Kota Raja candidates, stay away from R-A-C-E

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YOURSAY ‘Uthayakumar knows that he cannot win, yet he purposely wants to stand and create problems for Pakatan.'

To win, candidates must solve Kota Raja conundrum

your say MockingYou: What I don't understand is why all the race problems need to be fix by representatives of that particular race. This is the first step to being divided and ruled. And I can't understand which non-Indian will vote for P Uthayakumar. What can he do for them?

Even MIC, what can they do? They are not allowed to decide who stands as their candidates for election. When they were much stronger 10 years ago, they can't do much, so how is it possible they can do anything now?

Fairnessforall: Uthayakumar knows that he cannot win, yet he purposely wants to stand and create problems for Pakatan, which only tells us he is a selfish person and does not care what the people want.

Even if all the 29 percent of Indians vote for him, he would not be able to win. He should just back off but perhaps he is too greedy and power hungry.

Anon1: Fact 1: MIC and Hindraf do not represent all Indians. Fact 2: Most Indians don't want to be represented by MIC and Hindraf. Fact 3: You will win hands down as long as you address all issues in your constituency and avoid that four letter word - R-A-C-E .

Hotsy Totsy: Some commenters in Malaysiakini don't delve in deep enough to understand why Pakatan Rakyat refused to sign the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) blueprint after 24 meetings .

It was a dirty conspiracy to finish off Hindraf. What kind of leaders are they to take Hindraf on a rosy path and finally to ditch them. I hope the same thing happens to Pakatan.

The Indians who vote for Pakatan are traitors. The two brothers are not rogues but selfless fighters unlike some people here writing as though they have been involved in politics and social work.

Ferdtan: The writer puts P Uthayakumar as a Hindraf's leader. I thought Hindraf is supporting BN? Thus can we equate BN Hindraf to Uthayakumar? I think so.

He can fool a few Indians (the less informed) but not all Malaysians of all races. Uthaya knows he is there not to win but to spoil the Pakatan vote. He hopes that by pulling the Indian votes away from Pakatan will give a default victory to BN.

P Waythamoorthy of Hindraf is made irreverent by joining BN. However to Uthayakumar of Human Rights Party, the D-day is on May 5 - the result may wipe him off from the map of the country if he loses badly.

Wanderer: It is about time Malaysians, especially the Indian community, put an end to Hindraf.

They are certainly not fighting for the marginalised Indians but for their own pockets. These brothers are rogues to a civilised society.

Dont Just Talk: Kota Raja has 105,995 voters but only one member of parliament, while Putrajaya has less than 15,798 voters and also one member of parliament. By right, Kota Raja should have seven MPs under the system of one Malaysian, one vote.

This gerrymandering has to stop and the Election Commission (EC) should seriously look into the matter after the 13 th general election, with the mandate from the ruling government Pakatan Rakyat and vote for change.

Ramachandran Muniandy: Hindraf and MIC, forget about getting support from the Indians. Indians in Padang Serai , Kedah have made up their mind to support PKR's N Surendran for parliament and PAS for state.

They will never elect MIC for state, for MIC supports Shah Alam candidate Zulkifili Noordin , nor will they elect MCA for parliament because MCA never voiced out complaint against Zulfili. PAS all the way.

Pak Uban: Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud, Putrajaya is just a step away from Pakatan. Do the best you can for that last step. Indians are now living in the era of IT and no opportunist politician can manipulate them anymore.

Wira: I think the fight in Kota Raja is basically between BN and Pakatan. Uthayakumar is an unfortunate aberration who is not going to win on a racial platform, however noble he puts it to be.

Go for the Malay votes and get your Pakatan partners to help you to draw in the non-Malay votes. If 50 percent of the Malays support you, you will easily be re-elected.

Maplesyrup: Indeed, if Uthaya manages to pull away some Indian votes, it is still better than sending Indian votes to MIC.

Retnam: Siti Mariah, the 44 percent Malays and the 25 percent Chinese will vote for you. Of the 29 percent Indians, at least 10 percent have brains to think and they will vote for you. You will win.

Kenvy11 : Uthaya, are you willing to lose all creditability when you lose come May 5? You were well-respected person once but sorry to say, nobody is going to vote for you as even if you win, you can do nothing for the Indians. Think carefully, lose and your fight is over.

MW: My family is voting in Kota Raja, we are not voting for 'humanitarian reasons' for Uthaya because we feel you are exploiting your own kin for personal gains, and Siti Mariah has been doing a great job for all in this area.

Aries46: Independent Azman Idrus and Uthaya are seen as merely planted spoilers to split the Indian votes and there is a likelihood of them losing their deposits.

The real contest is between PAS' Siti Mariah and MIC's S Murugesan, but the latter is at a slight disadvantage due to the two spoilers eating away vital Indian votes.

Siti Mariah may garner some Indian votes and around 60 percent of non-Indian votes - that should give her an edge over Murugesan. As an incumbent, she has an advantage over the rest of the contestants.

Tehachapi: Unless there is a radical change in governing philosophy, our Indian problem will remain the same years from now. MIC or Hindraf is inconsequential.

It is the change of government that matters. See the big picture and stop fighting for peanuts. Unless there is a paradigm shift, no change will happen to the Indians' political future.

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