Better to use your head than free BN helmets

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YOURSAY 'I always wonder at the stupidity of Najib and his men - what has "helmets" got to do with next five years of running this country?'

Najib's Selangor youth brigade given free helmets

your say Clever Voter: BN is bent on getting their votes based on giving the electorates a feeling of paternalistic state. BN is desperate and irresponsible and they treat their market audience as ignorant, illiterate and gullible.

They could be proven wrong this time, as voters are more informed. If this is the way BN sees the electorates then they should be rejected.

We need a more responsible and visionary government that can make us a stronger, less dependent on the state and a competitive nation that everyone can benefit and be proud of.

But the corrupt rulers want to dish out more crumbs and miserable handouts to continue to win people's hearts. It's time voters use their head rather than their heart.

What can we do with a helmet or cash voucher of RM500 per annum when these greedy and corrupt individuals walk away with billions in their pockets. Surely as a wealthy nation we can do better.

Geronimo: Say each helmet costs RM150 x 22,000 helmets = RM3.3 million and this is the minimum amount. Do you honestly call this prudent spending?

I have heard of government giving out food, clothing, etc, but motorcycle helmets? What do the rakyat benefit from this bird-brain idea anyway? RM3.3 million flushed down the WC.

Definitely it is going to be BN after GE13 - ‘Bukan Najib', that is.

Quigonbond: It looks like BN is reducing this election to a ‘Jualan Murah Akhir Tahun' instead of seriously doing policy debate.

If that's what we're getting - a regressive political discourse, after 50 years in power - I'd rather not have another season of BN in power.

Those who got the helmet and BR1M ‘dan lain-lain' - please take what you can get - it's taxpayer's money anyway. But do feel no guilt nor shame if you then go on to vote for Pakatan Rakyat because this time round, that's the real deal.

GempurRasuah: What will Transparency International Malaysia to say about this? What happened to the so-called Election Integrity pledge by BN chief Najib Razak?

Clearly it's honoured more by its breach then its compliance. So Malaysians, you can see that what Najib said will be contradicted by his subsequent action. How to trust a leader like Najib?

DFKid: Najib is desperately seeking to win back Selangor because Selangor Pakatan is blocking his Langat 2 project that will only benefit BN cronies. As for the water issue, please have a look what BN has done here .

Hang Babeuf: In many other countries, the so-called "bikie gangs" and their crowd are tied in with drug selling and organised crime. Here in Malaysia they are tied in instead with Umno. Instead? Perhaps not. In many ways it amounts to the same thing.

At opposition rallies as far back as 1969 I wore a motorcycle helmet - as protection against the rocks and rotten eggs that the Umno "bother boys" used to fling in upon those attending opposition events.

Same purpose and idea here now? Except this time the idea is now borrowed by the other side. "Boot on the other foot", helmets now on other heads!

Appum: What level of desperation and quality of leadership has the Umno-BN sunk to the bottom. What kind of a so-called successful, proven, great government can do to stay in power?

Getting mat rempits or motorcyclist type to canvas for them explaining good governance, structural policies, corruption, administrative abuses, social responsibilities, accountability, micro and macro economics?

You think if a mat rempit approaches me, will I be able to be enlightened by him? Convinced by him to vote BN-Umno? I am not looking down at them as a person, but we all recognise the level of engagement we can receive from such a person of this background.

Maybe they can talk at length about motorcycle engines and speed, but to advise or influence me on who to vote for?

Come on Najib, surely you can address and engage the people with greater respect and don't think they are fools. Are the riff raffs your only followers? Next you will be engaging the Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Indonesians, Filipinos and Suluks.

Kim Quek: Our early day leaders would have looked at such shameful scene aghast. It exemplifies how fast and how low democracy has degenerated under Najib.

Wira: Najib is hoping that the mat rempit will go round the country and become ‘Ganggu Pakatan 1Malaysia'. By the way, were single mothers and elderly citizens better served during the time when BN ruled Selangor?

Umno wants Selangor back because of the land banks. Otherwise, Selangor is useless to him because most of the responsibilities of local government have already been usurped by Putrajaya over the years when BN had two-thirds majority.

Visu: Clearly a sign of a corrupt regime - taxpayers' money used to buy votes. Just last year the ruling government in a state in India was handing out not only helmets but also TVs, cash in millions.

Yet the people took every bit of it and voted them out with a resounding majority for the opposition.

KnockKnock: I always wonder at the stupidity of Najib and his men - what has "helmets" got to do with next five years of running this country? Grooming young kids to be wild on the streets showing off like gangsters with blue helmets on their heads?

Ghkok: The purpose of a helmet is to protect the head. Therefore, it is best not to have a logo on it.

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