DPM all tangled up to justify the unjustifiable

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YOURSAY 'It's funny that caretaker DPM Muhyiddin has claimed that an earlier publication plagiarised a later publication.'

Pakatan copied BN manifesto, says Muhyiddin

your say Black Mamba: Pakatan Rakyat came out with ‘Buku Jingga' last year as well as its manifesto this year, way before BN came out with its version. So how can the former copy the latter?

It doesn't make cow sense at all as anyone who has been to school will attest that it's always the lazy and weaker ones who will copy from the hardworking, brighter students.

And the best part is Muhyiddin Yassin was the education minister. Will the next PM (should BN win), please ensure he doesn't hold this portfolio anymore.

Joker: It's funny that caretaker Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has claimed that an earlier publication plagiarised a later publication.

It is even funnier that in the same breath he denounced that whatever Pakatan claims it wants to do is actually not doable, he then said BN had already done it.

This is classic gobbledygook from a confused person who is trying to justify the unjustifiable.

Intheair: We should all pray very hard that Muhyiddin will not be the next prime minister of Malaysia. Otherwise, with his warped sense of time, going backward will be his way of moving forward.

Anonymous #19098644: Amazing, this ex-TNB meter reader who became a state assemblyman, a menteri besar, a minister and is now DPM, might become our prime minister.

The absurdity of his logic is incredible. A manifesto that appeared much earlier but copied from BN?

Policies which BN first railed against, such as reducing car prices and tolls, but which are now incorporated into its manifesto are copied from BN?

Pakatan programmes are funded from increasing efficiency, eliminating corruption and leakages, while BN has funded its programmes through massive increases in the country's borrowings.

Ghkok: I'm shocked that Muhyiddin is not aware of the difference between import duty and excise duty. Excise duty is applied on all cars, even Myvi and Proton.

Import duty is applied only on imported cars. The BN government has already reduced import duty on cars from Asean in line with Afta (Asean Free Trade Agreement).

But excise duty is now at over 75 percent and sales tax is typically at 10 percent so even a Myvi attracts about 85 percent overall tax.

That's the issue - Pakatan has explained that clearly and has proposed a reduction to zero while increasing revenues through the auction of approved permits (APs), which is typically for imported luxury cars. The caretaker DPM seems not to understand the issue.

Anonymous_7281: It was former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad under BN who increased car prices drastically to protect his failed car project.

Now Pakatan has the intention to cut car prices to free the market and remove APs from BN cronies to right the wrongs.

BN feels the heat and has included this in its manifesto to try to mislead people for another five years. So it is for rakyat to judge who copied who.

SRMan: Put another way, a copycat can sue for plagiarism if the contents were similar. When Pakatan launched its manifesto, BN was quick to warn that the Pakatan's policies would bankrupt the nation.

And since these ideas were copied from BN as claimed, effectively it means that the BN's ideas would bankrupt the nation. The BN leaders have really put their foot in the mouth.

MockingYou: I don't care about anybody's manifestos and blueprints in whatever colour any more. Umno-BN's rule must end so that everybody gets a chance to live again. Period.

Ez24get: So which religion copies from which religion if both give charity to the needy?

Who has a parent copied from when he takes care of his children? Which MP has copied from which MP if he fights for his constituents?

Why are these politicians so immature and act like kids, saying that the other party has copied from their party.

Isn't the sole purpose of the government of the day to help all and govern the country wisely?

There is nothing wrong in copying and giving the benefits to the citizens unlike copying in examinations or plagiarising literary works. It is expected that governments give benefits to their citizens.

When people start to say that others are copying their goodies, it is the day when such goodies are in short supply and not passed down to the citizens.

ForTheNation: Our esteemed deputy prime minister arguments are so schoolboyish. "I copy him? No, teacher! He copy me first whaaat!"

FellowMalaysian: Since both sides have counter-claimed against each other that their respective manifestos have been plagiarised, and each side vehemently claims that their promises and pledges are within achievable limits, an open debate to defend their manifestos will be the order of the day.

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