Tee Yong: Cops 'harassing' us

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azlan DAY 3 What's happening during the election campaigns around the country today? Quotable quotes, planned events and unplanned incidents as they take place.


11.15pm Kulai: DAP candidate for Kulai Teo Nie Ching, clad in Malay costume, is giving a speech in Felda Taib Andak to a crowd of some 100 people.

Speaking in fluent Malay, the 32-year-old mother explains that her reason to contest in Kulai, letting go of her Serdang parliamentary seat that she won with a more than 20,000-vote majority, was to create a political tsunami that could change the federal power.

"I'm not sure whether I can win in Kulai, will I win?" she asked, drawing a loud "can" from crowd of Malays.

11pm Kota Kinabalu: The emcee announces that DAP has collected about RM24,000 from the ceramah attendees at Kian Kok Middle School. The hall reverberates with cries of 'change the government' and 'ubah!'.

The euphoria spills outside the school compound, with chants heard on the roadside as DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng leaves the venue.

9pm Sibu: Besides the all-out efforts attacking DAP on Islamic state and religious issues, SUPP also pays attention to PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

In a leaflet distributed to a 1,000-strong crowd, SUPP gives nine reasons why Anwar is not fit to be prime minister, and nine reasons why BN chairman Najib Abdul Razak should be.

The reasons stated for Anwar include his sodomy trials, sex scandals, because he supports free sex, his inappropriate political agenda and failure to come up with a shadow cabinet.

For Najib, the reasons include 35 years in politics, he fulfilling promises, his transformation progrmme, and for leading the nation towards a developed and high income state.


9pm - Johor Bahru - Hashim Hussein, the former army chief who is contesting the Johor Bahru parliamentary constituency under PKR ticket, hits the ceramah trail with a quick stop at a Chinese hawker centre in Century Garden.

general hashim johor 220413 Balancing himself on two wooden boxes, Hashim spoke on topics ranging from corruption and questionable expenditure in defence procurement to his own military experience in Bosnia during 1990s.

The 66-year-old retired general addressed the patrons seamlessly in both Malay and English.

However, the patrons at the food court were a tough crowd and seemed disinterested, with only a few people clapping and chanting slogans with him.

Hashim is facing former minister Shahrir Samad, who is well-known in the state capital after serving the communities there for four decades.

8.50pm - Lembah Pantai - Independent candidate Rusli Baba said Umno's decision to sack him and 60 other party members will hurt Umno.

"It is not that Umno serves us but we served Umno all these years. I accept the decision but it is not as if we have abandoned Islam and for me, I do not regret entering the contest," he said.

Rusli also questioned the government's failure to assist and relocate the residents who had stayed at the four-storey flats in Kerinchi.

"The government promised the matter would be resolved within three years. The three years are already up and there is still nothing," said the 54-year-old candidate.

8.15pm - Sibu - SUPP is taking a page out of MCA's book by accusing DAP of being submissive to PAS in its ceramah at the Rajang Park Commercial Centre, attended by about 1,000 people.

Sibu SUPP publicity secretary Dr Hu Chang Lek urged housewives to "drag" their husbands to the ballot box and make sure they vote BN, or they would be gambling away Chinese rights.

Hu told Malaysiakini later that he believes the women to be level-headed, thus they were not as likely to take risks, like men.

8.43pm - Kota Kinabalu - Cars are parked at least a kilometre away from Kian Kok Middle School on Jalan Tuaran, where DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng is due to speak.

The school hall barely has standing room left, with at least 2,000 people present for Kota Kinabalu's largest ceramah since nomination day on Aug 20.

8.06pm - Labis - Looks like BN candidate Chua Tee Yong is not having a good campaign day.

labis bekok mca ceramah 220413 Police ordered his team to move his ceramah stage at Bekok because it was too near a road.

However, just as his team finished re-assembling the stage at another location, the sky opens up.

"See, it is not only the opposition that get harassed. In fact DAP's ceramah in Labis yesterday was not stopped even though they did not have a permit, but we are stopped.

"It seems that not only the authorities are against us, the weather is also against us," said Chua, in jest.

5.25pm - Kota Kinabalu - With the catchphrase Ini Kali Lah , adapted from a pop song, used by parties urging a change of government, Sabah BN has decided that it, too, can go pop.

NONE A banner in front of its headquarters in Karamunsing reads: Boleh Bah Kalau BN (It is possible if it is BN), adapted from the pop song Boleh Bah Kalau Kau .

Meanwhile, a banner advertising a ceramah by Pakatan Rakyat earlier this month, which is still up near Dongongan about seven kilometres from the city centre, has been vandalised.

A picture of PKR vice-president Tian Chua has been spraypainted in red.

Chua has been banned from Sabah purportedly for his own safety following remarks he allegedly made about the Lahad Datu incursion. 

2.30pm - Kota Kinabalu: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has likened BN to a cheating husband who can never be forgiven.

Speaking along the Kudat-Kuching Pan-Borneo Highway, which is part of both BN's and DAP's manifesto, he said: "Why didn't (BN) do it in the last 50 years? Too late...

"It's like a man who doesn't treasure his wife and the wife gets angry, saying she doesn't want him anymore. Then he does something. It's too late.

"There is no forgiveness for unfaithful men. BN has been practicising infidelity many times so there is no forgiveness for BN," Guan Eng said to laughter from a room full of reporters, Sabah DAP candidates and workers.

The caretaker Penang chief minister also heavily coached Sabah DAP chief Jimmy Wong in the press conference and even arranged how the candidates would stand when they re-read a pledge of loyalty to the party in his presence.

12.30 - Kuala Kedah: Kedah PAS has issued an ultimatum to the Election Commission (EC), stating it will take down provocative and libelous banners itself, should the EC fail to do so.

NONE In an earlier press conference in state PAS headquarters at Kota Serang Semut, Kedah PAS election bureau secretary Zamri Ibrahim said the commission is given 24 hours to take action against the offending banners.

The banners were allegedly put up by Umno in front of the PAS operations centre in Langkawi, based on a police report made against the PAS election machinery.

11.30am - Sungai Acheh: PKR candidate Badrul Hisham Shaharin is holding a press conference to explain his 10-point pledge to the people if he wins.

He says he will explain what led to a three-corner fight with PAS candidate Yusni Mat Piah, against BN incumbent Mahmud Zakaria.

liew chin tong hou kok chung ge13 kluang battle 210413 selling soybean drinks 10.50am - Kluang: In an interview with Sin Chew Daily , incumbent Kluang MP Hou Kok Chung talks about his  contest against the DAP's Liew Chin Tong - his former student at New Era College in Kajang, Selangor.

"When DAP announced (Liew as) its candidate for Kluang, I was shocked," he says, noting that a win for either candidate would not be as sweet under these circumstances.

However, he says he respects Liew's decision as part of the democratic process.

10.40am - Bekok: Labis incumbent MP Chua Tee Yong who is defending the seat for BN calls his opponent S Ramakrishnan of DAP a "loose cannon".

Chua described Ramakrishnan's statement to the Indian Malaysian community - that they could not be bought by MCA with "Guiness Stout and mutton curry" - as being racist.

"(DAP supremo) Lim Kit Siang has said he wants this election to be racism-free but he hasn't been listening to what the DAP candidate has been saying in Labis," he told a press conference after a 90-minute walkabout in Bekok.

8.30am - Batu Sapi : Replicas of the DAP logo, the rocket, are being put up at roundabouts in Batu Sapi, which is contested by PAS.

According to an eyewitness, passers-by are smiling and shouting "Reformasi!" as party workers set up the replica made of oil drums painted red.

The two state seats under Batu Sapi - Sekong and Karamunting - are being contested by PKR and DAP respectively.

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