Punish the troublemakers to the fullest extent

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YOURSAY 'The police force should ensure that the troublemakers are punished without mercy, regardless of whether they are Pakatan or BN supporters.'

Pakatan will not defend 'violent' supporters

your say Mahashitla: We condemned any form of violence from any party. We want the police to stay neutral and act fairly against such violence.

The inspector-general of police (IGP) must come out to warn all parties that strict action will be taken against whichever breaks the law.

If small violence are not taken care and dealt with, it may develop and get out of control and the police will surely be blamed.

Hang Tuah PJ: I blame the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) for this. All these while Umno thugs have been disrupting Pakatan Rakyat ceramahs, destroying their property, burning their offices, etc and PDRM did nothing about it.

Many times, they just stood by and watched. Pakatan leaders have managed to control their supporters and this could be the reason why the Umno goons have resorted to this kind of ‘sandiwara'.

The Nibong Tebal bombing is meant to make it look like a tit-for-tat action. BN has just reaffirmed their desperation and their dirty tactics. Pakatan supporters, stay cool come what may.

Ksn: Yes, Pakatan leader Anwar Ibrahim, there should be no exceptions - all trouble makers, must face the full weight of the law.

The police force should ensure that the troublemakers are punished without mercy, regardless of whether they are Pakatan or BN supporters.

We want a trouble-free election - both during the campaign period and after the results are announced.

The voters have the right to hear from all parties without intimidation, peacefully. Can we have assurance of the PDRM on that?

Ahmed: There is no reason for Pakatan to disrupt the election when it is going well for them and the probability of a Pakatan government in Putrajaya after the GE13 is good.

So it is not unreasonable to conclude for yourselves that the perpetrators of the mischief are the likely losers to stop the elections. The police should act fast and take stern actions against the culprits.

Lexicon: Who in his right mind would believe Pakatan would use violence? Why scare off the tiny attendances of MCA ceramahs? Don't be ridiculous.

Anonnona: Will Najib dare to come out with a similar statement to condemn political violence and to say he will not defend BN supporters involved in such violence?

BN ops room in Buntong hit by molotov cocktails

Appum: Before the date of GE13 was announced, it was the opposition that bore the brunt of these attacks, and we knew the attackers were Umno supporters. After the announcement, it is the BN that is targeted. But by whom?

It is in everyone's interest to catch these hooligans and find the party responsible for this. It is the opposition leaders who want this election to go on more than the BN.

So I doubt if the opposition would condone this action and jeopardise the whole electoral exercise and let caretaker PM Najib Razak declare a state of emergency and therefore stop the election.

Therefore, we urge the police to nab these perpetrators and lock them up good and proper, and let us know the guilty party behind these acts.

Bluemountains: Pakatan supporters have a clean track record since the Reformasi days and I strongly believe they are not the culprits.

Some parties must have planted trouble makers to make Pakatan supporters look bad, like the burning of tyres and overturning of cars during the anti-government demonstrations.

Nowadays, Pakatan ceramahs are constantly being attacked. Who are the aggressors? Pakatan supporters?

Petson01: The election campaigning has been proceeding well for Pakatan with huge crowds and support. I don't see the logic for its leaders and supporters to create havoc to derail the opposition momentum.

I believe it is more likely the work of the ‘kiasu' BN supporters. My advice to all Pakatan supporters is to remain calm. Let the police do their job. After all, we have only 10 more days to change this evil regime.

OMG!!: Whoever the perpetrators, they are trying to tell the voters that the claims made by the BN propaganda machinery that the country would be in chaos if the opposition should win GE13 are serious.

Apa Ini?: Stay calm, PKR supporters. We know that BN has supported 'agent provocaters' before. As to the police investigations - well, we know how 'neutral' they are.

Armageddon: Please catch them fast and punish them, PDRM. But please do the same to those who have harmed Pakatan ceramahs, too.

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