Dr M shows true colours in broadside against Lim

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YOURSAY 'Mahathir and Umno are more than happy to see Malaysians fight among ourselves so that they can rule the country through racial division.'

Apologise now or be sued, Kit Siang tells Dr M

your say Absalom: Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it is you who are doing exactly what you are accusing DAP leader Lim Kit Siang (LKS) of doing - inciting racial hatred among the people, and it is not only in Gelang Patah but the whole country as well.

While pretending to be the champion of the Malays, you have actually cheated them through bad policies, abuses and corruption. And you try to cover it all up with lies.

Now you are doing it to protect yourself for you fear that Pakatan Rakyat with let all your skeletons (and the dirt about your billions) out of the closet if they came to power.

This is exactly why you are working so hard campaigning for BN when at your age, any normal ex-PM would let others convince the people on who should rightfully rule the nation.

If you have nothing to hide and are not afraid, you should have no problem who will win the general election. Haven't you heard the saying, 'May the best man win?'

AnakJohor1920: Dr Mahathir Mohamad has completely lost all his remaining integrity, dignity and respect as a former PM. Now the rakyat is witnessing up close how this racist ex-PM is telling lies, and even greater lies, as GE13 is approaching.

We, Johoreans, do not need him to fan any racial hatred in our state. If you are brave enough, debate with LKS.

The more Mahathir does it for his own selfish reasons, the more he will be remembered as the worst and most evil ex-PM we ever had.

Kingfisher: Many would have had a grudging respect for Mahathir if he had taken up the challenge issued to him by Lim to contest the election in a straight fight with him. But he opted to fight Lim in an uncivil and insidious manner.

This is not typical of a bold, fair minded and a decent human being.

Anonymous #76965586: He says he is fighting for Islam. He says that he is fighting for Malays. He says that he is fighting for Malaysia.

However, he and his cronies are super rich but ordinary Malays are super poor. Indeed, he and his cronies are lying time and again. We have been fooled for many years and we can no longer trust him.

Better My: Yes, hold him accountable on what he says. Clearly he is not speaking in Parliament where he was protected before. The unjustified outburst from the ‘devil we know' clearly prejudice LKS to his new electorate.

LKS is within his rights to ask for retraction and apology, or else legal proceedings is the only message that this ‘devil we know' understands.

If anything, it is amazing that no one has pursued this path before, and instead gave him face and leniency when there is none to give. At least, the ‘devil we know' would think thrice before he opens his gap.

Ib: Malays are not to be fooled by this game of using race and religion and sex scandals. Malays largely have a moral compass that allows them to see through the lying and cheating and the money game.

Only those who join political parties for self-promotion, and who have lost their moral compass, continue to play this game.

Rakyat Malaysia: Mahathir and Umno are more than happy to see Malaysians fight among ourselves so that they can rule the country through racial division.

The most feared thing for Umno-BN is that there is no more racial division in our mind and thoughts. That's the most feared weapon against Umno-BN. If we achieve this in GE13, Umno-BN will be ‘habis' (gone).

Onyourtoes: This is the man who gives us Bangsa Malaysia. This is the man who proudly blows his own trumpet endlessly of his great contributions to this country.

Alas, stripped him naked, he is not an iota greater than a third world tribal chieftain with a mentality as depraved as a scumbag. All these years he gave us the elections, the judiciary and the newspapers.

But has it ever occurred to us that that was because he knew beforehand he was going to win, the judiciary was going to make decisions in his favour and the newspaper editors would subservient.

He always like to say Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim "tipu dia", but I think we have the greatest conman in our midst for the past quarter of century.

Progressive: Mahathir was responsible for the 1986 Sabah riots when PBS won the Sabah state elections. Watch this video .

Now BN wants to do the same in Gelang Patah. Malaysians should keep calm.

Anonymous #32993250: Be forewarned, Mahathir is a sore loser and may create racial disharmony to the extent of disunity among races, if Umno loses big time.

He is the worst racist person in the political sphere at this moment. The only way to stop him is to vote Umno out.

Hmmmmmmmm: LKS, don't hold your breath. Has Dr M ever admitted that he's wrong in anything? Has anybody ever seen him apologise to anybody?

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