that the problem with corruption in this country is that the top leaders are corrupt and the prosecutors hands are tied by a tainted AG's office which subscribed to the corrupt executive.

Why increase number of courts when both the MACC and AG's office refuse to investigate and prosecute? Those cases will never make it to the courts.

Moreover, the government have, over the years, legalised corruption through commissions given to ad-hoc third party cronies which are invariably linked to BN-Umno.

SS Dhaliwal: There is no point building more courts when their empowerment does not extend to the executive powers. It will be nothing more than a charade.

As for MACC why wait until after the election to empower them when they can act now by charging Sarawak CM Taib Mahmud?

These clearly shows that all this is nothing more than a political gimmick as MACC has always been there to protect the corrupt.

Headhunter: There's already enough courts to put all the corrupt politicians and their cronies away. What we need is more honest leaders and I don't find them in the BN.

Najib to fight graft if re-elected

DanielYahya : What a crock of bull manure. This is not something caretaker PM Najib Razak can promise. He had his chance to show that he was serious about reforms, and he blew it.

Taib Mahmud being still in power is a clear indication of Najib's failure to fight corruption. Not to mention his goons currently using public property for BN campaigns.

Heavywater: Najib, show your sincerity by arresting Taib Mahmud for corruption and recover all the money stolen from the state, failing which you should shut up. We want to see action first before we vote.

Nyapsayot: Fight graft if re-elected? What have you been doing for the past four years as PM? You promise to fight graft only because you want our vote? We don't believe liars. As the Malay saying goes, ‘Tanam tebu dibibir mulut'.

Vijay47: "If we have done anything wrong...," says Najib? Brother, that is all you and your friends in Umno have ever done. The only ones who seem to believe that you will keep your word after the elections are your newfound friends from Hindraf.

These last few years you have made a lot of promises and many solemn pledges and honoured none of them. On the contrary, you played dumb and blind as abuse after abuse of the system was perpetrated by your henchmen as you sang different songs to different folks.

When Muslim fanatics were making seditious statements one after the other, you kept quiet, and on the ‘Allah' issue we had you shrieking in Kelantan demanding that the court ruling be rejected. This, from the prime minister of the country, the same guy who once gave us the "bathe in Chinese blood" warning.

But I am an easy-to-please chap - I will believe you if you charge Taib Mahmud and Sabah CM Musa Aman in court within the next two weeks. Believe maybe, but I will still never vote for you.

SusahKes: There's a greater chance for Al Capone to reform (and he's dead) than Umno - as long as they are in power. Why don't we show them the door out of Putrajaya, and then see how fast they reform?

Joseph Lee: Najib's government had an education blueprint that promised us that within five to 10 years all schools in Malaysia would be single-session, but he has failed terribly in keeping even this small promise.

In Ipoh, we have two primary schools, which are housed in a brand new building built specifically to house these two schools in a single session. This new building was built without any money from Najib's government.

Since 2008 we have applied to merge these two double-session schools into one single session school, but it has not been approved till today. All of BN's promises are merely to fix problems created by them.

I cannot believe their promises, as the BN government cannot even fulfill a policy presented in their own education blueprint. They have failed miserably in the education sector, at the very least.

Ace: Najib suggests to build more courts? What crap. It's the political will, the sense of fair play, the concept of the rule of law - applied equally to everyone - that is important, not court buildings.

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