'BN blackmailing Selangorians over water'

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YOURSAY ‘If you continue voting for Pakatan and we happen to secure federal power, we'll make sure our crony makes life miserable for you.’

BN, too, offers free water in bid to recapture Selangor

your say Quigonbond: I think the message is resoundingly clear. BN is blackmailing Selangorians - if you vote us, our crony in Syabas will cooperate. If you continue voting for Pakatan Rakyat and we happen to secure federal power, we'll make sure our crony makes life miserable for you.

Question for Selangorians of all racial, religious or economic background - do you want to vote for a coalition who's pointing a gun to your head with something as fundamental as water?

Every time Syabas stops one of its processing channels, some residents in flats have their water cut. Does Syabas, and by extension Najib Razak's BN coalition, have no shame getting old folks or the infirmed to lift pails of water upstairs?

The level of corporate-governmental abuse of power and sabotage have taken such a turn for the worse in Selangor that it is impossible for anyone to fathom that BN is wresting back the state for the "good of the people".


When Pakatan proposed and offered free water after March 8, 2008, BN came out and say it not doable.

It seems like it needs Pakatan to show the way for BN to follow. If this is the case, we should let Pakatan take over Putrajaya to show BN how to manage the country and not bankrupt it.

P Dev Anand Pillai: They have only gone on to admit that Pakatan's policies in Selangor have worked and despite high debt left by the former MB Dr Mohd Khir Toyo's administration, the current government under Khalid Ibrahim has done a marvelous job in seeing that old debts are paid, debtors are pursued and at the same time the coffers are filled with revenue and used for purposes that benefit the people.

So please people, even BN endorses Pakatan, so it is clear, vote for Pakatan.

Muak: The shameless Umno-BN said Pakatan copied its manifesto. How is that possible when it was Pakatan who came out with its manifesto first? Now, Umno-BN wants to give Selangorians free water. Another original Umno-BN idea?


If free water given by Umno, it will sure bankrupt the state because Umno leaders will deplete the state coffers to their own pockets.

That's why they tried to scare everyone that Selangor would be bankrupt when Pakatan gave free water. They were measuring Pakatan’s performance using their own standard.


It is almost a certainty that behind the scene, there will be more concessions for water company Syabas to compensate for its lost earning.

So ultimately the money will come from the rakyat. Pakatan’s promise is based on the premise of re-nationalisation the water assets, and in so doing, cutting out the obscene salaries given to the Syabas directors and the leakages from non-transparent contracts.

Najib, please don't take us as stupid again. When can we expect a honest governance from you and your colleagues?

ACR: The state reserves of nearly RM3 billion which Khalid has built up would be wiped out in one term by a BN government in Selangor.

BN had ruled Selangor for 51 years. Why couldn't it implement these measures over time when they had all the time in the world to do it?

The irony is they claim Pakatan can't govern yet today they copy almost all Pakatan policies.

Clever Voter: Desperate party, desperate promises. That’s how we sum up the Selangor BN manifesto.

Lacking depth in intellect and innovation in forward planning, BN chose populist policies. Ultimately the decider is performance.

Who should you trust more to keep those promises, and who should you believe on who will ensure you will live in harmony, enjoy a steady and growing standard of living, respect for each other, and most importantly of all, a clean government admired for its performance and trusted for its integrity?

M-win: Why is BN offering free water only in Selangor where Pakatan is in control of the state government?

This will make other states currently under BN to have voters cast their votes for Pakatan so that BN would offer the same to them.

So let’s have more states under BN be taken over by Pakatan.

Onyourtoes: We believe you, BN. But we still want our two-party system to be put in place and this time it is Pakatan's turn. Your Selangor manifesto has confirmed once for all who was copying from whom.

For 56 years, did the rakyat ever receive anything from the government? We are glad we have elected a few states under Pakatan and now they have set trend which opened the eyes of Malaysians. Who are thinkers in BN? Name me one.

Abasir: So Umno has finally endorsed the Pakatan manifesto. Malaysians now have more confidence in Pakatan because even its enemies have conceded that they know what they are doing.

Appum: I actually prefer the free water from the present Selangor government - it’s ‘cleaner’.

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