MCA: Pakatan scared of 1Malaysia success

Modified 17 Apr 2013, 3:28 pm

MCA believes the sudden protest by Pakatan Rakyat-linked NGO Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) against BN’s use of the 1Malaysia logo in GE13 is a sure sign of the opposition fearing the success of the concept as it has won the hearts of the rakyat.

NONE "1Malaysia has proven to be successful, touching the hearts of Malaysians and welcomed by the rakyat.

"Pakatan is jealous and afraid of it, as it is completely different from its own concept of spreading a political culture of hatred and violence that will polarise society," MCA publicity bureau chairperson Heng Seai Kie ( right ) said.

She also argued that it was "unfair" of Pakatan to try prevent BN from using the 1Malaysia logo, as it was the brainchild of caretaker Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who is also the BN chairperson.

Yesterday, SAMM had complained against the use of the 1Malaysia logo by BN in its election banners and posters, claiming that the campaign was a national government initiative paid for by public coffers and as such, is the property of all Malaysians and not any one political party.

election flag 170413 02 bn umno 1malaysia "If SAMM is so quick and eager to claim 1Malaysia as a national property, then why was it that the Selangor Pakatan state government had rejected it and barred its citizens from flying or displaying this logo on billboards advertisements or in shoplots since 2010?" Heng asked

At that time, she said, SAMM had kept silent - in a display of "double standards and bias" - which she said casted doubts on the motive of its complaint to bar BN from using the logo.

If SAMM disputes its allegations and insists that 1Malaysia is national property, she challenged it to convince Pakatan to start wearing the 1Malaysia symbol on shirts and incorporate it into banners, flyers and posters, as well as ask DAP to change it “Malaysian Malaysia” concept to “1Malaysia”.

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