Unwise for PAS to embrace tainted Mat Tyson

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YOURSAY 'Is Muhd Taib afraid of a possible government change and hopes he won't be prosecuted? And why is PAS even bringing pond scum into its fold?

Ex-Umno veep Mat Taib joins PAS

your say Kit P: Former Umno vice-president Muhammad Muhd Taib is a heavily tainted figure, infamous for being caught with millions of ringgit worth of foreign currency in his bag by Australian Customs.

He is an obvious symbol of why Umno-BN is unfit to continue governing Malaysia. PAS should be very careful about bringing in such polluted politicians.

Lyn: I really don't know what to make of this, but I did cringe when I last saw the headline. While I applaud the more open and progressive approach of PAS lately, I really wonder whether accepting personalities with such a past is wise.

After all we are looking forward to change and transformation. Unless there is a story behind this that has not been told. An injection of a divine fear of God that has since brought true repentance to the man, perhaps?

Botak Chin: Why is Muhd Taib joining PAS? Is he afraid of a possible government change and hopes he won't be prosecuted? And why is PAS even bringing pond scum into its fold?

Patriot: I think it could have been well thought out by the PAS hierarchy. The fact that he will not be contesting defuses the big fear within most of us that it could be a sabotage effort favouring Umno.

The BN ship is sinking and many people are now realising that it's best to jump ship now. Whether this was done in sincerity or not, we may not know for sure, but this is definitely a blow to the ruling coalition, especially Umno.

We need whatever ammunition we can get to oust the evil Umno, and if one of this is going to be via ‘Mat Tyson', so be it.

Mushiro: Ex-Umno newcomers to PAS like Muhd Taib and Rahman Maidin should be given a cooling-off period and should not be fielded now.

Let them work first and prove themselves in PAS first. Many more Umno and BN leaders will be crossing over to Pakatan soon. They should be accepted as this is demoralising to Umno.

Clever Voter: It takes a lot of guts to leave a party that has fed, protected and even supported him during hard times. There is also a possibility that he has fallen out because he is no longer in the inner circle.

The reason is best known to him, but at his age what can he possibly contribute? He could potentially be a Trojan's horse. But more importantly is his own credibility, which Muhd Taib has not even tried to rebuild.

For a start, he should reveal the truth and be a whistleblower. Only then, the public will be convinced of his sincerity. The ball is in his court.

Anonymous_3e86: BN's ship is sinking - fast. The rats have begun to jump ship as well. Mat Taib's intentions are suspicious. His joining PAS is perhaps to seek immunity from his past misdeeds.

He fears BN losing this coming elections. He thinks that by joining PAS he will not be punished for his corrupt past when Pakatan takes over Puutrajaya.

Worry: What a disappointment. A corrupted leader and full of scandals accepted by PAS. PAS is no different from any other political party.

Cala: My first instinct on learning the news is to question PAS' wisdom in accepting Muhd Taib (an ex-MB of Selangor) as their new member.

But who am I to pass a judgement if there is a genuine attempt on the part of Muhd Taib to change for good, especially so when there is no effort made to stand for the coming election?

Let us give him more time to prove himself, be of service to PAS, and redeem his dark past. If Anwar Ibrahim can change, why not Muhd Taib?

Vijay47: The comments here on Muhd Taib suddenly seeing the light is very telling. Almost no one views it as something to crow or write home about, it is surely not considered an additional asset to Pakatan's campaign.

I suppose if Muhd Taib wants to join PAS, let him, but it would be a blow to Pakatan's standing if this switching of camp or rather, jumping of ship is taken as some successful political manoeuvring.

Yesterday Muhd Taib was of the dregs of politics, he still is today. In an act of kindness, we can perhaps reconsider our judgement of him in 10 years or so after he proves he has truly left the dark side.

Malaysiakini says he was viewed as "a popular and respected figure within Umno circles", an oxymoron if ever there was one.

Popularity in Umno is acquired through means directly in contradiction to what earns respect, a qualification very evident in Najib's present antics of dishing out money in his desperate attempt to win "popularity and respect". But neither has he or Umno succeeded.

Amalgam: What a shame that PAS should accept such a tainted member - Mat Taib is probably hedging his bets that he can influence PAS from within and behind the scenes.

Political parties hoping to govern should look for fresh and young intellectuals, not used and proven corrupt ex-Umno members. This may cause a drop of Chinese support for PAS here. Too bad.

Two Eye Ball: PAS, please don't take in dogs from Umno. Once a dog, always a dog. A dog doesn't change colour overnight and become a tiger. Investigate his motive to join PAS. I am very suspicious of this kind of chameleon.

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