MCA shaping up to be biggest GE casualty

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YOURSAY 'Play the Umno game. Use your votes secretly to vote for the opposition in your area and at least play a positive role towards national change.'

Another MCA division upset over candidacy

your say Appum: MCA members, we can understand the uncertainties so many of your branches are facing now. You are all confused because your general, Chua Soi Lek, has abandoned your cause and morale is low.

Your general at first claimed he is a winnable candidate anywhere he runs, but in the end he is frightened to go to the front line to fight the battle of all battles in this historical general election.

Surely all his soldiers and lieutenants are lost in their battlefield direction with such a coward for a leader. Who can you blame when now your problem is made worse with your big ‘tai kor' Umno swooping down on your traditional seats and making you return the so-called borrowed seats?

So MCA members are in a total dilemma and confusion. Let us suggest that you do not give up as this is a great opportunity to help the nation realise a very critical path towards change for renewed hope for the country.

Use your votes secretly to vote for the opposition in your area and at least play a positive role towards national change. Play the Umno game.

Astounded: To continue being in the MCA is to be a loser. Umno has been riding roughshod over MCA over the years because MCA has not delivered the Chinese votes.

MCA cannot deliver because Umno has not allowed MCA to defend the rights of the Chinese. Now Umno is further humiliating MCA through its former president and ‘illustrious statesman' Dr Mahathir Mohamad championing Ibrahim Ali and also taking over part of its seat allocations.

Umno has now become so extremist and racist that non-Malays need not fear PAS anymore. PAS is in fact much ‘tamer' by comparison.

So MCA members, give up. It is a lost cause. You are wasting your time and effort as your leaders are only interested in feathering their own nests.

Ddeo: All this mess in MCA is the result of its support for Umno-BN. Now MCA has lost the support of the majority of the Chinese and because MCA president Chua Soi Lek is cowardly and insecure (not to mention his problem with morality and integrity), MCA is bullied and stepped all over by Umno.

Cantabrigian: MCA is nothing but a legally registered coalition of triad groups. Most of the MCA leaders don't give a crap about the welfare of its members; they are busy making millions of ringgit before they migrate to Australia, Canada or the UK when the country crumbles.

Kbe: Serdang MCA division leaders want to meet with MCA chief Chua Soi Lek? Chua can't even get himself a seat, what makes you think he can do anything for you?

Joe Lee: All MCA cares about is to ‘cari makan'; admittedly they are very good at clearing up your drains, or giving you a listening ear if you are a wife and your husband has run away with a made-in-China woman.

But MCA has no idea about rule of law or about the spirit of the federal constitution. If you want ‘longkang' politicians who can double up as gift horses on behalf of the corrupt BR1M handouts, vote MCA or Gerakan or MIC.

Trigem: We voters must tell MCA how much we despise them for betraying not just their own race but the whole nation.

When they are around in your neighbourhood, tell them straight in their face. A vote for MCA, Gerakan, MIC or Umno is a vote for a corrupt system.

Onyourtoes: I have a theory why this protest at the Serdang MCA division headquarters took place. Maybe this seat too has been given to Umno already. So they pretended to protest against the MCA ‘candidate' when there is none in the first place.

After this, Umno and MCA would jointly announce that an Umno candidate will stand in the constituency since there is no suitable MCA candidate.

Faz: The writing is on the wall. Even at this late hour, the tussle actually about greed to catch the last of the gravy train, knowing full well that MCA is a gone case.

BL: MCA, as a Chinese, I say to you that it doesn't matter what race the candidate is, as long as he/she does his job well, he will get the people's vote.

It's time to abandon your racial shell once and for all. You will not do it so let the electorate seal the fate of all you BN racists (aka Umno, MIC, MCA, etc) once and for all. Sayonara.

Anonymous #28618318 : You are right, MCA is destined for the dustbin of history. I have not met a Malaysian Chinese praising them at all.

Anonymous #84319416: Brother, accept it. The MCA president has already said that the final say is up to BN chairperson Najib Razak.

MCA can propose but BN can dispose. You are in BN, so you should not grumble.

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