One Ibrahim down, a few more Ibrahims to go

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YOURSAY 'How could a racist like Ibrahim Ali stand for election? His place is not in Parliament, his place is in jail.'

Ibrahim Ali: Why Zul Noordin but not me?

your say Quigonbond: I must say this is nice execution on the part of BN chief Najib Razak by excluding Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali from the list of candidates.

As alternative media has pointed out, several BN leaders have dismissed Perkasa as a fringe group. And they demonstrate that this is so, without so much of condemning former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his suggestion to field Ibrahim Ali.

To score another point, they can now claim Dr M is not leading the BN campaign, and he never has.

For all we know, this is a well elaborated ruse on the part of BN-Dr M-Perkasa. Ibrahim Ali did not seem too disturbed about not being selected - he must have known this was coming.

But what BN still cannot answer is: Why silent when Perkasa was seditious? Obviously they are the beneficiaries of Perkasa antics and therefore they remain complicit in Perkasa's malfeasance, if not downright criminal activities.

An opportunistic (if not conspiring) ruling coalition that does not lead from a principled position is not worth the paper we cast our votes on. One down. A few more frogs to take out.

Ferdtan: "Maybe I don't look handsome enough or other reasons," said Ibrahim in jest on news that he had been left out of the list of BN candidates.

Ibrahim, it is more than that. Have you look at yourself in the mirror? What do you see? Let us tell you. You are part of the racist group called Perkasa, which seems to have an evil plan to divide Malaysians.

Have you forgotten you were the one who called for the bibles to be burned? Didn't your vice-president, Zulkifli Nordin, ridicule the Hindus?

Still not recognise that religious and racial bigot face in the mirror? He is the person who repeatedly swore on international TV Al Jazeera and embarrassed all Malaysians when he said, "You don't talk shit." And he stammered : " I, I, I, I repeat - Don't talk shit, three times."

That's you, Ibrahim Ali. Still handsome?

RKR: You are right about one thing, Ibrahim. You are definitely not good looking.

Cantabrigian: Ibrahim Ali, you are not even an Umno member to begin with. Even presidents of component parties in BN were not fielded, what more if you are an outsider (Zulkifli Noordin is an extremely exceptional case).

Why are you asking such an irrelevant question? Besides, no one is stopping you from becoming an Independent candidate.

Jeremy Ng: Ibrahim non-selection is a ploy by Umno. This is intentionally done by Umno for BN components to mislead public that the former does not endorse Ibrahim.

I will bet that Ibrahim will be actively involved for Umno candidates in predominantly Muslim areas.

Multi Racial: Ibrahim, allow me to explain to you why you are not fielded:

1) You are a racist and there is no place for racists.

2) You do not know how to ‘angkat' like your vice-president. Zulkifli Noordin, a couple months ago, defend PM's wife Rosmah Mansor that she did not murder Altantuya Shaariibuu and that she did not buy the RM24 million diamond ring.

3) If you want to ‘ampu', you must know the right person to ‘ampu'. In this case, the most powerful person is Rosmah. But you ‘ampu' Mahathir who was a powerful man but now reduced to a man making the most noise.

In any case, the good news to you is it does not matter, Zulkifli will lose badly in Shah Alam. This is because he is also a racist and a religious extremist, and like you, one who betrays his constituent voters by being a political frog.

So if you want to contest, by all means. EC needs extra money, so your deposit should be good.

FellowMalaysian: So it's goodbye and good riddance to this hired race-hatred instigator. I look forward to Pakatan winning so that all the races, religious communities and educationists that he has so viciously attacked will be able to bring this despicable man to justice.

IQ900: How could a racist like Ibrahim Ali stands for election? His place is not in Parliament, his place is in jail.

One Ibrahim Ali is too many for Malaysia. He is so dumb that he does not know why BN did not nominated him.

Zen: Ibrahim, you should test your strength with Perkasa members in a three-cornered fight with BN and PAS.

We would like to see whether you are wasting your time and money leading your organisation all these years or not. It's better to die as a fighter.

Armageddon: Create a constituency for him in one remote island off Malaysia, and after winning, let him stay there for five years.

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