Not afraid of Islam, just its self-appointed guardians

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YOURSAY 'I have never been fearful of Islam except for some Muslims who are in power, who can make decisions affecting me.'

Tok Guru: Chinese no longer afraid of Islam

your say Asalkan Ubah: Let's face it, all monotheist believers run the risk of discriminating other religions. How can you not, when you believe there's only one God as against other religions?

The question is, will PAS (or other parties) advocate an anti-discrimination law that protects individuals' differences (beliefs, values and practices)? If yes, I don't think anyone, even some Malays and Muslims in Malaysia, will be afraid of PAS.

Appum: Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat, yes, the Chinese and non-Muslims do not fear the true Islamic practices. At least PAS in Kelantan is trying to practise and promote true Islam, except for some fundamentalists in their midst. This happens in every religion without exception.

What non-Muslims in Malaysia fear most are the extremists who use the name of Islam like Ibrahim Ali, Hasan Ali, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, etc, who are following Umno's brand of Islam to discriminate other races and religions and use the house of God, the holy mosques, to promote their political objectives and condemnations during holy sermons.

Hero325: There are only less than five percent of Chinese residing in Kelantan. Of course, there is no problem at all there.

Outside of Kelantan like in Selangor, the non-Muslims will be living under pressure of an increasingly Islamic environment. PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz must not confuse himself by confusing others.

Ksn: Tok Guru, you are right. Why should the Chinese, for that matter, any other non-Muslim in Malaysia be afraid of Islam, which we are told, is tolerant, accommodating, respectful of other religions as PAS has practised?

What people are afraid of are the Ibrahim Alis, the US$44 billion men, the Perak muftis, the Hasan Alis, the shameful former PAS member Ridhuan Tee Abdullah and similar fanatics, both religious and racial.

These fanatics are protected and supported by Umno to divide our people along racial lines so that it can stay in power to continue to plunder the country's resources as though they have not made enough money already.

They have no respect for Islam and occasionally act as if being Muslim is just a charade. But, Tok Guru, our people have realised the situation, and are ready to call their bluff in GE13. Meanwhile, please keep exposing the fanatics with your sober, matured views.

Anonymous#007: No one is afraid of Islam. But developments in the past decades have caused many people to be wary of followers of Islam.

Islam, the religion, cannot impose any restrictions or force its beliefs on a person of another faith. It is the followers of Islam who do. With all due respect, Tok Guru, you know very well why there is a concerted effort to deregister the DAP.

Perhaps, your role now is to actively encourage the Muslims to not fear the other religions, and as an act of solidarity with your fellow party members, perhaps call to disband PAS and PKR in order to form a united party - a true 1Malaysia.

Timothy: I have never been fearful of Islam except for some Muslims who are in power who can make decisions affecting me.

Multi Racial: Frankly, Islam is a good religion and most non-Muslims never doubted that. The problem with the religion is some irresponsible politicians politicise it for their benefit.

It is usually bad people who gave the religion the bad name and never the religion itself. I have so many Muslim friends whom I came to respect. They were the ones who make us feel comfortable with the religion, not the politicians.

We just hope that more moderates will stand up to prevent a few extremists from hijacking the religion for their personal benefit.

Casey919: This is truthful, honest and sincere words from a wise leader. True Chinese are no longer afraid of Islam; only greedy, selfish, sinful and crooked Chinese "fear" Islam.

If you 'fear' another religion then you fear your own religion as truth is universal. Love too is also universal and fear is the product of hate and anger.

Paul Warren: Tok Guru, whoever said that anyone was afraid of Islam? We are not afraid of Islam.

But we are afraid of Muslims who do not understand Islam and who think they know better than anyone about Islam and those who use Islam. Islam itself is perfectly all right and we can live with it.

Anonymous$&@?: PAS must show us that you are sincere first, for example, with your stand on the ‘Allah' issue. Otherwise, how do you expect us to trust you?

It is not Islam that we are afraid of, but the people who like to play God.

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