Will Pakatan lose even before the voting starts?

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VOXPOP 'How on earth are they are going to form a government that will unite the citizens when they themselves are struggling to become united?'

PAS unveils seven Sarawak candidates, PKR 'shocked'

vox populi small thumbnail The Cats: Pakatan Rakyat, you never seem to learn. You seem so confident that you will form the next government, so consumed by your own personal agenda that you have deviated from your common goal - which is to save Malaysia from corruption, bankruptcy, cronyism and all the evil acts that BN has done to the rakyat for the past 56 years.

Forcing a three-cornered fight only proves one thing - you do not have a common agenda. I really don't know how many three-cornered fights are really involved, but I cannot imagine what would happen next should you win the 13 th GE.

Should this continue, my 15 family members will abstain from voting. As the Chinese saying goes, 'no eye see'.

BeingLogical: How can PAS go to a 90 percent Christian seat and ask to be voted in? It's 100 percent illogical. Why not let the local Christian counterparts from PKR who have been there for years contest?

Jiminy Qrikert: PAS will not be able to make any real gains in East Malaysia. PAS is just being selfish and greedy, and is in a delusional state of mind in thinking that they can achieve a breakthrough in East Malaysia. PAS will lose big in a three-cornered fight with PKR or DAP and BN.

MrM: PAS is trying to strong-arm their way into Sarawak, but they refuse to realise that Sarawakians don't want PAS.

Bluemountains: Of the three parties in Pakatan Rakyat, PAS seems to be the one that has been constantly creating problems within the coalition. It looks like there may be trojans in PAS who are out to wreck the coalition.

Many of those who secretly tried to form a unity government with Umno are in decision-making positions in the party. If there is a need for a three-cornered fight, so be it.

Why can't PAS leaders learn to be more forthright and disciplined like the leaders in DAP? The rakyat least expect PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to make announcements without the concurrence of Pakatan leaders Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang.

Dheep: Can those in Pakatan please sort out such disagreement before announcing your candidates? It's a bit ridiculous, isn't it? It definitely doesn't build trust among the electorate.

Ramachandran Muniandy: PKR, DAP and PAS are still trying to learn to walk, and they expect the rakyat to vote them in to form the next government?

Where is it that they don't have trouble? From Perlis to Sarawak and Sabah, all the three major components are crossing swords. Can these small immature politicians with a tainted leader like Anwar Ibrahim form the next government?

They are like mad dogs fighting for scraps of food.

LJC: I truly wonder whether Pakatan is ready to govern the country. It seems that these people do not communicate even in the planning process, so how on earth are they going to form a government that will unite the citizens when they themselves are struggling to become united?

Malaysiawatch4: If DAP, PKR and PAS do not stop this kind of non-cooperation and create three-cornered fights, you will lose even before the voting starts.

'Soi Lek a tiger or political eunuch?'

Haveagreatday: Very well analysed, Ho Kin Chai. MCA chief Chua Soi Lek can sing till the cows come home but by not daring to take on DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah, he has been stripped naked like in the fabled emperor's new clothes.

Jeremy Ng: Chua is certain that he will lose in any predominant Chinese seat. With that in mind, he has to twist and turn to find a way out by not contesting.

Win or lose, he has lost all standing to be a political leader. His selfishness and cowardice is way above that of Gerakan chief Koh Tsu Koon and former MIC chief S Samy Vellu.

Anonyxyz: Lim went to Gelang Patah to take on the MCA incumbent at its stronghold. Never did he imagine that MCA would take this disgraceful step of asking Umno to defend its fortress.

Now the racist Dr Mahathir Mohamad is sowing racial hatred between the Chinese and Malays by saying that Lim wants to create racial confrontation with Johor MB Abdul Ghani Othman, which is most ridiculous.

That being the case, BN can solve the ‘racial problem' by putting Chua back in Gelang Patah, right?

Mimibutterfly: MCA is signalling to the Chinese community that it is not able to fight for them any more, so the rational choice is to just dump them into the trash can, and vote for the party that will protect your rights, is just that simple.

New Vision: After the GE13, MCA will lose its relevance as a political party. It will regret the day it chose Chua as its president.

However, this may lead to the formation of a non-racial new BN component party led by more capable, sincere, decent (morally and economically-speaking) and independent-minded (meaning they won't just kowtow to Umno) ex-MCA leaders.

We are fighting for a two-party system in Malaysia and we want to see a beginning of that after the GE.

Even if Pakatan were to win, we want a cleaner and more enlightened BN to remain to provide checks and balances for the future of Malaysia.

Apache: If MCA cannot defend their dignity and pride in their home state and bastion, do you think they can defend the rights of their community and Malaysians as a whole?

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