Penang leads by example in returning official cars

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YOURSAY 'I can hear the BN leaders laughing and saying: ‘Stupid Pakatan people! No way we are going to give up abusing government property.'

Penang caretaker gov't returns official cars

your say Blackmoon: Penang CM Lim Guan Eng (LGE), if he is serious, should not stop at just not using official cars?

He and his gang should also vacate their Komtar (state government) office and not to use them for their political business. Failing to do this, it will only make them look like true braggarts where they did little but shout a lot.

Hero325: So what is the difference if LGE ever does anything right or wrong? It is just about personalities. Why waste time to write so much here, just go and vote, but do bear in mind you have one vote only.

Iloveallmalaysians: Why so much ‘wayang'? All this integrity bullshit is just for the people's consumption. Caretaker or not, you are entitled to use the official cars.

That is what we can expect of the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat - they cannot tell the rakyat what they will do for them, but instead talk rubbish about their opponents.

Giudice: Comments from the likes of Hero325, Iloveallmalaysians and Streetfighter prove one thing, and that is they, like their masters BN, have no morals, integrity and regard for the rule of law.

They see nothing wrong with abuse of power. They boast of winning the election but are absolutely shameless and conveniently do not mention that everything is biased in their favour.

They have no idea what it means to win fair and square as the notion is foreign to them. They have the audacity of accusing Pakatan leaders of being power and money hungry and at the same time blind to the numerous instances of corruption by the leaders of BN.

They are quick to accuse Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim of all kinds of sexual misconduct with the flimsiest of evidence and declare him unfit to lead but support MCA chief Chua Soi Lek whose sexual misconduct is not even in doubt.

It really is true, birds of a feather do flock together.

Streetfighter: LGE will go back where he belongs ... toilet. Then rakyat is much more clever than the DAP supporters. And that's why all this while DAP will not be able to win the war.

Don't surprise if BN take back Penang. DAP doesn't even have enough brains to explain what rakyat should expect after GE13. DAP is the most racist party in Malaysia and continue to bluff.

Tehachapi: The wind of political change is blowing so strongly across the whole country that the voters are now aware of the fact that it is their own responsibility to herald in change for the better.

Despite the use of force, threat and intimidations, people are no longer afraid to speak up and strongly condemn numerous acts of corruption, power abuse, miscarriage of justice, embezzlement of public funds, misgovernance and mismanagement of national resources.

This is a good sign for all Malaysians because our democracy is fast maturing. It is no longer for Umno-BN to dominate the political scene and call the shots and decide unilaterally to do what it thinks is best for itself, its cronies and friends.

We have to be thankful for the rise of Pakatan and for it to be a real challenge to Umno-BN. It is high time for a change of federal government. At the least we should try to diminish its power and make it more accountable.

Streetfighter, can you tell us what is your reason to be so angry when Pakatan leaders act responsibly and with decorum. Do you really think that the best our political leaders can do is to keep on abusing power and enrich themselves?

Please do not entangle yourself in lies and let light shine into your life to dispel fear and darkness from your heart. It is our collective responsibility to point the country and our leaders in the right direction. So, please do not get confused between right and wrong.

ArunK: The fact is that there are people bashing LGE for doing what he is supposed to do, and supporting BN, which continues to spend public funds campaigning and essentially buying votes.

You can't hide behind a cloak of disinformation, not in the online world when you have access to the truth about our current leaders whom you seem to worship blindly.

You say people get the government they deserve, and if the majority of Malaysians are like you, then BN will be voted into power again. I can only hope you are in the minority.

Fernz: I can hear the BN leaders laughing and saying: "Stupid Pakatan people! No way we are going to give up abusing government property."

LittleGiant: This is exactly what all Malaysians should look forward to. A government that leads by example.

The DAP-Pakatan government has shown what a caretaker government should do to keep its integrity, unlike the BN government leaders who are downright uncouth and have no qualms abusing their power and privileges although they are not ‘Yang Berhormat' any more and know well that they should not use government machinery or facilities after the dissolution of Parliament and state assemblies.

What is the point of BN leaders having a gala ceremony and sign Transparency International-Malaysia's (TI-M) election integrity pledge when they clearly had no intention to respect it?

Dood: Very admirable and a step forward. Contrast this behaviour with Umno-BN's use of even government department vehicles and equipment for party purposes and you can clearly see why it is high time Umno-BN has to go.

Starr: The DAP government in Penang is probably the first government to return all the assets forthwith upon dissolution of the assembly. It may be a small step but it's certainly not a gimmick.

If one can't be trusted with little, one can't be trusted with much. Public trust is built little by little consistently over time. Umno-BN politicians would do well to learn from the episode.

CHKS: One of the first thing a teacher teaches a child is to be a responsible person. You borrow people's things, you must return them. You hurt people, you must say sorry. You steal, you must not only say sorry, you should receive due punishment.

Even a kid learns that in school. LGE knows this. In contrast, Najib, either never learned that in school or he has forgotten about it.

888: This is what a honest, clean and trustworthy government should do. Many years ago, I came across a German man who worked for a foreign consultant firm in charge of the Lumut naval base project.

During work hours, he used his official Mercedes, but after office hours he drove his personal mini-car.

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