AG is following Umno's law on BR1M

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VOXPOP 'Why not give out the cash aid after BN has won the elections? Do that, and we will believe your explanation.'

Giving out BR1M not bribery, says AG

vox populi small thumbnail Comments: If what attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail says is right, why are BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia) handouts being dished out by BN politicians who are not in government positions?

LittleGiant: In other words, the government can bribe the voters. But it should be concealed in the form of handouts to the public, disguised as 'special incentive' payments to staff of government agencies and statutory bodies and award of contracts through all sorts of ‘short-cut' methods to favourable parties (i.e. cronies).

And as long as allocations for such "bribery" is provided for in the budget before the elections, then it is not bribery. Is that right, attorney-general? Can you please explain further? The rakyat may want to see if there is any logic in whatever you have to say.

Good vs Evil: Dear AG, it is a clear-cut case of bribery, is it not? Just in case you have not spoken to any recipient of BR1M, every recipient who has received BR1M said that they were specifically told to vote for BN at the time of getting the cash handout.

Now, isn't the element of crime actus reus and mens rea being established here - the act of handing out the BR1M with the intention to ask for votes?

Starr: What utter nonsense from Abdul Gani. I can't believe the AG, being a man of the law to see that justice is served, can show such bias as to justify the government giving handouts on the eve of the general election.

The pertinent question to ask is if this a government policy? If yes, why has it not been disclosed and incorporated in the budget?

Clearly, the timing of the handouts makes it ostensibly a 'bribe'. It certainly can't hold water and withstand scrutiny under the strict definition of a 'bribe' as spelt out in the Bribery Act in the UK.

If the AG can be so compromising to twist the strict definition of the law to suit his political masters, what hope do we have in stamping out corruption, the mother of the country's ills?

Indeed, it makes a mockery of the charges brought by the AG in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) and National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandals.

Spinnot: So if a company's board of director approves the company's annual budget that includes payment of kickbacks to government officials, these kickback payments would not constitute as bribery because they have been approved by the board?

As the country's top legal officer, do you know what is the purpose of a budget is?

Disbeliever: The AG is following Umno's law. BR1M and all those other last-minute perks to Petronas, Pos Malaysia and statutory bodies' employees are 'imbuhan' (gifts) because ‘Prime Minister Najib Razak cares for the people'. My foot!

Najib, for the first time in the political history of the country, is worried sick for two reasons: firstly, Umno-BN might be wiped out should there be a bigger tsunami than 2008, and secondly, Umno-BN might be returned to power dangling by a thread.

If the latter happens, poor Najib will have to make way for another Umno warlord to take over. This has been clearly stated by former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who seems to be wielding great powers despite having retired from office.

If the former happens, it is worse for those corrupt politicians since the Pakatan government would ensure they be brought to justice.

Whatthefcuk: Why not give out the cash aid after BN has won the elections? Do that, and we will believe your explanation.

Tehachapi: This AG is poorly qualified to do his job. He lacks the moral authority and public trust to make his own interpretations of the laws, including the definition of bribery. Obviously, his interpretations of the constitution leave much doubt in our minds.

Ketuanan Rakyat: What can we expect from a totally corrupt government and its agencies with more than 55 years of abuse by the Umnoputra-led BN? ‘Beri Rasuah 1Malaysia' (BR1M) is okay to the AG.

Let voters take the money and ensure they vote Pakatan into power to establish a two-party parliamentary system, which in itself alone would establish checks and balances that is much needed in Malaysia. It is time for change.

OMG!!: It may be legally right but in politics it must also be morally right.

Expert committee on Lynas established

Anonymous #88975568: Before this, all pleas for a strict monitoring of Lynas were ignored. However, when GE13 is near; suddenly we see this committee. What a fake!

This committee proves nothing except a desperate BN that wants to hold on to power by adopting last-minute measures to placate the people. To rid Lynas once and for all, vote Pakatan.

Anonymous #85701391: The committee should be proactive, that is provided this science, technology and innovation minister is not out to con us. He should include:

1) a contingency plan complete with financial forecast to contain and clean up all the air pollutants in the environment, polluted lands, rivers, plants in the event of accidents or leakages;

2) a fund to compensate all affected stakeholders and properties, including their loss of earnings, their welfare, health and medical expenses.

This is a reasonable and fair requirement as by then, Lynas could have exhausted their ore mining, gone bust or folded up.

Future generations of Malaysian taxpayers should not be held liable to pay for the irresponsible and corrupt actions of the Umno-BN government.

Wira: I remember some time in the past, four cabinet ministers took a joint stand and declared that Lynas would not get an operating licence if its wastes were not shipped out of this country.

Today, just before the elections, they are coming out with only an advisory committee to obfuscate the issue.

The Lynas Advance Materials Plant (Lamp) has already begun operations and BN has yet to find a destination to ship out those wastes. What has happened to that joint declaration?

If they cannot even keep their promise on such a minor issue, how can anyone believe their manifesto?

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