Let voters smack the 'samsengs' at the ballot box

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YOURSAY 'How come the Info Dept director-general allowed his department vehicles to be used for a non-work related purpose?'

Info Dept vehicles used at BN Batu ops centre launch

your say Kuning: Whether it is caretaker PM Najib Razak or caretaker DPM Muhyiddin Yassin, the use of state resources, tools and apparatus to campaign for their political party is wrong.

It is one thing to attend an event which forms part of their official duties, but it is another thing for them to use the same official platform, while in their caretaker capacities, to vouch for support for their parties.

BN has been doing this since donkey's years because none of the state institutions like the police, the anti-corruption body and the civil servants have the guts to stop such blatant abuse of publicly-funded amenities.

This has to stop. Politicians like Najib and Muhyiddin must behave and conduct themselves in accordance with the law.

Hmmmmmmmm: How come the Information Department director-general allowed his department vehicles to be used for a non-work related purpose? This must be investigated.

Also please make this an election issue in the GE campaign in Batu and elsewhere. People are tired of such abuses and they will be able to relate to this.

P Dev Anand Pillai: They have not changed in the last five years. All they are preparing to do now is to bring the situation back to its previous status quo and wipe out any chance of seeing a two-party coalition.

HYL: Suhaimi Yahya is lucky he is not smacked by anyone now. We voters will smack him and the rest of his gang on election day.

He has only 30 days left to act so arrogantly. Soon the new government can query the Information Department and the rest of other government departments on these matters.

iChange: Where is the credibility of BN? This is not the only incident whereby government facilities are used for the advantage of BN.

Penang Pakatan Rakyat government has shown a great example by handing back the official cars. Can we see that happened with BN states?

OMG!!: Batu MP Tian Chua is not 100 percent wrong. Hasn't this treacherous government funded, trained and armed the Suluk terrorists in their fight for independent from the Philippines and allowed them free access into and out of Sabah, including the use of government hospitals to treat their wounds?

Has this treacherous government come clean on this?

King Maker: We can't accept the behaviour of the BN supporters at the Batu incident. Otherwise, what is the different with them and the Suluks in Lahad Datu?

Three hundred people attend the event? What happen to the 65,000 peoples who live and vote there?

Anonyxyz: This is the time for all apolitical NGOs and committed to democracy individuals and Bersih to start highlighting the abuse by BN to insult and not respect citizens as well as democracy.

The BN party has been allowed to abuse the country for too long until they are now taking things for granted. Give them another five years and we are doomed forever.

979899: These thick-skinned BN leaders will ignore the protests against misuse of public property paid for by the taxpayers, including opposition-supporting taxpayers.

When Dr Mahathir Mohamad was in the political wilderness after his expulsion from Umno, he complained of how government officers had openly campaigned for the Alliance.

He even appeared at a PAS rally to speak and condemn the Alliance because he was denied a platform. These hypocrites.

Anonymous #19098644: In India, the then sitting prime minister Indira Gandhi was removed by the court for the misuse of government resources during the general elections.

In Malaysia, even when there is tape of the Sarawak CM being implicated in outright corruption, the white-haired king can tell the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to buzz off for being naughty .

What is the use of the BN manifesto, which calls for more courts, when blatant corruption with taped evidence is swept under the carpet for political reasons.

Can the BN reform itself? Perhaps in another lifetime they might. Until then, enough is enough. It's time change the federal government.

Hmmmmmmmm: BN abuses public property while canvassing for votes on the promise of a corrupt-free government. How ironic.

Whatsupdude: Well done, Malaysiakini . We need more of this kind of expose.

Sarawak Report has prepared a website for everyone to lodge a report on alleged abuses and corruption. Malaysiakini cannot do this alone.

We, the public, must help to expose and pressure Umno-BN, which is blatantly using government machineries in its campaign.

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