When will the cops wake up about campaign violence?

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FREE YOURSAY 'Are they waiting for Pakatan campaign workers and supporters to get killed before they take action?'

End political violence in Lembah Pantai, pleads Nurul

your say Onyourtoes: As we have said numerous times, the contest in any constituency today is between the informed and the uninformed, between the people and the cronies, between the righteous and the depraved.

Umno, please look at the ruckus you have created through your ‘counter' or ‘parallel' ceramah everywhere from Lembah Pantai, Malacca, to Johor Baru.

Look the threats and intimidation you have imposed on movement of campaign workers, when they put up party flags and banners, and when they carry out their legitimate political activities.

Look at the harassment, selective investigation, persecution and prosecution of Pakatan workers and supporters.

Gerard Lourdesamy: The police have become Umno-BN's private security detail. Perhaps Lembah Pantain MP Nurul Izzah Anwar should take a civil suit against the police for negligence, breach of statutory duty or misfeasance.

We are fed up with the blatant double standards of the police. Are they waiting for Pakatan campaign workers and supporters to get killed before they take action?

Anonymous_3f49: Will the police wake up to the fact that they have a duty to discharge and that is to curb political violence and intimidation.

They should also realise that they may wake up working for a new political master.

Ipohcrite: Are thuggery and gangsterism the winning strategies adopted by Umno and BN to win GE13? Political desperation now has a master. Care to guess who?

2 Tim 1:7: Strategic disruptions to the water supply are under way in Selangor. The aim obviously is to cause the people to be disaffected with the state government.

These are the same tactics by which the notorious Brownshirts propelled Adolf Hitler into power.

And the electoral rolls are the dirtiest in our nation's history. Only people power can save us from these rapacious pirates.

Anonymous #19098644: This is selective application of laws whereby acts of violence by BN supporters are ignored while the authorities are quick to act on the flimsiest of accusations against the Pakatan.

James1067: There is panic in the devil and he and his agents are shaking in their pants. They are using all sorts of ways to reach the people. Billions of ringgit have been distributed, and nothing is left to chance.

If the politicians had served the Malaysian people instead of accumulating temporary haram (forbidden) benefits, they won't be in this position.

Let them use whatever gangsters, corrupted civil servants, and whatever resources they have at their disposal. Good always triumphs over evil sooner or later.

The devil is the father of lies, deception and violence that bring chaos to the world. In order to achieve his aims, he needs to recruit humans who are willing to serve him for haram benefits.

They exist in the police, judiciary, Election Commission, National Registration Department and others. He may get temporary victories. But in the end he and his agents always lose. History has taught us that.

So Nurul, let them do their thing, and you do yours. For in the end, truth and justice will prevail. If God is on your side, let the enemy bring hundreds of millions of ringgit. Victory will still be yours.

Rahman: Nurul Izzah is crying wolf like her father. She is panicking because she is going to lose in Lembah Pantai. Her traditional supporters have switched camp.

Whatsup: It's apparent that Umnoputeras and their families do not respect the laws of the land or religious laws. What's right or wrong is not their concern.

What they want is what they will get - at all costs. It's utterly mind-boggling hearing that the rakyat in this constituency is satisfied with simple handouts at the expense of their future, while criminals continue to break the laws and rob us blind.

Unfortunately, many of the rakyat are easily beguiled by simple short-term tricks like RM500 here and there, not knowing that after GE13, it would be payback time - big time.

Behind all the smiles and expensive suits, lies the devil who we know is waiting to corrupt more and create more sinners. Hopefully and with divine intervention, we can cast away these criminals.

Anonymous #33877536: Forget about the police. They will never help. They are also afraid of their superiors because tomorrow their career could be gone. Can't blame them. But wait till Pakatan wins, then see how the police will act.

Nurul, soldier on. Defeat is not the word for you. They can threaten you, but they will never harm anyone because they know the consequences. The winds of change will blow three weeks from now.

Awakened: Nurul, please employ bodyguards. We are worried for your safety. The police are not doing their job nowadays. The current government is going all out to intimidate the opposition by using dirty tactics.

We pray that Malaysia will not go down as a violent state which nobody wants to visit. We need to change the federal government soonest.

Lvbala: They can remove the PKR posters but we shall remove them. We understand how this works. Don't waste time reporting to the police, they are all the same.

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