Sex video is the opening salvo of BN's dirty campaign

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YOURSAY ‘The problem with BN is even if this is real, it won't have any impact because they've already used up their ‘cry wolf' quota.'

Another sex video, this time allegedly of a PAS leader

your say Anonymous #36465711: Umno just don't get it. The more sex videos they produce, the more people will suspect the authenticity.

Initially, I did suspect those initial sex videos of Anwar Ibrahim to be true, but after video after video, and now videos featuring different characters make me conclude that those videos are indeed the work of those fearful of losing power. In other words, it will backfired.

Malaysia ABU: If they can record such a video, why not inform the Islamic authority to come and storm the room and catch that "leader" red-handed, just as what happen to that ex-Health Ministry director-general.

There will be indisputable evidence, so why did't they do that? Instead, they can take their time and record the video and with such a good angle too.

Pakman: This video is just a diversion from the main issues of corruption, misuse of power, illicit outflow of illegal money, phantom voters, illegal issuance of identity cards to immigrants, from being discussed in the GE13 campaign.

Anonymous #19098644: It looks like Umno now has a full-time pornography film-making unit. Even if they lose, they can launch the Malaysian version of Playboy video on demand.

CHKS: People are people, they are no saints. Among the leaders on both divide, don't expect everyone to be clean in their private sex life.

The difference is probably Pakatan Rakyat people are not so rich, so they do it locally. Therefore, they are easily caught with their pants down in a Kuala Lumpur hotel or somewhere in Malaysia.

And Umno-linked blogger Papagomo and cohorts are no simple, ordinary bloggers. They are part of a very sophisticated team involving lots of spies and money to bribe the girls or mistresses, etc, as well as the hotel staff. This operation must have been heavily funded by you-know-who.

BN people, on the other hand, have more money - they do it overseas, in Mongolia, France, etc, for example.

The question is, which of these two are the lesser evil? Yes, both sides have issues with morality, but the real crux of the matter for the nation is: What are they doing with our money?

Fairnessforall: Who is Papagomo trying to fool? If they could place a camera there, hence they knew what was going to happen, why did they not bring in Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) to do a raid and arrest him red-handed?

BN is getting really dirty. They do not seem to realise that the rakyat are not stupid and we can think for ourselves if this is true or not.

Blackmoon: Pakatan supporters can continue to deny but the truth will prevail.

Quigonbond: The problem with BN is even if this is real, it won't have any impact because they've already used up their ‘cry wolf' quota.

Abasir: This must be the Islamic civilisation envisioned and propagated by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad on behalf of Umno. I'm sure he is very proud of his legacy to Malaysia - artful producers of porn and sleaze.

I wonder whether he shows them to his grandchildren too, to get them to appreciate what he had cultivated over 22 years?

NoFreeVote: PAS a principled party? My foot. I wonder why Pakatan cybertroopers are attacking the whisleblowers?

How about the man involved in the sex video? Still want jaga muka (save face) by saying the video is a fake? Wow, we do have many Steven Spielbergs in Malaysia.

Hermit: This is the only way left for Umno to teach the so-called bumiputeras, whom their leaders have failed to guide for better ways to survive, leaving them to indulge in sex and pornography.

While their leaders indulge in corruption, their followers are thrown the crumbs, and those with crude pornography skills would get better bonus crumbs. Both leaders and followers are working hand in glove to ensure their perpetual survival.

Rakyat Malaysia: How can that person (was it Umno or PKR?) send this kind of video to villages? It goes to show how low-class our politicians are.

Nobody wants to debate national issues, but instead they would rather spend time making and distributing porn videos. Are these our so-called rakyat representatives? Truly utter nonsense.

Whatsup: It's totally revolting to see these videos again. It's so obvious that this, and others, were perpetrated by Umno. There's nothing in their brain besides sex.

Instead of being constructive in showing their achievements for the rakyat to make an informed choice in GE13 like what Pakatan has been doing, these sexual predators, no less, (seeing how perverted they are every time) have failed miserably.

This is what we are going to get every time because these people lack competency in everything that matters to the rakyat, the country and our future. How can they expect to continue governing?

YUNoAnon: We are a nation where we are becoming more obsessed with leaders who have a sex life as compared to leaders who are corrupted.

I don't care if the future PM or ministers are sex-crazy, as long as they are not corrupt. This is obviously an attempt to frame this individual, right down to the DVD distribution on the same day it is uploaded.

JMC: Will BN chief Najib Razak and BN condemn such lewd videos from being exposed during election time? I don't think they will.

Voters must unite to reject them and their immoral ways of politicking. This is the first time we have the power to throw them out, and we must ensure that we use it.

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