Penang BN warns against sabotage by those not fielded

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Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow is not leaving room for sabotage during the 15-day election campaign period which begins on Saturday, although he admitted that several hopefuls in the coalition have been “mismanaged”.

NONE When told that those spurned may choose to contest as Independents, Teng ( left ) said, “Whichever party they come from, they will be expelled straight away. We have given a stern warning."

It is learnt that state Gerakan leader A Mohan, who will not be fielded in Batu Kawan, may be among those involved. He will announce his decision by 7pm today.

With many prospective candidates vying for only 53 seats in the state, the BN has been strapped to satisfy everyone, said Teng.

“We can't stop them... If we win, we have many things to do and more arrangements (to make), Teng told a press conference today after announcing the BN candidacy list in Penang.

“If we lose, then there’s nothing to discuss. It's very clear that, when they were appointed as coordinators, they were told to serve under BN. We hope they will put (the BN) above all else.”

At a press conference after the announcement, Teng was asked to comment about his seat in Bukit Tengah, where he is likely to face PKR deputy chief Law Choo Kiang.

NONE Teng had been criticised by rivals when he declined to recontest his former seat in Padang Kota, where caretaker Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had agreed to duel with him.

“This is a strategic move, and not that I am afraid to face anyone. Can you say DAP senior leader Lim Kit Siang and international secretary Liew Chin Tong ( right ) were afraid to return to Ipoh Timor and Bukit Bendera when they were relocated to seats in Johor?” Teng asked.

“Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim, too, shifted seats to Port Klang, is this due to fear or a strategic move?”

On another note, Teng's response on Lim's reported plan to “shock” him in Bukit Tengah was to dismiss the matter, asking “Why does he want to eliminate his political opponents?”

House-to-house visits to woo voters

Commenting on the coalition’s preparations - in comparison to Pakatan’s which had started its campaign right after Parliament was dissolved on April 3 - Teng said the BN has been conducting house-to-house visits to woo votes.

He noted that the coalition had actually started smaller ceramahs using their war truck since last August, adding that it has a different strategy from that of Pakatan.

His statement was backed by Zainal Abidin, who said that there are simply too many “little ceramahs” going on for reporters to follow.

NONE When queried on why the party has enlisted the help of businesswoman Ummi Hafilda Ali ( centre in photo ) on its ceramah circuit, Zainal Abidin replied, “She is a freelancer.

“She is mostly invited by NGOs. There are many like her, who came to speak about various topics, like those you can find at Pakatan ceramahs. We cannot stop them from coming to speak at our events.”

Ummi Halfida was the star witness at former deputy prime minister and PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy I trial.

Ummi, who was recently in Balik Pulau and Kepala Batas, had vowed to put an end to Anwar’s political career.

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