Multi-cornered fights galore in GE13
Published:  Apr 20, 2013 5:23 AM
Updated: 2:19 PM

The 13th general election is likely to see the most multi-cornered fights in recent history as aspiring representatives for both parliament and state seats throw their hats into the ring.

According to the Election Commission (EC), there will be a total of 275 multi-cornered clashes for parliament and state assembly seats come May 5.

EC secretary Kamaruddin Mohamed Baria told Bernama there will be a total of 90 such contests for parliament seats - 57 (three-cornered), 24 (four-way), seven (five-way), one (six-way) and one (seven-way).

Meanwhile, 185 state seats are locked for three-cornered battles or more - 107 three-cornered, 42 four-way, 25 five-way, 10 six-way and one seven-way.

Sabah has the highest number of multi-cornered contests - in all but two seats. Two of its seats have the highest number of contestants (seven).

There are six six-cornered fights in Sabah and five in the peninsula, while 21 five-cornered fights are in Sabah, 11 in peninsula.

The following are some of the more interesting multi-cornered contests:


Kulai (parliament) is a three-cornered fight among Teo Nie Ching (DAP), who is incumbent Serdang MP, Tay Chin Hein (MCA) and K Surendiran (Independent).

Pengerang (parliament) is a three-way contest with Azalina Othman (Umno) facing Tengku Intan Tengku Abdul Hamid (PKR) and Mohd Azaman Johari (Independent).

Mengkibol (state) is a three-cornered fight among incumbent Ng Nam Hua (who was dropped from the list by DAP and is contesting as Independent), Tan Hong Pin (DAP) and Chye Kwee Yeow (MCA).


Kajang (state) is one of the most scrum-like contested seats in the country with six candidates joining the fray. They are Lee Ban Seng (MCA), Lee Chin Cheh (PKR), Mohamad Ismail (Berjasa) and three Independents (Ong Yan Foo, Mohd Iwan Jefry Abd. Majid and Mohd Khalid Kassim).

Kelana Jaya

(parliament) will see Wong Chen (PKR) fighting it out with Loh Seng Kok (MCA) and Toh Sin Wah (Independent). Incumbent MP Loh Gwo Burne (PKR) was not picked to contest.

Kota Raja (parliament) is a four-cornered fight with incumbent and PAS Muslimat deputy chief Siti Mariah Mahmud defending her seat against MIC secretary-general S Murugesan, Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar (Independent) and Azman Idrus (Independent).

Kota Damansara (state) sees PAS clashes with opposition ally PSM, which is contesting under the PKR banner. It sees a six-cornered fight with three Independents joining the fray. Incumbent state representative Mohd Nasir Hashim (PKR) is defending his seat against Ridzuan Ismail (PAS), Halimaton Saadiah Bohan (Umno) and Halmi Omar, Edros Abdullah and A Suppiah (all Independents). 

Kapar (parliament) sees a six-cornered fight. New face G Manivannan (PKR) is facing A Sakthivel, Mohd Pathan Hussin (Berjasa), and three Independent - Norhamzah Suratman, R Palaya and Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz. Incumbent MP S Manikavasagam (PKR) has been moved to contest state seat Bukit Melawati in Selangor.

Bukit Gasing (state) sees a four-cornered fight with R Rajiv (DAP) contesting against Juan Sei Chang (Gerakan) and two Independents - Mak Khuin Weng and Lee Chung Hsin.

Kuala Kubu Baharu (state) sees a five-cornered fight with Jessie Ooi (MCA) aka Ms Tow Truck contesting against Lee Kee Hiong (DAP) and three Independents - Yoong Tham Fook, S Nadarajah and M Pritpal Singh. 

Tanjong Karang (parliament) sees a three-cornered contest with Agriculture Minister Noh Omar, the Umno incumbent, fighting Mohamad Rashdi Deraman (PAS) and Masrun Tamsi (Independent). Masrum is a dangdut singer in the 80s, more popularly known as Herman Tino.


Kuala Kangsar (parliament) has a surprise candidate - disgruntled Umno Wanita deputy chief Kamilia Ibrahim, contesting as an Independent. She is facing Khalil Idham Lim (PAS) and Wan Mohammad Khairil Anuar Wan Ahmad (BN).

Telok Intan (parliament) is a three-way fight with former Perak state cabinet member Seah Leong Peng (DAP) contesting against Gerakan vice-president Mah Siew Keong and Moralingam Kannan (Independent). The incumbent MP, Manogaran has been moved by the DAP to contest Cameron Highlands.

Tapah (parliament) sees a four-cornered fight as Tapah PKR division chief Ridzuan Bani stands as independent to face M Saravanan (MIC incumbent), former ISA detainee K Vashantha Kumar (PKR) and Shaharuzzaman Bistamam (Berjasa).


Permatang Pauh (parliament), the seat in which Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim (PKR) is the incumbent MP, will see a three-cornered tussle. Anwar is facing Mazlan Ismail (Umno) and Abdullah Zawawi Samsudin (Independent).

Tasek Gelugor (parliament) will see a three-cornered fight with former agriculture and agro-based industries deputy minister Mohd Shariff Omar, who is incumbent MP now contesting as an Independent instead of under Umno, against party colleague Shabudin Yahaya (Umno) and ex-corporate leader Abdul Rahman Maidin (PAS).

Machang Bubuk (state) is a six-cornered fight with incumbent assemblyperson Lee Khai Loon (PKR) defending his seat against Tan Lok Heah (Gerakan), M Vikneswaran (Kita), and three Independents - Ooi Suan Hoe, Wan Balkis Wan Abdullah and Tan Hock Leong.

Sungai Acheh (state) will see political allies PAS and PKR crossing swords. Badrul Hisham (PKR), popularly known as Chegu Bard, is facing PAS Youth chief Mohd Yusni Mat Piah and Mahmud Zakaria (Umno).


Padang Serai (parliament) will see a five-cornered contest among incumbent N Gobalakrishnan (former PKR MP turn Independent), N Surendran (PKR), Heng Seai Kie (MCA), Hamidi Abu Hassan (Berjasa) and Othman Wawi (Independent).

Alor Setar (parliament) is a four-cornered fight with incumbent MP Chor Chee Heung (MCA) facing Gooi Hsiao-Leung (PKR) in a rematch, joined by Abdul Fisol Mohd Isa (Berjasa) and Jawahar Raja Bin Abdul Wahid (Bersama).

Berjasa is a splinter group of PAS while Bersama a Sabah-based party was originally known as Setia.


Lembah Pantai (parliament) is a three-way battle among a trader from Bangsar, Rosli Baba, running as an Independent, incumbent MP Nurul Izzah Anwar (PKR) and Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin (Umno).

Bandar Tun Razak (parliament) has two Independents vying for the seat. Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim (PKR) will be defending his seat against Sukeri Abdul Samat (Independent), Mokhtar Salahudin (Independent) and Tan Kok Eng (MCA)

Kepong (parliament) sees a three-cornered fight among Tan Seng Giaw (DAP), A Chandrakumanan (PPP) and Yee Poh Ping (Independent).

Batu (parliament) will see a five-cornered contest with incumbent MP Chua Tian Chang (PKR) facing Dominic Lau (Gerakan), Hashim Abdul Karim (Berjasa) and two Independents, Atan Jasin and Nazariah Abbas.


Cameron Highlands (parliament) will be a five-cornered combat with MIC chief G Palanivel pitting himself against DAP's M Manogaran, two Independents K Kisho Kumar and T Alagu, and Berjasa's Mohd Shokri Mahmood.

Indera Mahkota (parliament) is a three-way contest with Pahang PKR chief Fauzi Abdul Rahman, who is a former Umno leader, facing Wan Adnan Wan Mamat (Umno) and G Ponusamy (Independent). Ponusamy was Bentong PKR parliamentary candidate in the 2008 general election.


Kuala Terengganu (parliament) is a three-cornered fight among Mohd Zubir Embong (Umno), Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah, cousin of Terengganu sultan, (PAS) and grandmother Maimun Yusuf, 94, who has been a constant fixture for this seat over the past few elections.

Rembau (parliament) sees a three-way with Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin defending his seat against Radzali A Ghani (PKR) and Abdul Aziz Hassan (Independent) .


Arau (parliament) incumbent MP's brother Shahidan Kassim (Umno) is taking on Haron Din (PAS) and Zainudin Yom (Independent). Shahidan is former Perlis menteri besar while Haron is PAS deputy spiritual leader.


Seremban (parliament) is a five-cornered fight with former DAP Youth chief Loke Siew Fook facing former colleague John Fernandez, incumbent MP who was with DAP and now contesting as an Independent, Abdul Halim Abdullah (Berjasa), and two Independents Bujang Abu and Yeow Chai Thiam.


Kimanis (parliament) is a four-cornered fight among incumbent Anifah Aman (Umno), Jaafar Ismail (PKR), Jamil William Core (SAPP) and Lusin Bulangon (Star).

Sulabayan (state) has one of the highest number of candidates vying for the seat. It’s going to be a seven-cornered fight among Jaujan Sambakong (Umno), Hermeny Murgal (PKR), Hasaman Sagaran (MUPP) and four Independents - Julkalani Abd Rahman, Hussein Mumakil, Mamat Barhana and Ghazalie Pg Hindi Abdul Ghani. 

Kalabakan (parliament) is another seat in Sabah that sees a seven-cornered fight. Incumbent  Abdul Ghapur Salleh (Umno) is facing  Usman Madeaming (PAS), Malvine Reyes (Star) and four Independents - Yahya Zainal, Siamsir Borhan, Freddie Japat Simbol and Mohd Manuke.


Lubok Antu  (parliament) will see three-cornered fight with incumbent MP William Nyallau Badak defending his seat against BN-friendly candidate Larry Sng (SWP) and Nicholas Bawin (PKR).

Santubong (parliament) is a four-cornered fight with Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar (PBB) contesting against Zulrusdi Bin Mohamad Hol (PKR), Mura Kadir (Star) and Affendi Jeman (Independent).



Interestingly, Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur will see a straight fight between Fong Kui Lun (DAP) and Frankie Gan (MCA) for many years.

In Pasir Mas , Kelantan, Umno candidate Che Johan Che Ba did not file his nomination papers, allowing incumbent Ibrahim Ali to have a one-to-one contest with Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz, (PAS), son of MB Nik Aziz.

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