It's always 'them against us' with Dr M

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YOURSAY 'It is your arch nemesis Anwar's time, so help if you can or else just sit back and enjoy your retirement.'

Dr M: Perkasa candidates picked for polls 'are for us'

your say Mahashitla: So now who is the boss? Former PM Dr Mahathir Mahathir, still egoistic and as arrogant as ever, has openly admitted that the two Perkasa candidates were put up by Umno.

Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and Kelantan Umno chief Mustapa Mohamed are being made to look like fools to call for an investigation and disciplinary action on the withdrawal of its Umno candidate in Pasir Mas.

The rakyat's cry for reforms since 2008 is loud and clear and there are many right-minded people in Umno who also want to see reforms or rather transformation. In this GE13, the cry for change is much stronger than in 2008.

Najib, by allowing Mahathir and Perkasa to have a firm grip on Umno, has set the button for Umno's implosion. It will be sooner rather than later, even if BN were to survive this GE through fraud and vote buying.

Absalom: Dr M, you are an extremely shrewd person and you have not lost any of the devious evil mental capacity despite your age. You are still aiming to drive a wedge between the Chinese and the Malays in the hope of getting the Malays to close ranks and thereby vote for BN.

This, you hope will keep you and your billions safe from being investigated, a scenario which is quite possible if Pakatan Rakyat were to take over Putrajaya.

Unfortunately for you, the reality now is that the Chinese and Indians are supporting PAS and PKR, the Malays are willing to back DAP.

What is happening is that Malaysians of all races are closing ranks to vote BN out for its utter disregard for the law, its arrogance, its politics of corruption, its weak management and abuse of all major government institutions in the country.

Indeed, racial unity in the country could become a reality with the demise of BN.

Enuf: Mahathir's son Mokhzani currently sits on the 15th spot of Malaysian billionaires' list and is no longer as active in politics as he is in the corporate world.

With a wealth of RM3 billion, Mokhzani leads one of the top oil and gas companies in Malaysia where he started his career with Shell in Sarawak as a wellsite operations engineer.

He would then continue on as the group managing director of Tongkah Holdings Berhad before becoming the chairman and group CEO of Pantai Holdings Bhd.

Mahathir's wealth can easily top US$22 to US$44 billion over his 22-year of iron-fist rule BN.

LittleGiant: Will Chua Soi Lek, the MCA chief, stand up - if he has any dignity at all - and respond promptly to these downright illogical and may even be considered defamatory statements about the Chinese Malaysians by Mahathir?

Why is Najib, the caretaker PM, allowing Mahathir to make all sorts of divisive and highly insensitive statements, especially during this election campaign period?

Mahathir seems to have reached the pinnacle of his frustration and fear that the opposition could capture federal power in GE13.

Are the Umno leaders ridiculously naive to think that Mahathir's 'extraordinary' support of Perkasa leaders, Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin, would actually increase Malay support for the Umno candidates and that it will benefit BN to win the elections?

The Malay community today is more vigilant and more knowledgeable. Umno cannot go on deceiving them and Mahathir's underhand tactics could easily backfire.

Anonymous #52720663: After ruling Malaysia for 22 long years, he still harps on race, race and more race. Religion is thrown in for good measure.

How can one ever consider this caricature of a statesman befitting of our respect as a former PM? Doing so would be a travesty of natural justice. This man simply does not deserve an iota of respect from any self-respecting Malaysians.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Dear Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the Malay privileges will not be in question because it has already been sealed and cemented into our constitution.

It is about the distribution of wealth and fairness to others who have helped build this country as well.

Tan Kim Keong: Mahathir, you need to be corrected. Our constitution is unlike that of America. And do you know why immigrants pledged their allegiance to the constitution of America?

It is because their constitution guarantees equal rights and justice for all. It outlaws racism, special privileges and racial supremacy in any form.

It is very obvious that you don't know what democracy and diversity is all about because you are still stuck with "assimilation".

Endofworld: He should ask himself why the Chinese community does not vote for MCA-BN anymore.

Obviously, he doesn't want to find the source of the problem, but will instead put the blame on this and that. From his statement, it's clear that he is more eager to retain power rather than solving the real problem.

See3: It's always us against them with this bigot. And what does he want the Chinese to do? Give up their culture and language and become Muslims just to "assimilate"? When the rest of the world are learning Mandarin in readiness for a more globally influential China?

It just goes to show how myopic he is and that he is nothing but a selfish racist who is more concerned about saving his own skin with his divisive politics. Time's up, doc.

Truce: There is a saying that goes, "we do not negotiate with terrorists". I think the same applies to BN and its support for right-wing supremacist groups such as Perkasa.

It is non-negotiable and unacceptable to allow racist bigots such as Perkasa anywhere near the constitution, let alone within the shores of this nation.

LKT: I do wish Dr M will live a long life because I want him to see his name completely and utterly destroyed and his legacy shred to pieces. Pakatan will for sure have to make him and the rest of Umno as well as Perkasa answer for the abuses of the past.

Stried: The Malaysian dilemma is Mahathir.

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