Sex videos the work of covert black ops unit?

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YOURSAY 'It appears that BN has a black ops unit tasked to spy on their political rivals. If this is true, then no one is safe.'

Mustafa's lawyer says it's pure slander by Umno

your say Flyingeagle: Election time is supposed to be for political leaders to put forward their manifestos on how they could move the country forward.

It would be more prudent for BN and Pakatan Rakyat leaders to have a public debate on their manifestos over TV.

However, BN chief Najib Razak has refused to accept a debate with Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim and instead rely on sex videos to malign his opponents.

Anonymous #32993250: Are all the hotels, motels and private homes of politicians wired with micro cameras and connected directly to the Umno headquarters where their sexual activities are recorded?

Not Convinced: There was the infamous Chua Soi Lek sex video. Then there were sex videos or pornographic images allegedly involving a number of opposition leaders, such as Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali, Nurul Izzah Anwar and now Mustafa Ali. It has been reported that more sex videos would be released.

It appears that BN has a black ops (operations) unit tasked to spy on their political rivals, both within and outside the coalition. Indeed, even the Soi Lek video is a BN production. If this is true, then no one is safe.

Bemused Malaysian: I think some of these people have lost their plot, and I need not say who 'these people' are. Like Samsung (my deepest apologies to Samsung), we have S1, then S2 and I am sure just before GE13, S3 will burst into the scene.

We have become jaded with such goings-on. We know that any video can be digitally altered. There is one Malaysian guy so enamoured with Avatar that he is now known as our very own James Cameron wannabe.

The question is: Why are these people incessantly insulting our sensibilities and with our leaders delighting in it? When you outsource something, you are directly responsible for the product, or don't you know?

Malaysians are God-fearing, peace-loving and decent people. To try to turn us into rabid, rabble-rousing bigots is indeed sinful and unconscionable, whichever way you look at it.

Ruslan Bahari: Let's be objective. To me, a wrong is a wrong, even if it is by a person/party/company that I support.

Watching the latest sex video, it strikes me that it is the clearest footage yet of any politician in a compromising position.

If you are a PAS supporter, would you shift your allegiance? Do you call for his removal or instead continue to support the party? It's time to be super wise.

Mushiro: Umno has been crying wolf too many times in these sexual exposures of opposition figures but has not proven the guilt of these people.

It will seem that Umno is just interested to cause a diversion and shame to these opposition leaders. With all the resources and government bodies, including police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the judiciary at Umno's disposal, people will expect these accusations to be prosecuted in court, But this does not happen.

What is more dramatic is that mosques and swearing on the Quran are misused instead of the courts. Because of the frequent false cries, Malaysians have become sceptical and do not accept sexual accusations easily.

ONG: If PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali is really the man in the video recording and since Umno-BN is all out to catch Pakatan Rakyat party leaders in embarrassing positions, surely it would have made sense to have the Islamic law enforcement officers waiting nearby to catch him and then arrest him in the act.

Then there can be no more doubt and denials. I cannot believe Umno-BN people are so stupid as to waste such an opportunity to catch a PAS leader fornicating. Therefore I would say the video recording is a fake.

Anonymous1000: It is nothing strange to see such dirty tactics during this political season, especially from Umno. Pitting one opposition party against the other - that is gutter politics.

Matured and responsible Malaysians should stay focused on the issues and vote the right party in. The future of the country and the people are at stake here.

Ruben: How dirty, disgustful, immoral and low down can politics get to when we have sex videos like this just before the election? It is so rampant in Malaysia, albeit it being a Muslim country.

So hypocritical are the politicians, their cronies and their helpers, especially those from Umno and BN parties, who don't care who they hurt with all these disgustful and immoral slanders.

Anonymous #02382443: I am an old man, a post-war baby. Never in the history of Malayan, and now Malaysian, politics have I seen such dirty tactics being deployed.

Where is the dignity of those who employ and those who condone such immoral means to achieve their selfish ends?

This will go down as the darkest moment in the annals of Malaysian politics, where we have lost all common decency - to use the Malay term, they are ‘kurang ajar' - and it reflects on your parents who have failed in your upbringing.

What has been done has brought shame on our nation in the eyes of the world. May I appeal to both sides of the divide that they conduct their campaign in this mother of all elections with some sense of moral, honour and dignity? The end should never be justified by such means.

Mahashitla: It seems Umno has outsourced its sex slandering work to blogger Papagomo, just like it has outsourced its racist and extremist work to Perkasa chief Ali Ibrahim.

Papagomo has no more reputation to lose as he is already an ex-convict. We know this is not Malay culture but rather Umno culture. It is too scared of losing in this GE and therefore resorts to such despicable slanders.

I hope the Malays, especially the women, will send a very strong message to Umno in GE13.

Homesick: Assuming that this video and all the past sex videos are true, assuming that all the allegations against Anwar and anyone in the opposition are God's honest truth, I will still vote for Pakatan.

I am sure not many people will disagree with me. It's simply because we all can physically see the damage Umno has done to this country.

Tehachapi: Umno-BN, please use your brains to compete against your worthy opponents and engage them in weighty and significant national issues, not slanders and fabricated lewd pictures to defame them.

Help to develop a code of conduct and civilised way of social discourse - bullying tactics and character assassination should not be part of our culture.

Take the high moral road and if you should lose the contest, be a good sport and concede defeat. Let the best man win fairly. Do you think you can do that?

TehTarik: The production and distribution of sex videos appears to be one of BN's strengths. Maybe BN should venture into the pornography business and invite global porno giants to relocate from San Fernando Valley in United States to Malaysia.

After all, there appears to be an abundance of local talent here.

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